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Veganism and Masculinity

Meat has long been considered a symbol of masculinity. Tanja Paulitz, sociology professor at TU Darmstadt (Germany), and her research assistant Martin Winter, recently investigated the link between gender and diet in the age of […]

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Food & Beverage

ALDI Expands Vegan Range in all UK Stores

German discounter giant ALDI is continuing to expand internationally, and is also increasingly focusing on offering vegan and vegetarian products abroad. After investing 5.3 billion US dollars into redesigning its product range and expanding its […]


What Exactly is Freeganism?

A recent United Nations report has revealed the shocking figures around global food waste, with up to one third of all the food in the world being lost or wasted. Rightly, some people are taking […]

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World’s First Vegan Prepaid Card

Vegannection is the world’s first prepaid card to be used exclusively in 100% vegan establishments. The virtual card can be used via any smartphone, making it an environmentally friendly option.