Miyoko's Creamery oat milk butter new

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Products & Launches

Miyoko’s Creamery Introduces New Oat Milk Butter in 2 Distinctive Flavors

Miyoko’s Creamery has announced the release of two new flavors of its Oat Milk Butter: Garlic Parm and Cinnamon Brown Sugar. The new Oat Milk Butter flavors are designed to appeal to both dairy and non-dairy consumers, maintaining the brand’s tradition of using simple ingredients and traditional creamery methods. These new products are Miyoko’s first since the late 2023 launch of its range of plant milk cheese spreads. The Garlic Parm and Cinnamon Brown Sugar Oat Milk Butters offer a nut-free alternative to traditional butter, made with organic cultured whole grain oat milk, organic sunflower and coconut oil, and natural flavors, herbs, and spices.  Miyoko’s Creamery, founded by Miyoko Schinner, is now headed by Stuart Kronauge, appointed CEO after Schinner stepped down in February 2023 …


Plantbased Business Hour

Bloomberg Analysts Believe the Energy Transition Will Lead to the Food System Transition

Robert Barnett, Bloomberg Intelligence Energy Analyst, and Robert Du Boff, Bloomberg Intelligence ESG Analyst, join CEO of VegTech Invest, Elysabeth Alfano, on The Plantbased Business Hour to discuss the overlap of energy use and food systems and how shifting one can shift another. Specifically, they discuss: What were the outcomes of the Looking Back on Dubai (COP28), Looking Ahead to Baku (COP29) Bloomberg Intelligence summit, and specifically what were the outcomes of the panel on climate, nature and biodiversity? Given the agricultural food system’s large environmental footprint (30% of the world’s GhGE according to the UNEP) why are there not more discussions on food systems as a solution to 2030 goals? Let’s discuss the food/energy overlap and how changing food systems impacts changing energy use. …


Alex Bergquist, co founder of Seed to Surf

Alex Bergquist, co founder, Seed to Surf. Image supplied

veg+ Interviews

Seed to Surf: “With Tinned Fish Being Popular Right Now, We’re On Trend in the Marketplace”

Canada’s Seed to Surf is unique in its offering of tinned fish created from whole vegetables and fungi to create a “fresh reinterpretation of seafood that highlights the incredible potential of plants”. While the brand is recreating the traditional seafood experience with these products, Seed to Surf stresses that these are not replicas but, rather, an “homage to vegetables and their incredible capacity to take on taste and texture. By preserving and preparing them just right, we found vegetables can remind us of the seafood classics we love (or loved)”. These unusual, original canned products are firm consumer favourites, so we had to catch up with co-founder Alex Bergquist, still celebrating the brand’s recent listing at over 150 Whole Foods Market locations in North America, to …


Prairie Fava

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Investments & Finance

Protein Industries Canada Launches $24.5 Million Plant-Based Food Development Project

Protein Industries Canada recently announced a new initiative in partnership with Roquette, Prairie Fava, BioNeutra, and Plant Up to advance plant-based food innovation and market diversification. The $24.5 million project seeks to enhance Canadian companies’ competitiveness by developing new ingredients and food products, improving process efficiencies, and exploring new market opportunities for co-products. The project will address several challenges currently faced by the plant-based industry, including increasing global competition and the demand for improved taste and ingredient functionality. Focusing on pea and fava beans, the consortium will work on developing new fava-based ingredients and applications for pea starch and fibre, expanding product offerings and creating new market avenues for protein, starch, and fibre. Government support Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, The Honourable François-Philippe …


Made With Plants launches at Coles

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Retail & E-Commerce

Australia’s Made With Plants Expands Into 500+ Coles Stores

Made With Plants, an Australian company producing meat and dairy alternatives, has announced it is expanding into over 500 Coles stores across the country. Coles customers can now purchase Made With Plants’ plant-based bacon, chicken, ham, and grated mozzarella. The ham and chicken are made from seitan, the bacon is soy-based, and the mozzarella is made from sunflower and coconut oils. Coles previously told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2022 that it was working to offer more plant-based options, after seeing a “rise in the flexitarian and people seeking out alternative protein sources”. A report published in May found that plant-based meat sales surged by 47% in Australia and New Zealand between 2020 and 2023, noting that the price gap between conventional meat and plant-based …


