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US Capitol/ Congress Building


Politics & Law

Biden Administration Reveals Proposal to Expand Plant-Based Options at US Federal Facilities

President Biden’s administration has announced a new proposal that pledges to increase the availability of plant-based and vegetarian options at federal facilities.  The “National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health” plan would, in part, provide greater access to plant-based options at federal dining facilities such as prisons, parks, hospitals, museums and government buildings. Over 30 members of Congress, chefs, and a large coalition of organizations focused on food, farming, animal welfare and the environment supported the measure. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which backed the proposal, fewer than half of federal facilities it surveyed regularly offer a plant-based or vegetarian entree option. Where they are available, the plant-based options usually provide limited nutritional benefits, the survey found.  According to the group, such dining …


Dr. Praeger's New Expansion

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Company News

Dr. Praeger’s Foods Opens New Headquarters in Saddlebrook, NJ to Accomodate Growth

Plant-based frozen brand Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods announces it has opened new headquarters in Saddle Brook, NJ to grow its team and business.  According to the company, the new space is designed to foster collaboration, creativity and connection, and comes equipped with state-of-the-art IT and a test kitchen. The new offices will accommodate larger teams as the brand seeks to meet current and future growth. The new headquarters follows the company’s appointment of CPG veteran Andy Reichgut as CEO in July.  New leadership Founded over 25 years ago, Dr. Praeger’s sells a wide range of frozen and chilled products such as veggie burgers, sausages, nuggets, and breakfast foods. This summer, the brand partnered with Texas-based fast-casual chain Genghis Grill to offer plant-based chick’n and sausage in the chain’s …


Nada Moo Frozen Bites crop

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Sweets & Snacks

Cow-Free Innovator Nada Moo! to Launch Low Calorie Frozen Bites

Roughly nine months after raising $10 million in a Series B round, Texas-based NadaMoo! announces the upcoming launch of new innovation Frozen Bites, containing just 50-70 calories per serving, or 25-35 calories per bite. Founded in 2005 in Austin, Texas; Nada Moo! has cornered the market with its lower calorie, lower fat and lower sugar flavors of vegan ice cream, with a current range of over 12 dairy-free flavors. Additionally, the brand is proudly a certified minority business as well as a registered B-Corp enterprise. The Frozen Bites, which are non GMO and gluten-free certified, will launch later this year in five flavors: Salted Caramel; Mint; Peanut Butter; Mango; and Orange Creme, containing six bites in each bag.   “We’ve just made it even more …


A bag of plant-based salmon

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Products & Launches

Hooked to Launch Plant-Based ‘Salmoonish’ and ‘Fish-ish Sticks’ in Sweden

Hooked Foods, a Swedish company that develops sustainable alternatives to seafood, announces that from October 3rd two new plant-based fish products — Salmoonish and Fish-ish sticks — will be available at major grocery stores in Sweden.  Hooked Foods also reveals that its Toonish range of products (until now only available at restaurants) will join its Toonish Tomat, which has been on supermarket shelves since 2021. Hooked was born in 2019 after Tom Johansson and Emil Wasteson were challenged to create a sustainable alternative to seafood, tasty and nutritious made with plants. Recently the company raised €10M for product development and market expansion. The Hooked portfolio Hooked Foods explains that it offers consumers a new way to replace fish with sustainable alternatives that do not harm the …


Project Pollo Vegan Chicken Fingers

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Investments & Finance

Former McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook Joins Chik’n Chain Project Pollo as Investor and Advisor

Plant-based chick’n chain Project Pollo revealed it has received a growth investment from former McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook.  Easterbrook is also serving as a direct advisor to the chain as it aims to open 100 locations by the year 2025.  Easterbrook’s investment closed a recent seed round for the brand, reports QSR, which has opened 15 units across Texas in two years. Specializing in vegan chicken sandwiches, Project Pollo has ambitious growth plans and intends to compete directly with top chicken franchise Chick-Fil-A, according to founder and CEO Lucas Bradbury. In the near future, the brand is preparing to open new locations in Boulder, CO, Tempe, AZ and Las Vegas, with plans to enter markets such as Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa and Miami in 2023. Franchise …


