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revyve's healthy foods made with BSY proteins

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Revyve & EGGcited to Launch Brewer’s Yeast Proteins Following Successful Scaleup

In 2021, the EGGcited project launched to industrialize processes for extracting new ingredients from spent brewer’s yeast.  Now, the project has developed a process to upscale revyve’s technology, which produces novel cellular proteins and fiber ingredients from the upcycled yeast. These ingredients can replace egg white, dairy proteins, and E-numbers such as methylcellulose or calcium diphosphate. Additionally, they can significantly improve the taste and texture of alt meats made via high moisture extrusion.  “Ingredients of animal origin, such as meat, milk and eggs, are the main sources of protein used in the food industry. However, the production of animal proteins is not sustainable,” says EGGcited on its website. Great opportunities Coordinated by the Dutch public-private consortium NIZO, EGGcited members include family firm Ruitenberg Ingredients — …


Big Ideas Ventures launched its New Protein Fund II

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Big Idea Ventures Raises Initial Funds for $75M New Protein Fund II

Food tech investor Big Idea Ventures (BIV) has announced a first close for its New Protein Fund, which aims to raise $75 million within the next 12 months to support new food tech and protein innovators. This new raise brings its total assets under management to over $100 million.  Investors in the initial funding round included previous New Protein Fund I backers AAK (a Dutch plant-based oil ingredients firm) and Bühler, a solutions partner for the food processing industry. Big Idea Ventures claims to be the first global fund dedicated to the development and expansion of alt proteins, as well as the most active investor in the food tech category. Its NPF I portfolio includes French startup Gourmey, which raised €48 million in Series A funding in 2022, and …


magnum sea salt caramel

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Facts & Figures

Unilever Aims for €1.5Bn in Sales From Plant-Based Products by 2025

Multinational consumer goods producer Unilever has revealed that it aims to achieve €1.5 billion in sales from plant-based products by 2025. The target is part of Unilever’s goals to reduce its carbon emissions and sustainably feed a growing population. At the recent BusinessWorld Economic Forum, Kristine A. Go — general manager for nutrition at Unilever Southeast Asia — outlined a food technology wheel developed by the company’s Netherlands-based Food Innovation Centre. The wheel is made up of six health and sustainability strategies: Natural and nutritious food — Fortifying Unilever products with nutrients, which will be tailored to the dietary needs of specific countries. Microstructure and textures — Creating plant-based products that replicate the texture of animal products. Culinary experiences — Ensuring vegan products taste like …


Yumeat's plant-based range

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Singapore’s Yumeat Expands Shelf-Stable Vegan Meat Range Throughout Asia

In 2021, Ayam Brand — a Singaporean prepared and canned foods company established over 120 years ago — introduced a new plant-based meat brand called Yumeat.  Using the tagline “Get your proteins from plants,” Yumeat debuted in Singapore with plant-based luncheon meat and minced meat — two shelf-stable, ready-to-eat plant-based products that were unique in the market at the time. “Good for you, good for the planet,” says Yumeat, adding, “Whether you are vegan or an aspiring flexitarian, we are here to help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle.”  Expanding through Asia Over the past year, Yumeat has expanded into Malaysia, Australia, and Hong Kong, and it recently debuted in Thailand. Since its launch, the brand has been introducing new products, including Mapu Tofu and new …


Vegan meal delivery service Planty

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Delivery Services

Vegan Meal Delivery Service Planty Reports Over 300,000 Meals Sold Since Launch

UK-based vegan delivery service Planty has reported that it is now selling 10,000 meals per month, with more than 300,000 meals sold since its launch in 2020. Planty’s success has been accelerated through partnerships with several major plant-based brands; its bestselling Not-a-Chicken Tikka Masala is made using Heura’s chicken-style chunks, while Meatless Farm products are used for the Roast Dinner and Polpette Alfredo. The BBQ Beef Enchilada and the soon-to-launch Korean Bibimbap are made with Fable’s plant-based beef. A new meal made with Better Nature tempeh is set to launch this summer, and three of Planty’s existing meals — the Buddha Bowl, Sweet Chilli Tempeh Stir Fry, and Tempeh Lasagne — will also begin using Better Nature products. In 2022, Planty’s Not-a-Chicken Tikka Masala and …