Heura Fish

Image courtesy of Heura

Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Spanish Seafood Producers & Consumer Unions Claim Plant-Based Seafood Labelling is Deceptive

A group of over 20 Spanish seafood companies and consumer unions has accused plant-based seafood producers of misleading consumers through their labelling. The organisations — which include Apromar, Cepesca, Interfish, Conexmar, ConsumES, and more —- have announced their intention to join SAFE Food Advocacy Europe to urge European authorities to place stricter regulations on plant-based products. They say these foods should not be able to imitate fish or shellfish. While the companies claim their objections are mostly centred around the “deception” of consumers, there are clearly other factors at play. Conexmar says the marketing of plant-based seafood “may lead to unfair competition”, while Miguel López Crespo, the vice president of ConsumES, admits that “we are also concerned about the damage that this type of product …


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Food Service

Planted’s Plant-Based Meat Added to Menus at Catering & HORECA Locations in the UAE

Swiss startup Planted has officially ventured into the UAE and Middle East foodservice market, with its products now featured on the menus of select restaurants in the UAE and upcoming plans to expand into hotel chains. Planted is strategically expanding its footprint with key players in the UAE’s foodservice and HORECA sectors, aiming to establish additional partnerships by the end of 2024. The goal is to collaborate with various foodservice operators in the UAE, including hotels, restaurants, cafes, quick-service restaurants, as well as entertainment and independent hospitality operators, to creatively incorporate Planted’s plant-based meat into their culinary offerings. Currently, Planted’s partners in the UAE include all locations of local restaurant brands such as Nabati and Pizza Di Rocco, as well as supermarket chains like Grandiose …


Tufts / Tender Food

Tufts / Tender Food


FAIRR & Tufts University Launch Protein and Nutrition Factsheet for Investors, While Tufts Announces “Unprecedented” Cell Ag Hires

The FAIRR initiative — a global network of investors addressing ESG issues in the food system — has partnered with Tufts University to publish a Protein and Nutrition Factsheet for investors. According to the authors, ESG frameworks tend to focus on environmental issues such as carbon emissions without taking nutrition into account, resulting in a tradeoff between health and environmental priorities. However, there is considerable potential for investors to be aligned with both, especially with the rise of “sustainable nutrition” funds. Setting the record straight & debunking misconceptions The new factsheet outlines major protein sources in food, setting the record straight about their health effects with supporting scientific evidence. It also outlines notable trends, risks, and opportunities in the protein supply chain. The authors debunk …


Tender pork

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Investments & Acquisitions

Tender Food Raises $11M to “Replace” Extrusion and Animal Agriculture, Appoints Oatly President to Board

Tender Food Inc., a foodtech based in the Greater Boston Area, announces it has successfully closed over $11 million in Series A funding. Additionally, the company announces that Mike Messersmith, previously North American President of Oatly, has joined its board of directors to accelerate commercialization. The round was led by Rhapsody Venture Partners, with existing investors Lowercarbon Capital and Safar Partners and new investors Claridge Partners and Nor’easter Ventures. Tender’s $12 million Seed Round in 2022 famously included actress Natalie Portman. On a mission to replace extrusion tech The company, founded by Harvard engineers, states that it is aiming to “become the manufacturing platform for the industry, replacing traditional extrusion and ultimately animal agriculture” with its patented technology that spins plant protein fibers like cotton …


AI Protein team

AI Protein team, image courtesy of ProVeg International

Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

5 Startups Transforming the Landscape of Food Production

The alternative protein industry is teeming with innovation, and the latest group of startups from ProVeg Incubator demonstrates the remarkable developments that are ahead. This year, five promising food-tech companies working on breakthroughs from cultivated seafood to cutting-edge ingredient encapsulation are poised to revolutionise our perspectives on food production and consumption. In its recent New Food Hub article, ProVeg International looks at what sets these companies apart. Here’s a preview of what’s to come. Food-tech startups for your radar Atlantic Fish Co: Founders Doug Grant and Trevor Ham established Atlantic Fish Co in 2022 to develop cultivated seafood with a focus on wild-caught marine white fish. In April 2024, they unveiled the ‘world’s first’ cultivated black sea bass. Optimized Foods: Founders Minami O. Maja Segerman …


