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black vegan leather featured in huawei's mate 50 pro phone

© Huawei

Leather Alternatives

Huawei Announces Global Launch of Mate 50 Pro Featuring Vegan Leather Finish

Chinese multinational technology corporation Huawei announces it is soon to launch its flagship smartphone Huawei Mate 50 Pro Carbon Black Vegan Leather, on the global market. This marks the first time Huawei places this mobile phone version out of China, where was introduced after the Huawei Mate 50 Pro orange vegan leather version. The choice of vegan leather, according to Huawei, reaffirms the company’s interest in integrating next-gen materials into its designs. The communications giant has been introducing smartphones with alternative materials, such as its HUAWEI Mate 30 and 40 flagships that offered vegan leather green and yellow options. Huawei Mate 50 Pro Carbon Black Vegan Leather comes protected with a new Kunlun Glass material that, according to the company, protects the phone’s screen from …


PBWE London

Image courtesy PBWE

Fairs & Events

We Asked PBWE London: What Are You Most Excited About Right Now?

Plant Based World Expo Europe took place at London’s Olympia last week, hosting the most exciting names, both established and emerging, in the plant-based industry. Incredibly, the organisers have informed us that the event almost doubled in size, with a 94% increase in visitors compared to 2021. vegconomist was present at the event and took the opportunity to ask some of your favourite brands about what’s currently exciting them, at the end of this eventful year. In alphabetical order: Future Farm Future Farm is excited to have launched in the UK with food service distributor Brakes. The Brazilian alt meat producer has had a successful year across international markets, including expanded retail distribution in the US. Grupo Planta Also of Brazil, Grupo Planta operates its …


adm workers in a farm field during the day



Study: Plant-Based Diets Could Improve European Food Security in Wake of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

A study published in the journal Nature Food has analysed the potential impact of the largely plant-based planetary health diet on European food security. There are increasing concerns about food resilience in Europe and worldwide, following supply chain issues caused by extreme weather, COVID-19, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. This has led to a significant spike in the price of food and fertilisers. The study argues that this problem is exacerbated by the consumption of animal products in Europe, which is significantly higher than is recommended for environmental and health reasons. Large quantities of imported grain are used to feed farmed animals rather than humans, which is said to be an inefficient use of resources. Far-reaching impact According to the researchers, a large proportion of crops …



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Fashion, Design & Beauty

UNLESS Collective and NFW Drop “World’s First Regenerative Sneaker” Made of 100% Plants & Minerals

UNLESS Collective, a regenerative fashion company, has partnered with plant-based material leader Natural Fiber Welding to create The UNLESS DEGENERATE, a biodegradable shoe that it describes as the world’s first regenerative sneaker. The UNLESS DEGENERATE is 100% composed of plants and minerals and is said to “decompose at the end of its life to birth something entirely new”. The production of the shoe involves zero plastics or petrochemicals, says UNLESS. Zero plastic waste streetwear Based in the US Pacific Northwest, UNLESS makes plant-based streetwear designed to leave zero plastic waste, stating that it operates the world’s first regenerative fashion platform. The company ensures all of its products can be repaired, recycled or harmlessly decomposed at the end of their useful life. Continued success for NFW …


Liberation Labs co-founder and CEO Mark Warner. © Liberation Labs

Investments & Acquisitions

Agronomics Invests $7M in Precision Fermentation Manufacturer Liberation Labs

Agronomics has invested $3.5 million in the seed round of Liberation Labs, a company working to commercialise precision fermentation on a large scale. The venture capital firm previously invested $3.5 million in the funding round’s first tranche in October, meaning it has now contributed a total of $7 million to the $20 million raise. Additionally, Agronomics made a $627,000 investment as part of Liberation’s previous funding round in June. Precision fermentation manufacturing facilities There is currently a bottleneck in the food fermentation industry, caused by a lack of suitable production plants. As Liberation CEO Mark Warner told Elysabeth Alfano on The Plantbased Business Hour, many of the sites currently available are actually intended for the pharmaceutical industry. The company is working to change that by …


