Taylor Swift Eras tour

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Fairs & Events

Heura Brings Plant-Based Menu to Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” in Madrid

Taylor Swift will perform two concerts in Madrid on May 29 and 30 as part of her “Eras Tour” at the Bernabéu Stadium. Over 130,000 attendees are expected over the two days. At Swift’s request, the Bernabéu will offer a variety of meat-free dishes provided by Spanish plant-based meat company Heura. Promoting plant-based This initiative aligns with Swift’s history of promoting conscious consumption. In 2023, she showcased vegan clothing made from eco-friendly materials in New York. Last summer, Mexican plant-based startup Propel Foods provided food at her concerts in Mexico City, and she also featured vegan shrimp from the Ish Company at her concerts in Tampa, Florida.  Concertgoers in Madrid can expect a diverse menu featuring items like a burger with pickles, salsa, and vegan …



Sauerbraten, Image courtesy of ME-AT

Products & Launches

ME-AT “Reinvents” Meat Classics Like Meatloaf, Specifically for the German Palate

The Netherlands’ ME-AT, the vegan brand of the Vion Food Group, which manufactures plant-based meat for private labels, has introduced three NPDs that are said to match the appeal and taste of three popular German meat products: Nürnberger-style sausages, Leberkäse (a type of meatloaf) and Sauerbraten (a mixed meat roast). ME-AT’s new plant-based meat offerings are ready and available for wholesalers, retailers, and discount stores in Germany and Europe. They can also be produced explicitly for promotional campaigns, while the recipes can be customized to meet specific customer needs and preferences, tailoring the products to different market demands. “Our food designers have now ‘reinvented’ three true classics specifically for the German palate. The focus was not only on achieving the closest possible match with the original …


Formo cheese pull

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Cheese Alternatives

Small Organisms Instead of Big Cows: Formo Discusses Benefits of Microfermentation to Create Animal-Free Cheese and Eggs

They taste like cheese, but are produced without the milk of cows. They are completely vegan, but have a much higher protein content than their plant-based counterparts. We are talking about Formo products. Formo’s microorganisms can perfectly recreate cow proteins such as whey or casein, or make entirely new proteins. A study published last year regarding consumer demand for animal-free cheese in the UK conducted by Formo in collaboration with the University of Saskatchewan in Canada revealed that at price parity, animal-free cheese has the potential to share 33% of the UK cheese market. Moreover, figures suggest that if demand grows and technologies improve, the market share could increase significantly, and such products could become mainstream. A further study from early 2024 also found that …


Bezmasna plant-based butcher shop

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Retail & E-Commerce

“Prague’s First” Plant-Based Butcher Shop Offers Meat-Free Versions of Czech Classics

A plant-based butcher shop called Bezmasna, claimed to be the first in Prague, has opened its doors in the  Czech capital as demand for plant-based products continues to grow. Located in the city’s Letná district, the store offers fresh, high-quality meat alternatives in recyclable or returnable packaging. It aims to provide plant-based versions of Czech classics such as meatloaf, cold cuts, and deli salads, many of which are not available elsewhere. Additionally, customers can enjoy vegan versions of traditional Czech sandwiches (“chlebíček”), or request one of the ready-made products, such as meatloaf, in a bun. The meat alternatives are said to be made without harmful artificial additives or ingredients that have been imported long distances. “We will continuously change our offer. Consumers can also look …


TASTE LIKE herring salad


Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

TASTE LIKE, Famous from Appearance on Germany’s Shark Tank, Seeks Investors

German startup TASTE LIKE, seen on the TV programme Die Höhle der Löwen (The Lion’s Den, similar format to Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den), known for its vegan herring salads, is seeking new investors and experienced partners for a successful launch in the food retail sector Martina Kühn and Alexander Jens have been producing vegan specialities for the benefit of animals, people and the environment since 2017 under the brand name ‘MAKÜ’. According to the small family business from North Friesland, the flagship products in its range are the vegan herring salads, which are in no way inferior to the original in terms of flavour, consistency and mouthfeel. As a substitute for herring, TASTE LIKE uses aubergines, which are processed using a specially developed method, …


a plate with a steak takes center stage, representing the connection between meat consumption and environmental degradation Generative AI


