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Waygu Beef

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Company News

Wamame Foods Welcomes New Partners to Help Expand Plant-Based Waygu Across Canada and US

Canada’s Wamame Foods, which produces the world’s first plant-based wagyu beef, welcomes Teja Foods and Sierra Meat and Seafood as new consortium partners.  Along with innovation partners Merit Functional Foods, Wismettac Asian Foods and Crush Dynamics, and a co-investment from Protein Industries Canada, the plant-based consortium seeks to develop and distribute Wamame’s plant-based alternatives to wagyu beef. The companies’ efforts will build on the early success of Wamame’s Waygu brand by investing in research and development through partnerships with the University of British Columbia and the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre.  According to Wamame, the research process will help create a suite of products that can compete against the best beef brands in the world. These offerings would be sold under both the Waygu brand and …


Vegan Lamb Burgers

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Investments & Finance

Black Sheep Foods Raises $12.3M to Scale Up Plant-Based Lamb and Exotic Meats

Black Sheep Foods, which specializes in plant-based lamb and other game meats, announces it has raised $12.3M in Series A funding.  The company will use the capital to increase its product and R&D teams, sales and marketing, and move to a larger production facility capable of making 16 million pounds of plant-based lamb each year. This increased production is expected to begin in early 2023, says its CEO.  Based in San Francisco, Black Sheep uses patent-pending technology to identify the unique flavor molecules found in lamb and reconstruct its taste and richness using the same molecules from plants. The startup introduced America’s “first ever” heritage plant-based lamb at select restaurants in 2021, including six locations of Greek dining chain Souvla.  “Seriously impressed” “At Souvla, we …


Peter Singer

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Company News

Peter Singer Joins Newly Appointed VegTech Invest Thought Leadership Council

Renowned author Peter Singer has joined a Thought Leadership Council newly appointed by the plant-based Innovation EATV ETF VegTech Invest. Peter Singer, Professor of Bioethics at the University Center for Human Values at Princeton University and recipient of the Berggruen Prize for Philosophy and Culture, first became well-known internationally after the publication of Animal Liberation in 1975. In 2011, Time included Animal Liberation on its “All-TIME” list of the 100 best nonfiction books published in English since the magazine began in 1923. He has written, co-authored, edited or co-edited more than 50 books, and his writings have been translated into more than 30 languages.  The Most Good You Can Do: How Effective Altruism Is Changing Ideas About Living Ethically, The Life You Can Save, Practical …


6 hello plant foods vegan foie products piled up on top of a table

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Products & Launches

Hello Plant Foods Launches “Hyper-Realistic” Vegan Foie Gras Across Spain

Hello Plant Foods, a Spanish plant-based meat producer, announced the launch of Hello Fuah!, a vegan foie gras alternative, in Alcampo hypermarkets and specialized vegan food stores across Spain. The company states that this new gastronomic and technological innovation will revolutionise Spain’s foie gras market, where there are no alternatives besides Nestlé’s vegan foie gras limited edition. Javier Fernández, committed to a healthy and sustainable diet, started Hello Plant Foods in 2021 to develop vegan products that mimic animal meat’s organoleptic properties. Hello Burger Healthy was the company’s first product, soon joined by Hello Bacon. Hello Fuah! marks the newest addition to the brand’s animal-free meat portfolio. “Hello Fuah! will become the category’s benchmark product and will be available throughout the year,” says Fernández. A hyper-realistic …


Tesco Mince Pies


Studies & Numbers

Survey Reveals UK’s Best Value Own Brand Vegan Mince Pies

Personal finance site money.co.uk has analysed the own brand vegan mince pies offered by various major UK supermarkets to establish which is the best value. Made from a blend of spiced fruit in a shortcrust pastry case, mince pies are a classic UK Christmas treat. While many brands contain butter, most supermarket chains now offer a plant-based option. At £0.25 per pie, Tesco Plant Chef mince pies are by far the most affordable. The Free From mince pies offered by Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrisons, and Co-op all cost about the same, coming in at between £0.44 and £0.50 each. As expected, the most expensive vegan mince pies are made by upmarket supermarkets M&S and Waitrose, costing £0.63 and £0.68 each respectively. On average, a vegan mince …


noriware's biodegradable algae cups

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Noriware: Revolutionising the Packaging Industry with Plastic-Free Seaweed Alternatives