Arthur's Food Company launches vegan brand

© Veganya

Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Sausage Manufacturer Arthur’s Food Company Launches Alt Meat Brand in India

Arthur’s Food Company, a Bengaluru-based manufacturer of German-style sausages, has launched a plant-based brand called Veganya. The brand offers a range of meat alternatives that aim to cater to Indian tastes, including kebabs, meatballs, jackfruit fingers, keema, and several types of burger patty. Vegan omelettes and scrambled eggs are also available. Arthur Maurer, founder and CEO of Arthur’s Food Company, told Vegan First that he believed India was an ideal market for plant-based foods due to its large vegetarian population. He added that he hoped the brand would become well-known in India, and eventually in Germany too. Veganya already has 34 plant-based products on offer, some developed in partnership with major food companies such as Dr. Oetker, Kerry, and Ami. India posed for explosive growth …


Else Plant-Based Formula

©Else Nutrition

Products & Launches

Else Debuts Full Infant and Child Nutrition Line at Fresh Thyme Markets

Else Nutrition (OCT: BABYF) announces it is launching its full range of Baby, Toddler and Kids Nutrition products at all 71 Fresh Thyme Market stores. The company’s plant-based nutrition products will be available in ten states, including IL, IA, WI, MN, MO, IN, MI, OH, KY and PA. Fresh Thyme will offer Else Toddler, Toddler Omega, Kids Nutritional Drink in Chocolate and Vanilla, as well as three flavors of Baby Super Cereal. “At Fresh Thyme Market, we are committed to offering our customers real food at low prices, helping people live better and healthier lives,” said Liz Zolcak, President of Fresh Thyme Market. “Else’s plant-based food is a natural fit and will help meet our shoppers wherever they are on their wellness journey. We couldn’t …


soy meat Japanese cafe

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Market & Trends

Report Says Meat Alternatives in Japan Have Entered Mainstream

A recent market report finds that meat alternatives in Japan have become increasingly mainstream, driven partly by a shift in consciousness since the pandemic, as well as a high acceptance of soy-based meat. The GlobalData report projects the Japanese market to reach JPY36.3 billion ($373.5 million) by 2026, with a CAGR of 5%. High affinity for soy The upswing is reportedly led by the country’s tendency towards soy-based products, which as we earlier reported, have witnessed a boom over the past two years. Soy-based foods such as soy sauce and miso are deeply ingrained in traditional Japanese culture, as such, meats created from soy are trusted by the Japanese consumer. Nikkei Asia reported in September that despite a 1.5X price increase on soybean crops since …


Nestle Dairy-Free


Food & Beverage

Nestlé to Launch Plant-Based Toll House Chocolate Morsels in 2023

Nestlé USA announces it is planning to debut a new plant-based version of its Toll House chocolate morsels. According to the conglomerate, which released a line of allergy-friendly, dairy-free chocolate morsels in 2018, the upcoming product will reportedly be newly positioned with more innovative ingredients, says Axios. “Nestlé Toll House plant-based morsels will be a brand-new product within the Toll House portfolio,” Nestlé said in a statement. “As we continue to look to innovate in the plant-based category, baking is an area we’re excited to explore.” Nestlé says the new plant-based chocolate morsels might potentially debut in stores in early 2023.  “Plant-based, especially for those that are trying to avoid dairy, can be one of those places where you feel like you have to compromise,” …


upside foods ceo uma valeti

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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

UPSIDE Foods Discusses Next Steps Following FDA Green Light

UPSIDE Foods, a food tech company that recently received GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status for its cultivated chicken, has been in the spotlight following the achievement, one which will cause a ripple effect throughout the cultivated meat industry across the planet in terms of regulatory approvals. In an interview with Yahoo! Finance, CEO Uma Valeti discussed the key points around this significant milestone. Price parity Valeti emphasized the importance of achieving price parity with conventional meat products. Currently, the small-scale production and challenges in product market allocation for retail result in a premium price for cultivated meat. Valeti predicts that the industry can reach price parity in 5-15 years. UPSIDE chicken is real chicken Valeti also clarified that UPSIDE’s cultivated chicken is not a …