Sustainability / Environment

Meat and Dairy Lobbyists Are Using Fossil Fuel Industry Tactics to Stall Climate Policies

New reports by independent think tank InfluenceMap and The Union of Concerned Scientists have found that meat and dairy lobbyists are weakening climate policies in the EU and the US respectively. The InfluenceMap analysis finds that the European meat and dairy industry is mirroring the tactics of the fossil fuel industry through strategic narrative building and detailed policy engagement. Both sectors have used public messaging to promote misleading narratives, sowing doubt about the necessity of curbing emissions. This is despite the fact that meat and dairy are estimated to be responsible for 85% of Europe’s agricultural emissions. According to InfluenceMap, these tactics have significantly impacted EU climate policymaking; a third of policies included in the report have been seriously weakened and half have stalled altogether …


Bored Cow's milk original flavor

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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Bored Cow Celebrates Major Expansion as Animal-Free Milk Reaches All 50 US States

Tomorrow Farms‘ consumer brand, Bored Cow, has reached a significant milestone in its national expansion: its animal-free milk range — Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Original — has launched in 2000+ additional stores and is now available in all 50 US states.  The expansion includes the introduction of a new 11-oz format for the Original flavor and new 4-pack mini cartons. Recently, Bored Cow added a range of animal-free yogurts in strawberry, vanilla, and passion fruit mango flavors to its lineup of animal-free dairy made with fermented proteins.  When Bored Cow launched two years ago, the products were only available through the company’s website. Later, in 2023, the brand hit a major milestone by securing listings in Sprouts Farmers Market. Then, the products gradually reached thousands of …


NUTRUMAMI founder Frederik with Chuchu

Image courtesy of NUTRIMAMI


NUTRUMAMI Secures €450K Pre-Seed Funding to Pioneer a Brand New Ingredient Category, “Multi-Functional Plant Proteins”

NUTRUMAMI, a Danish startup developing a plant protein powder designed to replace the nutrients found in animal meat products, announces the successful closing of a €450K pre-seed funding round led by Kost Capital and Planetary Impact Ventures. Founded by Frederik Jensen, a fine-dining chef with over 12 years of experience in FMCG innovation, NUTRUMAMI states that it is pioneering a new ingredient category, “multi-functional plant proteins”. Jensen previously served as CIO and co-founder of CHEW in Boston. Head of Fermentation, Chuchu Huang, holds a PhD in microbiology and fermentation and previously worked at Mycorena and Novo Nordisk. Through a “unique cross-fermentation process”, for which the startup says it has a patent pending, NUTRUMAMI provides ingredients and flavors produced from sustainable resources to facilitate a reduction …


Cultivated meat company BioCraft Pet Nutrition, a manufacturer of pet food ingredients, announces that it has reached price parity with premium traditional meat

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Pet Food

BioCraft’s Cultivated Ingredients Achieve Price Parity with Premium Meat for Pet Food

Austrian cultivated meat company BioCraft Pet Nutrition, a manufacturer of cultivated ingredients for pet food, today makes an announcement claiming it has reached price parity with traditional premium pet meat products.  BioCraft says it has achieved a commercial price of $2.00 to $2.50 per pound of cultivated meat, making it competitive with premium meat for pet food. To put these prices in context, research by the Good Food Institute found that cultivated meat could be cost-competitive with some conventional meats by 2030 at a production cost of $2.92 per pound. CEO Shannon Falconer commented, “Achieving price parity and a robust nutritional profile for pets were the only elements holding back cultivated meat for the pet food industry — and BioCraft has now achieved both.” Rethinking …


Switch Foods Abu Dhabi

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Studies & Numbers

Report Highlights Role of Alternative Proteins in Enhancing Food Security in the UAE

The Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) has released a report outlining how alternative proteins could enhance food security in the UAE. Estimates cited in the report suggest that 374 million tonnes of meat will be needed to meet global demand by 2030, as incomes rise and the population continues to grow. The authors discuss the role of three categories — plant-based meat, precision fermentation-derived products, and cultivated meat — in addressing this demand. Plant-based meat According to the report, the market share of the plant-based meat sector has significantly increased and is expected to exhibit a compound annual growth rate of 20.6% globally by 2030. Some predictions estimate that the plant-based meat market in the MENA region will reach around $380 million in the next few …


