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Industry Pioneer, Educator and Bestselling Author Olivia Fox Cabane on the Future of Food

Olivia Fox Cabane
Olivia Fox Cabane is the organiser of the Alternative Protein Summit and is recognised for her industry landscapes mapping out foodtech’s most innovative companies, an activity with which we at vegconomist are most fascinated. In essence, Olivia’s work is like a roadmap of the future, and offers a fascinating insight into the speed at which the future of food and biotech is developing, and progressing away from the old norms of animal proteins and other harmful products, so that we can have a more sustainable world.
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Survey: Beyond Burger Impresses Both Vegans and Meat-Eaters

Last month the Beyond Burger reached Germany's retailers and was reportedly sold out within hours. According to the results of a new survey conducted by the internet portal , Beyond Burger and comparable products could fundamentally change the eating behaviour of the public in general.
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KFC China Releases Meatless Burger

KFC China Meatless Burger
KFC China announced on Weibo, China’s microblogging platform, the limited release of their Meatless Burger (vegetarian only) - made with a base of portobello mushrooms.
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SPAM Boss Calls Plant-Based Meat a "Shiny New Toy" During Conference

Hormel World-Headquarters
One of the largest meat companies in the US, Minnesota-based Hormel Foods Corp., recently announced its plans to join the fiercely competitive vegan meat arena. "The consumer seems to be speaking about having plant-based as a choice," said Jim Snee, chief executive of Hormel.
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Natural Fiber Welding: "Mirum Will be the Standard in Vegan Leather – a Standard Where Vegan Will Mean Plants and Never Plastic."

Natural Fiber Welding Founder & CEO Dr. Luke Haverhals
Founded in 2015 on the premise that our planet is too dependent on petroleum-based products, Natural Fiber Welding is a technology company that is disrupting the plastic and synthetics industries.
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GFI Says Plant-Based Meats Will Become Less Expensive Than Conventional Meat

The Good Food Institute Logo
A report from the Good Food Institute predicts that plant-based meats will soon become more affordable than animal products, arguing, logically, that it is inherently more efficient to make meat directly from plants rather than feeding the crops to animals then later eating those animals.
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Retail Market for Meat Substitutes and Alternatives Now a Billion Dollar Industry

pflanzliche Steak-Alternative von Vivera
Major opportunities remain in meat and poultry, though not in the usual ways or for the usual players, according to U.S. Food Market Outlook 2019, a report by market research firm Packaged Facts.
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Fiid: "The Vegan Market in Ireland Has Exploded...Competition Is Fierce but We Welcome It"

Fiid: "The Vegan Market in Ireland Has Exploded...Competition Is Fierce but We Welcome It"
The global market for ready meals was valued at $72,257 million in 2016, and is expected to reach $146,247 million by 2023. At the same time, the average consumer is more conscious of health and lifestyle choices, so vegan and health-forward meal box delivery service Fiid is operating in a from a privileged gap in the market and already seeing rapid success.
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Report Says Burger Category Risks Losing Affordable Reputation

Beyond Burger
Technomic's 2019 Burger Consumer Trend Report explores the latest challenges and opportunities in the burger category, including price hikes, plant-based proteins and delivery. The report says that a "lot is shifting in the world of burgers, with plant-based items and third-party delivery on the rise."
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METRO Germany Stores to Offer Beyond Sausage on a Permanent Basis

From today on, the wholesaler METRO Germany will offer the Beyond Sausage on a permanent basis. They are the first wholesales on the European continent to offer the Beyond Sausage.
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