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Charity & Campaigns

Key Moments for Plant-Based Promotions: Meat-Free Week

Is your business looking to target the ever-growing number of consumers eating plant-based products? You can boost sales and enhance your company’s reputation by engaging with time-bound and seasonal food-related events, celebrations, and challenges, like Veganuary, Meat-Free May, BBQ season, and Christmas, as a few examples.  ProVeg International has recently published an article – the second of a special three-part series – that investigates key moments throughout the year for plant-based promotions. The article takes a deep dive into spring, summer, and the multiple meat-free weeks which occur throughout the year.  Meat-free events around the world Meat-free weeks are becoming increasingly popular; numerous events take place globally. Though they differ in place and date, they all share the same concept and goal – to encourage …



Image supplied by DSM


DSM Launches “World’s Only” Soy-Free TVP Containing All 9 Essential Amino Acids

DSM announces the launch of Vertis™ Textured Pea Canola Protein, which the company claims is the world’s only textured vegetable protein (TVP) with all nine essential amino acids necessary to be a complete protein, made without soy, gluten, or dairy. The new Vertix texturized protein blends pea protein and Vertis™ CanolaPRO®, an isolate with complete protein unlocked from canola seeds — a product that took DSM a decade of research and was introduced to the market as recently as last week. According to DSM, combining both ingredients gives alternative meats a flexible, firm, and meat-like texture allowing manufacturers to create realistic meat-like analogs with high nutritional profiles, free from major allergens. This new ingredient is the company’s latest addition to its Vertis portfolio, which includes a …


Umiami founders team

Founding team ©Umiami

Manufacturing & Technology

Umiami Acquires Former Unilever Site to Produce Plant-Based Whole Cuts in France

French alt-meat producer Umiami, which specialises in whole cuts of plant-based meats, has acquired a former Unilever production facility in its home country. Located in Duppegheim, the 14,000 m2 site will be Umiami’s first commercial-scale plant, after the opening of its innovation centre (featuring a pilot production facility) in June. The factory will be able to produce up to 22,000 tonnes of meat and seafood alternatives per year. According to Umiami, the new facility will be the only one in the world capable of producing plant-based versions of any type of meat or fish fillet. Production will begin in the second half of next year. Proprietary production process Extrusion, the most common method of making meat alternatives, is only able to produce small chunks or …


Stony Creek Colors

© Stony Creek Colors


Stony Creek Colors Raises $4.8M for Plant-Based Indigo Denim Dye

Stony Creek Colors, a US company claiming to be the only industrial-scale manufacturer of 100% bio-based indigo globally, has raised $4.8 million in funding. The Series B2 round was led by Lewis & Clark AgriFood and Levi Strauss & Co, longstanding partners of Stony Creek. The dye manufacturer plans to use the funding to further develop its farming infrastructure and dye extraction process, following the company’s $9 million Series B raise last year.  Certified by the USDA BioPreferred Program, Stony Creek has a vertically integrated model allowing for full traceability. The company’s proprietary indigo varieties are grown across 500 acres of land in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Florida, in a process that fixes nitrogen and absorbs carbon. The indigo can also be used as part of …


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Facts & Figures

Vegan Cheese Brand Simply V to Launch in the UK After Appearance at PBWE

Last week, German vegan cheese brand Simply V made its first major UK appearance at Plant Based World Expo in London. After showcasing its cheeses at the event, which is Europe’s largest trade fair for plant-based products, the company has announced that it will be launching in the UK in March 2023. Five products will initially be available — gourmet slices in the flavours Mild and Intense, two varieties designed for grating and pasta respectively, and a mature cheddar-style block. The latter product will initially be exclusive to the UK. Simply V’s cheeses are made from almonds and a select few other ingredients. They are the market leader in Germany and are also available in Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux region, and Scandinavia. Highly popular cheese …