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Leather Alternatives

Amschela Launches Crowdfunder for Multipurpose Bag Made From MIRUM Alt Leather

Amschela, a sustainable luxury handbag brand based in the UK, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its new AIRIUM bag. AIRIUM is made from MIRUM, a plastic-free vegan leather alternative produced by Natural Fiber Welding. The multipurpose “6 in 1” bag can be worn six different ways — from handheld to a clutch or a crossbody. The bag will be manufactured by the Veshin facility in China, which produces sustainable accessories made from vegan materials. The facility also has a commitment to treating its workers ethically, in an industry notorious for its human rights abuses. Vegan brand Amschela started out by producing conventional leather accessories, but transitioned to a vegan brand during the pandemic after learning about the environmental impact of the leather industry. The …



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Sweets & Snacks

Why Do Consumers Want Plant-Based Chocolate?

The plant-based chocolate industry is skyrocketing – with the global industry expected to reach US$4 billion by 2032. But why? What consumer drivers are causing market growth? In its latest New Food Hub article, ProVeg International investigates the main consumer drivers for the expanding plant-based chocolate industry. With this knowledge, businesses can better understand how to approach the segment and target audiences, and how to design, merchandise, and market successful products.  Health and intolerances One of the most significant consumer motivations for dairy-free chocolate products is, perhaps surprisingly, health. Rising health consciousness is driving consumers’ search for healthier snacking alternatives and higher-quality chocolate. This is leading them to plant-based chocolate products, which are perceived as being healthier than conventional dairy-based varieties. Indeed, research shows that 86% …


Petaluma Plant-Based Dog Food for Seniors


Pet Food

Petaluma Introduces “First” Plant-Based Dog Food Designed for Senior Dogs

US dog nutrition brand Petaluma announces the launch of its first senior dog food formula. Designed especially for the needs of older dogs, The Baked Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Flavor is veterinarian-formulated to provide “age-defying” nutrients to senior dogs.  According to Petaluma, its new formula is “the first” plant-based dog food specifically targeted toward senior dogs. Made with functional ingredients like peanut butter, applesauce and odor-fighting herbs, the new Baked Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Flavor also includes DHA omega-3 from algae oil, curcumin extract from turmeric, dietary fiber from pumpkin, and plant-based glucosamine. Petaluma states its evidence-based formula provides complete nutrition while addressing common health concerns such as inflammation, digestion, mobility and a healthy weight. Optimized nutrition “As a veterinarian and pet food formulator, I …


foie gras - IntegriCulture

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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

JACA Hosts Sensory Evaluation of 5 Cultivated Meats at Promotional Event in Tokyo

The Japan Association for Cellular Agriculture (JACA), a research group dedicated to cellular agriculture and cultivated food, recently hosted the first-ever promotional event for the industry in Tokyo.  In February 2023, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced that he would foster the development of the country’s cultivated food industry by promoting the sector and improving the market, including safety assurance measures, and developing labeling rules. To build a consensus on necessary measures for food safety requirements for cultivated food, JACA’s event gathered more than 150 stakeholders, government officials, and industry associations, among others. F&B key players included famous ham producer NH Foods, which recently expanded to the plant-based market with two alt seafood products and biotech company Ajinomoto, which collaborates with Israel’s SuperMeat.  Japan’s Wagyu According to the …


Oatley's new range with improved formula launches in the UK

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Products & Launches

Oatly Introduces New Oat Drink Range in the UK: Light, Semi, Whole, and “No” Sugars

Just days after reporting robust global growth, Oatly announces the launch of a new “great tasting” oat drink range with improved recipes  — Light, Semi, Whole, and “No” Sugars — in major retailers across the UK.   Dairy and soy-free, Oatly’s new range is unflavoured, contains no added sugar or sweeteners, and is low in saturated fat. Oatly oat drinks provide calcium, iodine, riboflavin, and vitamins B12 and D. According to a recent study, this new range has a 58%-63% lower climate impact than comparable cow’s milk, announced Oatly. Aligning with the company’s commitment to sustainability, Oatly recently launched a global regenerative agriculture movement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions dramatically, starting in Canada, Sweden, the US, Finland, and the UK. Bryan Carroll, GM at Oatly UK, commented: “We want to …