Switzerland-based startup Noriware is developing CO2-neutral, plastic-free alternatives to conventional plastic products using seaweed. The company claims its biodegradable algae packaging uses 100% raw natural materials, “making them even edible.” Noriware was founded in 2021 by Jessica Farda, who, inspired by the sustainable and circular economy concept around seaweed, started to develop algae plastic prototypes at home. After successfully creating a biodegradable seaweed material, the company entered its entrepreneurship journey, receiving support from a leading university in Switzerland and funds from the NTN Innovation Booster Plastics for Zero Emission by Innosuisse to further develop its biodegradable algae packaging and revolutionise the packaging industry. Seaweed, an ideal raw material According to Noriware, the existing bioplastics are made with fossil fuels and can only be composted in industrial …


The Laughing Cow Plant Based

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Products & Launches

Bel Brands USA Unveils First Animal-Free Dairy with Nurishh Incredible Dairy and Laughing Cow Plant-Based

Following the successful launches of Babybel Plant Based and Boursin Dairy-Free, Bel Brands USA announces the launch of The Laughing Cow Plant Based and Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free Cream Cheese – its first animal-free product created in partnership with Perfect Day.  Debuting at select retailers, including Kroger and Whole Foods, the new offerings include:  The Laughing Cow Plant Based – Certified plant-based and vegan, The Laughing Cow Plant Based delivers the same taste and creamy spreadability people know and love. Available in Garlic & Herb and Original at Whole Foods locations nationwide for $5.49. Nurishh Incredible Dairy – Nurishh, Bel’s first dairy alternative brand, is launching an animal-free cream cheese alternative that tastes just as good as traditional cream cheese because it contains real …


Ingka Group

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Food Service

IKEA Store Operator Ingka Group Unveils Plant-Forward Food & Beverage Concept

Ingka Group, which operates hundreds of IKEA stores worldwide, has launched a new food and beverage concept. As reported by Forbes, the concept will be called Saluhall in tribute to traditional Scandinavian market halls. 80% of food served will be plant-based, 60% of vendors will be local, and 40% of food will be Nordic-inspired. All operators will be plastic-free, with no waste sent to landfill. In a first for Ingka, there will be no beef on the menu. Saluhall locations will mostly open at smaller city centre sites rather than larger IKEA-style stores. In fact, IKEA itself has begun opening smaller, more “local” stores. “We are looking to add the concept to our growing number of urban centres and the format is flexible and can …




Manufacturing & Technology

BELIEVER Meats to Construct “World’s Largest” Cultivated Meat Facility in the US

BELIEVER Meats has broken ground on a 200,000-square-foot production facility in Wilson, North Carolina, which the company claims will be the largest ever for cultivated meat. When fully operational, the facility will be able to produce at least 10,000 metric tonnes of meat per year. North Carolina was chosen due to its highly qualified workforce and track record of integrating technology-driven solutions into residents’ lives. Initially, BELIEVER will invest $123.35 million into Wilson County, creating over 100 new jobs. The facility will feature proprietary bioreactors with the ability to achieve high cell densities and yield. There will also be offices, an R&D and innovation centre, conference room spaces, and a kitchen to host tastings. This will be BELIEVER’s first commercial-scale site in the US, following …



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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Eat Just’s GOOD Meat Reveals World’s First Butchery to Sell Cultivated Meat

GOOD Meat, the cultivated meat arm of Eat Just, Inc., announces that Singapore’s Huber’s Butchery will become the first butchery in the world to sell and serve cultivated meat. From today to this Saturday 10th Dec, selected guests will be invited to taste the dishes made with cultivated chicken which will be available starting in January for in-restaurant dining by reservation. At time of publication, GOOD Meat is the only producer of cultivated chicken with the ability to sell to consumers, though the recent greenlighting of UPSIDE Meat’s product will likely signal further regulatory approvals around the world. “Offering this new approach to making meat at a butchery is another historic moment in the long road to making our food system more delicious and sustainable. …