Palacios to use The EVERY Egg in its Spanish omelets

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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

“World’s Largest” Spanish Omelet Producer Partners with Every Co to Use the EVERY Egg

Grupo Empresarial Palacios Alimentación, which claims to be the world’s largest producer of Spanish omelets and string chorizo, has announced a commercial agreement with US biotech firm The Every Company. Following the agreement, Palacios will use the EVERY Egg — said to be the world’s first liquid egg product made using precision fermentation — in its flagship Spanish omelets. The egg alternative will also be incorporated into the research and development of new products. Palacios says it has a “firm commitment to innovation”, adding that the company is at the forefront when it comes to incorporating new innovations into traditional recipes. The EVERY Egg is said to provide a safe and reliable alternative to conventional chicken eggs, whose supply has been affected by issues such …


Believer Meats partners with AGWA to develop cultivated meat capabilities in the MENA region

Image: AGWA/Believer Meats

Cultivated Meat

Believer Meats Partners With AGWA to Develop Cultivated Meat Capabilities in the Middle East

Biotech firm Believer Meats has announced a collaboration with Abu Dhabi food and water cluster AGWA (AgriFood Growth & Water Abundance) to develop its cultivated meat capabilities in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. Believer Meats aims to establish a regional headquarters in Abu Dhabi that will support commercial operations, product manufacturing, and R&D. This will bring new job opportunities to the region, while supporting AGWA’s goals to improve food security and address water scarcity. The collaboration will help Believer Meats achieve its vision of a global platform, showing that the company’s model can be effectively scaled and replicated in new markets. Additionally, the two organizations will explore establishing a Believer Meats Innovation Academy, with the intention of developing talent in the field …


THIS plant-based chicken thighs


Investments & Finance

THIS Secures £20M in Series C Equity Funding from Planet First Partners

Fast-growing brand THIS, known for its “hyper-realistic” plant-based meats, today announces it has closed a Series C equity funding round of £20 million through a combination of primary and secondary equity financing via Planet First Partners. Planet First Partners is described as a growth equity investment platform dedicated to scaling tech-enabled businesses that blend a purpose-driven mission with profitable growth and a people-centric culture. As an Article 9 fund under the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), it invests in organisations making substantial contributions to environmental or social objectives. With Limited Partners’ commitments totaling 450 million euros, the fund is supported by a mission-aligned advisory board comprising global business and political leaders. The news comes amid an E.coli scare in the UK whereby two large-scale …


Young man eating hamburger

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Studies & Numbers

Study: Men Eat More Meat Than Women in Countries With Greater Gender Equality

Researchers at the University of Zurich have examined the meat consumption patterns of over 20,000 people from 23 countries to determine whether there is a connection between meat consumption and gender equality. The results indicate that people in wealthier countries eat more meat than those in developing countries, and men eat more meat than women. But somewhat surprisingly, gender differences in meat consumption are greater in countries with higher levels of gender equality and social and economic development. The researchers theorize that this is because people in these countries have more opportunities to express their food preferences. Of the 23 countries studied, there were only three where men did not eat more meat than women — China, India, and Indonesia. The largest gender differences were …


Dutch retailerJumbo replaces gelatin with plant-based alternatives

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Retail & E-Commerce

Dutch Retailer Jumbo Swaps Gelatin in Pastries for Plant-Based Alternatives

Dutch retailer Jumbo has removed gelatin from all its fresh pastries, replacing the animal-derived ingredient with plant-based alternatives. The chain claims to be the first in the Netherlands to make the change. Modifying the recipes took 18 months, with solutions varying depending on the product. For example, the tompouce — a popular cream-filled iced pastry — now contains alginate and gellan gum instead of gelatin. While many of the pastries still contain dairy or eggs, the recipe changes will reportedly reduce the amount of gelatin used by Jumbo by 13,000 kilograms per year, as well as making the products suitable for vegetarians. The reformulated pastries have received very positive feedback on taste and quality after being tested by consumers, and are now available at all …


Oatly launches larger pack size for barista oat milk

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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