Cacao-free chocolate bars

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Sweets & Snacks

WNWN Launches Vegan Version of Daim Bar, the ‘All-Free’ Waim! Bar

WNWN Food Labs, a London-based maker of cocoa-free chocolate, will launch a limited release of its new chocolate Waim! bar, an ‘all-free’ version of the iconic European candy Daim bar.  WNWN’s Waim! bar is dairy-free, gluten-free, palm oil-free, caffeine free, and vegan. “Our new bar is our take on an iconic European candy bar, but without the catastrophic impact on people and the planet,” the company states.  Early this year, WNWN launched a bean-free vegan chocolate claiming it was the first of its kind to arrive on the market. CEO and co-founder Ahrum Pak, commented: “Our chocolate habit is contributing to deforestation, biodiversity loss, soil erosion, CO2 emissions, child slavery, and unfair trade practices.”  How is cacao-free chocolate possible? For centuries, powdered carob pods have been …


Pure brand plant-based cheese

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Cheese Alternatives

Kerry Launches Plant-Based Cheese Range Under Pure Brand

Kerry has introduced a new line of plant-based cheese products under its UK-based Pure brand, which has previously only offered dairy-free spreads since it was founded in 1994. Described as “creamy and versatile”, the cheese is made from coconut oil and comes in three varieties — Block, Grated, and Slices. On Instagram, Pure said the cheese is “An excellent addition for every meal time and especially good when melted over a Mac ‘n’ Cheese”. The new products are now available at Sainsbury’s and will soon roll out at other major retailers. Dairy alternatives by Kerry Though Kerry sold its meats and meals business last year, it retained Dairy Consumer Foods, a category that includes dairy alternatives such as Pure products. The company recently launched vegan …


Beyond Burger and Sausage

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Products & Launches

Beyond Burger and Sausage to Launch at Morrisons as Almost Half of Brits Cut Down on Animal Products

Beyond Meat has announced that its plant-based Beyond Burger and Sausage are rolling out at UK supermarket chain Morrisons. Morrisons is the fifth major UK retailer to stock the products, after Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Waitrose. Beyond claims that it now has the strongest sales growth of any plant-based meat brand in the country, in both the chilled and frozen categories. The company says it provides a more sustainable alternative to meat for the estimated 46% of UK adults looking to reduce their intake of animal products. According to research, making the Beyond Burger uses 99% less water and generates 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than producing a comparably-sized beef burger. Beyond Meat in the UK Beyond Meat initially launched in the UK in 2018, …


Moving Mountains No Chicken Burger and Nuggets

© Moving Mountains

Products & Launches

Moving Mountains Launches No Chicken Burger and Nuggets for Food Service

UK food tech company Moving Mountains has announced the launch of its latest products — the No Chicken Burger and Nuggets — for food service. According to founder and CEO Simeon Van der Molen, the burger “tastes so much like chicken that it’ll blow your mind”, while the nuggets are “a deliciously dippable treat”. Both products are said to be tender, crunchy, and high in protein. The plant-based burger and nuggets are now available for foodservice outlets in the UK and the EU. Expanding product range Moving Mountains offers a wide and expanding range of alt meat products. The best known is the company’s flagship “bleeding” burger, which has a history of outselling conventional beef burgers. Moving Mountains also produces plant-based pork, fish fingers, fish …


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Investments & Acquisitions

Bucha Bio Closes Oversubscribed $1.1M Round for Sustainable Plant-Based Leather

US-based biomaterials company Bucha Bio has raised $1.1 million in an oversubscribed seed funding round. Bucha will use the funding to accelerate the market launch of its biobased materials made from bacterial nanocellulose. This will include securing co-manufacturers to scale production, making new hires, and constructing state-of-the-art headquarters in Houston. The company is developing two bio-based materials: SHORAI™, which is an alternative to leather; and HIKARI™, a translucent material said to have unique processing capabilities. Bucha also continues to work on new technologies, including biofibres, biopackaging, and hard biocomposites. These materials could be used across various industries, such as fashion, automotive, home goods, electronics, and construction.  Investors in Bucha’s seed round included New Climate Ventures, Lifely VC, Beni VC, Alwyn Capital, and Chris Zarou, CEO …


