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SwingKitchen Expands into Switzerland

The Austrian vegan fast food chain SwingKitchen has recently announced new plans to expand into Switzerland, continuing its internationalisation strategy. Towards the end of April, a franchiser will open its first SwingKitchen store in Berne. There are already two branches in Germany, both in the vegan capital Berlin. The company is planning to open stores at further locations in Germany, and new branches in Munich and Hamburg can be envisaged. The fast-food chain’s sustainable plant-based menu is equally popular with all types of consumer. According to the founder, over 80% of the chain’s customers are not vegan. Furthermore, SwingKitchen adheres to a comprehensive sustainability strategy and tries to keep its environmental footprint as low as possible.

Kim Barnouin – author of skinny bitch

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Business Insiders

Skinny Bitch: Why Now is the Right Time to Start a Vegan Business

Skinny Bitch, for those who aren’t already aware of the diet craze from last decade, is a diet book written by former modelling agent Rory Freedman and former model Kim Barnouin. The book, which advocates a purely plant-based diet and includes sections on factory farming and animal cruelty, was a phenomenal hit especially in the UK and in Canada, after Victoria Beckham was pictured carrying a copy.



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ProVeg New Food Conference 2019: Meet the Experts

In order to meet the challenges required for a sustainable future, the food industry needs new solutions and radical changes. With the New Food Conference (21-22 March 2019, Berlin), ProVeg aims to pave the way for the future of the food industry, bringing together renowned experts and leading companies in innovative alternatives to animal products in order to jointly shape the ideas of the future.