Oatly Launches Extra-Large Cartons of Barista Oat Milk in the UK

Oatly has introduced a new larger pack size for its most popular product, barista oat milk, in the UK. Taking inspiration from the large cartons used for the brand’s regular oat milk in the US, a new 1.5L format will launch at major food service wholesalers from next month. The product provides an option for cafés and coffee shops that use large quantities of oat milk, and the cost per litre will seemingly be lower than for the smaller 1L pack size. The recipe is the same, containing oats, water, rapeseed oil, salt, vitamins, and minerals, along with an acidity regulator to prevent splitting in coffee. “We took inspiration from our normal-sized US packs and made an extra-large pack for all true baristas, pretend-baristas, and …


Billie Green Vegane Mortadella

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Products & Launches

Billie Green Launches Range of Plant-Based Mortadellas

Germany’s Billie Green, the corporate startup under The Plantly Butchers, announces that its vegan salami range is now joined by plant-based mortadellas in classic, garden herb, and cherry pepper varieties. The classic variety is described as mildly spicy; the garden herb as mild and herby; and the cherry pepper variety is described as a fruity, flavourful mortadella. Based on rapeseed oil, the three products are said to be rich in unsaturated fatty acids and fibre, have a short list of ingredients, and are free from preservatives and artificial colourings. The Plantly Butchers (TPB) Part of the InFamily Foods group of companies, The Plantly Butchers is now one of the top three most successful manufacturers of vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives in Germany, as well as …


Gary Smith, Evolutus PR

Gary Smith, image supplied

veg+ Opinion

Op Ed: Gary Smith, Co-Founder, Evolotus PR – Here’s What You Need to Know About Bird Flu, Non-Vegans

Gary Smith has contributed essays and columns to Newsweek, Jewish Journal, Moment Magazine, Tricycle Magazine, Jewish Chronicle, Jewish Independent, Mother Nature Network, Elephant Journal, and several books. He lives in Los Angeles, California. Through his work at Evolotus, Gary represents clients in the industry including Voyage Foods, PoLoPo, Planetarians, WNWN Food Labs, and BioCraft Pet Food. Here Gary pens an open letter to non-vegans about the harsh reality of bird flu, explaining that “the federal government is encouraging poultry growers to continue the practices that create the risk of contagion, increasing the need for future culling and reimbursement”. An open letter to non-vegans about bird flu By Gary Smith The next pandemic, the H5N1 bird flu virus, has officially jumped to mammals, including humans—a Michigan …


A plant-based fish fillet by Steakholder Foods

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Steakholder Foods & Sherry Herring Partner to Launch Gourmet Vegan Salads with 3D Printed Plant-Based Fish

Alt proteins and 3D printing innovator Steakholder Foods (Nasdaq: STKH) announces a partnership with Sherry Herring, a gourmet fish delicacies brand, to commercialize a new line of vegan fish salads in Israel. The salads will feature seafood made with Steakholder Foods’ proprietary SHFISH premix blend specially developed for 3D-printing plant-based white fish. Fillets crafted with SHFISH are said to mimic the taste, texture, and nutritional profile of fish while being more sustainable and environmentally friendly, “redefining the seafood experience.” The new vegan fish salad line will tap into new market segments and cater to the rising popularity of plant-based diets by leveraging Sherry Herring’s established distribution network in delis and restaurants, the company said in the announcement. Arik Kaufman, CEO of Steakholder Foods, highlights the collaboration …


The Lancet

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Media Wildly Misrepresents Findings of UPF Study in The Lancet to Slander Plant-Based Foods

Earlier this week, a study was published in The Lancet examining the health impacts of plant-sourced ultra-processed foods (UPFs). The results showed that while unprocessed plant-based foods decrease cardiovascular disease risk, ultra-processed plant-sourced foods may have the opposite effect. However, the study has attracted a slew of misleading coverage from mainstream media outlets, with some articles giving the impression that the UPFs in the study were predominantly meat alternatives. For example, a clickbait headline in The Telegraph falsely declared “Vegans are slowly killing themselves”, with the subheading “There’s nothing healthy about ultra-highly processed fake ‘meat’ products”. Unsurprisingly, the writer of the article is a dairy farmer. In reality, plant-based meats represented just 0.2% of the diets of the study participants, while foods such as packaged …


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