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Burger King Stockholm's Blind Test Invites Swedes to Guess if Their Order is Plant-Based or Meat

Rebel Whopper and Rebel Chicken King at Burger King
Burger King Sweden recently launched two new plant-based burgers - a vegan version of the Whopper called the Rebel Whopper and a vegan chicken option called Rebel Chicken King. And BK is so confident that the new options taste just like meat that they are inviting customers to a 50 / 50 blind test to see if they can taste the difference.
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KFC's Imposter Burger Returns After Selling Out in Four Days

KFC Imposter Burger
Two weeks ago we reported that KFC's Quorn-based Imposter Burger had completely sold out across its trial locations, selling 500% more than other KFC menu launches. In the London location there was an apparent rate of one burger sold every minute.
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European Countries Most Informed About Veganism Ranked in Order

European Countries Most Informed About Veganism Ranked in Order
Consumer services provider, Ceuta Group, researched consumer trends from across Europe to reveal how much awareness and interest in veganism is increasing in all of the major European countries over the past five years. It found that across the continent, the public is in fact becoming increasingly interested in veganism, but with a couple of exceptions.

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China: Vegan Market to Rise by More Than 17% from 2015 to 2020

KFC China Meatless Burger
As the population in China continues to grow exponentially, currently approaching 1.5 billion, its consumer habits and key trends are evolving in new directions. The Chinese food service industry is now having to cater for changing tastes which are increasingly favouring plant-based options more than ever before.
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Interstate Hotels & Resorts Announces Partnership with Beyond Meat for its US-based Restaurants 

Interstate Hotels
Interstate Hotels & Resorts, a global leader in third-party hotel and resort management, has announced that it would offer the Beyond Burger at the company's hotels and restaurants throughout the US.  
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Earth's Own: "As the Popularity of Oat Milk Continues to Explode, Keeping up With Demand Is One of Our Biggest Challenges"

Earth's Own
Oat beverages are currently trending around the world, with the creamy consistency giving it a seat at the table of dairy lovers everywhere. Earth's Own is a pioneering food and beverage company based in Canada which has a bold way of thinking about how the world eats.
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Loma Linda Secures Deal With 1,600 UK Health Stores

Loma Linda Thai Sweet Curry
Global health foods brand Loma Linda has secured deals with four UK wholesalers to bring its plant-based ready meals and seafood alternative TUNO to independent stores nationwide. Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC (ANF) joined forces with distributer Worldwide Food Associates (WFA) to bring the Loma Linda range of plant-based products to the UK.
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DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences Launches New GRINDSTED® Gellan VEG 200 Solution for Vegan and Plant-based Beverages

DuPont NB_Gellan - plant-based beverages
Yesterday, 3rd July, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences announced the debut of naturally sourced GRINDSTED® Gellan VEG 200 stabilizer, enabling high performance results of innovative plant-based and vegan beverages.
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Vegan Capital: "Our Ambition is to Become the Canadian Reference in Vegan Investing"

François Burra, Vegan Capital
Vegan Capital is a financing company based in Montreal, Canada, whose mission is to develop the vegan economy; putting in place financial resources, a network of experts and a community of vegan investors available to entrepreneurs in order to launch their projects and develop their vegan businesses.
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Way Out West: First Vegan, Climate Transparant Music Festival

Way Out West
Way Out West is a Swedish music festival based in Gothenburg that hosts over 100,000 visitors every summer. The festival became  meat-free and milk-free in 2013 and this year will partner with Oatly to make a 100% climate transparant event.
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