Land&Monkeys owners

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Retail & E-Commerce

Plant-Based Bakery Land&Monkeys Opens Sixth Paris Location

Land&Monkeys plant-based bakeries have been expanding rapidly in Paris since early 2020. There were already five of them in Paris, and now a sixth one is opening in the La Défense business district, in Nanterre. “This project is the story of a call for tenders… well, before that, it’s the story of the meeting between Land&Monkeys and EXALT, a subsidiary of the COMPASS group, a major player in collective catering in France and worldwide. EXALT has a soft spot for our gourmet and committed concept and we love the way they inspire thousands of people every day in their workplaces with an imaginative and surprising catering offer,” explains the 100% vegan bakery. The founders decided to present the Land&Monkeys concept in a call for tenders …


Malt ingredients PlantMalt

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Muntons Launches PlantMalt Clean Label Ingredients for Meat Alternatives

Muntons, one of the world’s most significant malt and malted ingredients companies, announces the launch of PlantMalt, a new line of grain, liquid, and powdered malt extracts to be used in plant-based foods to make better meat analogs. According to Muntons, PlantMalt has been developed to help manufacturers achieve succulent flavours, texture, colour, and mouthfeel of meat alternatives. PlantMalt’s line was created by consulting alternative protein experts and adding Muntons’ extensive knowledge of malts. Richard Platt, the senior product development technologist at Muntons, said: “As a team, we fully immersed ourselves into the plant-based category, benchmarking the existing products, we were able to understand the challenges that manufacturers are facing. We identified the common ingredients used and understood their functionalities before creating our own plant-based burger, sausage, …


ProVeg NFH

ProVeg International

Marketing & Media

Case Study: How Heura Foods Harnesses the Power of Social Media

ProVeg International recently published a case study exploring how Heura Foods harnesses social media to develop its brand and boost sales. Heura is a Spanish plant-based food company that sells plant-based meat alternatives to chicken, beef, and pork. The company has almost 200,000 followers on its Spanish Instagram, with tens of thousands more across its other global accounts – demonstrating the success of its engaging approach to social media. To boost your brand’s social media engagement rates in a manner similar to Heura, ProVeg recommends the following: Use humour to connect with consumers Promote education Collaborate with influencers Overall, crafting a successful social media presence as a plant-based brand is about striking the right balance between being genuine, educational, and promotional. In the words of …


A plant-based taco

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Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

Propel Foods is Developing AI-Powered Plant Proteins Backed by Mexican Government

After winning the Hult Prize 2021, with a proposal to help local communities and the environment with alternative foods, Joel González, Sofía Hillman, and Jayat González received a US $150K prize which they used to fund their startup Propel Foods. Based in Mexico City, Propel Foods is an AI-powered startup that creates plant-based and hybrid-protein foods. The company says it combines the best of the vegetable and animal worlds in foods that are good for your health, delicious to eat, and good for the planet’s health.  Propel Foods commented in an interview: “Since we won the prize, we have continued turning our idea into a viable business. We were recognized in Mexico as a National Interest, were featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, and have entered into talks …


Quorn ChiQin Hot Honey Wings_2

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Studies & Numbers

New Survey Reveals Meat Consumption is Declining Across Western Europe

A recent survey reveals that consumers are shifting to meat alternatives and choosing plant-based meats. Concerns about animal agriculture, the environment, and willingness to buy cultivated meat products were among the most relevant findings. The survey questioned 4,096 people across Germany, France, Italy, and Spain about their meat consumption habits and attitudes toward sustainable proteins.  The study was commissioned by the GFI, the leading NGO promoting and educating about alternative proteins, working with OpinionWay, a research company specialising in market research, communication, and opinion surveys. According to the results analysed by the GFI Europe, more than 50% of consumers from Germany, France, Italy, and Spain said they had reduced their meat consumption in the last five years.  Over 60% of respondents from each country believe that …