Vegan Crab Cake Sandwich at PLNT Burger

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Fast Food

Mind Blown Seafood and PLNT Burger Team Up to Launch “New Bay” Crab Cake Sandwich

In celebration of World Ocean Month, Mind Blown™ by The Plant Based Seafood Co. and vegan chain PLNT Burger announce they are partnering to launch the New Bay Crab Cake Sandwich this summer.  Available for a limited time, the sandwich will be sold at PLNT Burger’s 7 locations across the DC Metro area – including Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC – from June 1st until Labor Day weekend.  The New Bay sandwich features Mind Blown’s Maryland-Style Plant Based Crab Cake, which is said to offer the real taste and texture of traditional crab meat, and contains 11 grams of protein. As part of Mind Blown’s mission to protect the oceans, 1% of profits will be donated to the Coral Restoration Foundation, which works to restore the …


Changing Bio's parmesan cheese made with microbial protein

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Changing Bio Launches China’s First Range of Microbial Protein Dairy Alternatives

After winning the Sustainability Innovation Award at BEYOND Expo 2023 in Macau, Shanghai-based Changing Bio officially debuted the company’s first line of alt dairy products made with a microbial protein derived from yeast dubbed Kluvy at the 25th annual Bakery Expo in Shanghai.  At the event, the company’s new ChangingPRO line, including whipped cream and a low-fat parmesan powder high in protein and probiotics featured the novel protein Kluvy mixed with plant-based ingredients. Other products used the novel protein but mixed with conventional dairy. Kluvy, considered a complete source of protein with a PDCAAS score of 1, is a domesticated strain from a bacteria discovered in Shangri-La, a famous town at the southeastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.  “There are 10,000 billion species of microorganisms that coexist …


Alexandre Ruberti

Alexandre Ruberti. © Future Farm

veg+ Opinion

Op Ed: Alexandre Ruberti, CEO of Future Farm, on the Ebbs and Flows of the Plant-Based Industry

Alexandre Ruberti is the CEO of Future Farm and a board member at Celsius Holdings. Previously, he worked at Red Bull for 16 years, serving dual positions – President of Red Bull Distribution Company USA and Executive Vice President of Sales for Red Bull North America. He is credited with developing the business exponentially through incremental growth, and now brings his wealth of experience to the plant-based industry. Plant-Based is a Marathon and Not a Sprint by Alexandre Ruberti It’s no secret that the plant-based industry continues to ebb and flow, but it’s important to take a step back and ask why — while keeping in mind that plant-based is still a relatively new category. Like any new market, it will stabilize — and more …


Blue Tribe

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Market & Trends

Report Finds “Noticeable Increase” in Plant-Based Eating in India

A report by India’s Plant Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA) has found that plant-based eating is becoming increasingly common in the country. Released at this year’s Plant-Based Foods Summit, the report cites a survey which found that 67% of those who choose plant-based products are motivated by animal welfare issues. 54.1% cite environmental concerns, while 48.6% believe that plant-based foods have health benefits. The promotion of plant-based foods by celebrities and influencers is also helping to drive demand, with 8.1% of survey respondents saying they choose these foods because they are trendy. On the whole, there is said to have been a “noticeable increase” in vegan food consumption. Market challenges Meat and dairy alternatives are becoming increasingly available and affordable in India, leading more consumers …


Boldly Fish


Market & Trends

Global Plant-Based Seafood Market to Grow With a Huge CAGR of 28.5%

A report by Data Bridge Market Research has predicted that the plant-based seafood market will grow with a considerable CAGR of 28.5% through to 2029. Growth will be driven by the rising popularity of veganism, along with environmental, health, and animal welfare issues. Increased prevalence of gastrointestinal disorders, which can be caused by pollutants such as mercury in conventional seafood, may also drive demand. However, a lack of consumer awareness of seafood alternatives could impede growth. Europe is currently dominating the plant-based seafood market, due to numerous new product launches and the availability of alt seafood options at some major restaurant chains. The East Asian market is also projected to see significant growth over the forecast period, as the number of plant-based seafood products available …