Kynda founders

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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Kynda: “We Can Impress Even Sceptical Consumers with Our Product”

Earlier today, German biotech Kynda announced it has commenced construction of a large-scale facility for the production of its mycoprotein product, Kynda Meat. Founded by Daniel MacGowan von Holstein and Franziskus Schnabel, Kynda’s biomass fermentation platform uses industry waste side streams to grow a strain of fungus in bioreactors in 48 hours —  a significant improvement over the industry standard of seven to ten days — and the process reportedly causes 700% less GHG emissions than pea protein. Just two weeks ago, Kynda announced, “After just 48 hours of fermentation in our 1,000-litre bioreactor, we have harvested high-quality mycelium that perfectly mimics chicken breast. Which we used to make some tasty Tuesday night tacos.” We spoke further with MacGowan von Holstein on the tacos, their …


trader joes protein patties supermarket

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Market & Trends

Experts Share Insights on Current State & Future Prospects of the Plant-Based Food Industry

Nourish Food Marketing and HRA Global hosted a joint webinar earlier this month to discuss the 2024 Food Trends Across the Atlantic Report. The webinar addressed the current state and future prospects of the plant-based food industry. The discussion, which featured Jo-Ann McArthur, President and Founder of Nourish Food Marketing, and Hamish Renton, Managing Director of HRA Global, covered various food trends in North America and Europe, including precision nutrition, plant-based meat and dairy, sustainable food production, and more. Key insights Key insights from the webinar regarding plant-based meat and dairy indicate that health, taste, texture, and environmental factors are driving demand. However, the honeymoon phase is over, and concerns about overprocessing are increasing. According to the report, 39% of UK consumers believe plant-based products …


sacrifice nothing add for the vegetarian butcher

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Tourism & Travel

LSG Group & The Vegetarian Butcher Partner to Bring Plant-Based Meat to Onboard Dining

The LSG Group and The Vegetarian Butcher have announced a new partnership to introduce plant-based and vegan meals in airline catering. Through the collaboration, the LSG Group will offer its customers the ability to cater to vegetarians, flexitarian, and meat-loving passengers using The Vegetarian Butcher’s broad range of plant-based products that “allow people to continue to enjoy their favorite meat dishes without giving up the taste or texture.” Growing trend of plant-based diets The LSG Group is a leading provider of end-to-end onboard products and services. Its brand, LSG Sky Chefs, a classic catering and hospitality expert serving airline and train customers, delivers an impressive 308 million meals annually in 131 locations worldwide. The Vegetarian Butcher is currently joining LSG Sky Chefs at the ongoing …


Spicy Beyond Burger Jalapeño

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Products & Launches

Beyond Meat Launches Spicy Beyond Burger Jalapeño in the UK

Beyond Meat has launched a new product, the Spicy Beyond Burger Jalapeño, at retailers across the UK. The launch comes as Europe continues to be Beyond Meat’s strongest market and a focal point for the business. The burger is described as “irresistibly juicy and delivering a spicy kick”. High in protein and made without soy, the NPD is aimed at all consumers who want to “continue eating what they love, no sacrifice required”; this includes meat-eaters, flexitarians, and vegans. The patty is said to be ideal for grilling, with Beyond Meat research indicating that 42.5% of respondents now serve or eat more plant-based foods at barbecues than they did five years ago*. “There is a growing trend for spicy foods in the UK,” said Ellie …


Investments & Finance

Investment Climate Podcast: Rober Boer of Blue Horizon – How to Get Funded in 2024

In this new podcast series, co-produced by vegconomist, Alex Shandrovksy interviews investors about benchmarks for funding alt proteins in 2024 and uncovers the investment playbooks of successful Climate Tech CEOs and Leading VCs. Podcast Host Alex Shandrovksy is a strategic advisor to numerous global food tech accelerators and companies, including leaders in alternative protein and cellular agriculture. His focus is on investor relations and post-raise scale for agrifood tech companies. Episode one from last month can be found here. Episode 02: Blue Horizon’s Rober Boer In this episode, Alex talks to Robert Boer, director at Blue Horizon Corporation, a leading investment fund in alternative proteins. During the conversation, Robert shared the top mistakes founders make when approaching the fund and best practices for getting funded. Key …