a picture of climate tech vc firm world fund's founding team

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Investments & Finance

Juicy Marbles Investor World Fund Secures €50M from EIF

Climate tech VC World Fund announced a €50 million investment from the European Investment Fund (EIF) to support environmental and climate tech-related ventures that contribute to decarbonising the world’s economy and its businesses.  The Slovenian plant-based whole-cut specialist Juicy Marbles and Germany’s Planet A Foods, a precision fermentation platform that makes cacao-free chocolate, were eligible to receive funding from the World Fund due to their carbon offsetting schemes.  Supported by InvestEU The EIF’s investment in the World Fund is supported by InvestEU, the region’s sustainability and innovation investment programme, which provides the European Union with crucial long-term financing to achieve the zone’s climate goals. “This is one of the largest investments EIF has made into a first-time VC fund,” EIF said, adding that “the investment …



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Delivery Services

Domino’s Pizza Germany Launches “Oh Jacky” Jackfruit Pizza for Veganuary

For Veganuary 2023, Domino’s becomes the first QSR chain in Germany to launch a jackfruit pizza, having already launched vegan pizzas over the past 12 months in Spain, Australia, and the UK. Together with Lotao, the Domino’s Pizza Germany product innovation team created the Oh Jacky featuring jackfruit, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and sweetcorn, topped with vegan grated melt from Bedda. The “Oh Jacky” pizza will be rolling out into all Domino’s stores across Germany from 4th January. “With Lotao and Bedda, we are delighted to have two enthusiastic partners at our side and that with Oh Jacky we are once again showing that you can create a culinary highlight with a purely plant-based product,” says Silke Krüger, Head of Brand at Domino’s Pizza Deutschland.   …


Tender/ True Plant-Based Dog Treats

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Products & Launches

Tender & True Debuts Its First Line of Plant-Based, Upcycled Dog Treats

Pet food brand Tender & True announces the launch of its first plant-based dog treats. Made with upcycled ingredients, the new PB+ line includes three formulas featuring whole fruits and vegetables, reports Pet Food Processing. According to Tender & True, the PB+ name plays on the inclusion of 100% plant-based ingredients and natural peanut butter flavors. The new range is low in fat and calories and includes: PB+ Banana Recipe – sweet potato, flaxseed and banana PB+ Berries Recipe – sweet potato, blueberries, cranberries, flaxseed and rolled oats. –  PB+ Honey Recipe – sweet potato, apples, dried honey and rolled oats. Tender & True says the products are nut free, while still including a natural peanut butter flavoring. All three recipes also include pea protein, apple …


Motif Foodworks

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Politics & Law

Motif Foodworks’ IP Battle Intensifies as Europe Revokes Impossible Foods Patent

Food tech startup Motif Foodworks announces it has filed four new challenges to US patents held by Impossible Foods. The company’s legal move comes a week after The European Patent Office (EPO) announced it had revoked an EU patent held by Impossible Foods. The EU and US patents that Motif is challenging involve meat alternative products containing heme protein, sugars and sulfur compounds. Motif argues these ingredients are not patentable by Impossible due to their longstanding use as taste and smell enhancers for meat alternatives. The reasoning behind the EPO’s decision to revoke Impossible’s patent (No. 2,943,072 B1 – Methods and compositions for affecting the flavor and aroma profile of consumables – ‘072) has not been published, but an Impossible Foods spokesperson asserted that the …




Company News

BENEO Presents Authentic Vegan Chicken Chunks at Fi Europe

German ingredients manufacturer BENEO showcased vegan chicken chunks as the next step in the company’s vegetable protein strategy at the Fi Europe show yesterday.  Following the acquisition of Meatless BV at the beginning of the year, BENEO is expected to add the chicken chunks as a semi-finished product to its portfolio for the first time in the second quarter of 2023. Thanks to a special recipe and a patented production process, BENEO states it will offer manufacturers a highly scalable and effective way to join the plant-based shift. Visitors to Fi Europe were able to sample the plant-based chicken pieces for themselves as award-winning chef Pieter-Jan Lint from Belgium prepared vegan dishes with prototypes of the new semi-finished product. The vegan chicken chunks offer food …