Retail & E-Commerce

Lidl Study: Placing Meat Alternatives Next to Conventional Meat Significantly Increases Sales

A pilot study conducted by Lidl Netherlands in collaboration with Wageningen University and the World Resources Institute (WRI) has found that placing meat alternatives next to conventional meat significantly boosts sales. The study took place in 70 stores over a six-month period, and the results indicate that sales of meat alternatives increased by 7% during this time. The effect decreased somewhat as the study went on, but remained noteworthy. Meat sales also fell slightly, though this was not considered significant. When Lidl customers were interviewed in-store or asked to complete online questionnaires, most said they supported the strategy. The study results come as the retailer works to make 60% of its protein sales plant-based by 2030. “We know from the research that the visibility of …


German B2B biotech Kynda announces that it has commenced the construction of a large-scale facility for mycoprotein near Hamburg, Germany. 

Image courtesy of Kynda

Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Kynda Breaks Ground on Hamburg Facility to Produce 2,500 Tons of “Kynda Meat” Annually

German B2B biotech Kynda announces that it has commenced the construction of a large-scale facility near Hamburg, Germany, for the production of its mycoprotein product, Kynda Meat. Using its fermentation tech, Kynda transforms a fungus strain (exempt from EU novel food regulations) and food industry by-products into a zero-waste mycelium ingredient within 48 hours. The new production facility will feature two 720 m² halls on a 6,200 m² site, where the biotech company will use its ‘plug and play’ bioreactors to ferment 2,500 tons of Kynda Meat annually. Daniel MacGowan-von Holstein, CEO and co-founder of Kynda, comments, “We’ve outgrown our current lab and fermentation facilities, which were ironically based in a former pig barn. We’re therefore thrilled to witness the expansion of our production facilities to continue …


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The Psychology of Colour in Traditional and Plant-Based Meat Packaging

You may not realise it, but when you’re browsing food products, the colour of a product’s packaging can subtly influence whether you purchase it. In its latest New Food Hub guide, ProVeg International explores how colour is used in marketing traditional meat products and contrasts these strategies with those of plant-based alternatives. The guide also analyses the impact of colour choices on consumers and presents successful examples from both categories. Which colours are used in traditional meat packaging? Traditional meat packaging uses the following colours to convey different qualities – from juiciness to trustworthiness and everything in between. Red: Conventional meat products often feature red in their packaging and branding. This colour is associated with the natural appearance of meat, signalling freshness and appetising qualities. …


Roquette announces the launch of its first protein isolate derived from fava beans.

Image courtesy of Roquette


Roquette Launches its First Fava Bean Protein Isolate for Plant-Based Meat, Dairy & Baked Goods

Global plant-based ingredients company Roquette announces the launch of NUTRALYS Fava S900M for Europe and North America. The NPD is Roquette’s first protein isolate derived from fava beans and the latest addition to its NUTRALYS pea protein range and other rice F&B solutions. The new ingredient aims to expand food manufacturers’ plant protein options, enabling them to offer meat and dairy alternatives that cater to health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers without compromising on taste and indulgence. Romain Joly, Global Head of Proteins Business Line at Roquette, shares, “Part of the pulse family, fava beans have long been valued for their properties in textured applications, but in recent years, the focus has shifted to its ability to deliver high protein levels and leverage sensory attributes. Through …


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Gastronomy & Food Service

Unilever Future Menus Report Highlights Crucial Role of Vegetables in Exciting and Inspiring American Diners

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) recently unveiled its Future Menus Top North America Trends 2024 report, identifying key menu trends that will impact the US restaurant industry in the coming years. UFS focuses on providing chefs and operators with solutions and guidance to support menu planning, pricing, and culinary training, and is the professional foodservice unit of multinational CPG producer Unilever, which last year stated its target of achieving €1.5 billion in sales from plant-based products by 2025. The report highlights five key trends that are set to arrive on American menus and how operators can implement them in their establishments: Modernized comfort food Resource-saving menus without waste; Irresistible vegetables Local richness The new sharing Citing the PBFA’s State of Food Service report from last year, …


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