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Top Stories of the vegan business world

Danone: "We Plan to Triple Worldwide Plant-Based Sales From €1.7 Billion to Around €5 Billion by 2025"

Danone, one of the world’s leading suppliers of dairy products, recently announced that it intends to triple its sales of plant-based products by 2025. Last month, the CEO of Danone SA, predicted that the next decade will see consumers consistently moving away from animal proteins and towards plant-based products.
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Beyond Meat: Secondary Shares Sold at Discounted Price

Verpackung vom Beyond Burger
Beyond Meat announced yesterday that shareholders are offering secondary shares at a rate of $160 in order to pass profits to early investors and raise $40 million for expanded production. The rate represents a discount of 18.6% compared to the previous closing price.
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Monsanto Owner Bayer to Potentially Become Involved with Vegan Meat Production

Bayer Monsanto
Pharmaceutical giant Bayer, which owns Monsanto, has said that it is closely watching the plant-based meat market, and that it could potentially enter the market as an alt protein producer.
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Impossible Foods Receives FDA Approval for Retail Launch

Impossible Burger
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the Impossible Burger for direct-to-consumer sales at grocery stores in the US. The website now says, "Good news! The Impossible™ is headed to U.S. grocery stores later this year."
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UN Says Future is Bleak Unless We Change Food Production, Plantbased Diet is Our Opportunity

Group of demonstrators on road, young people fight for climate change - Global warming and enviroment concept - Focus on banner
A leaked report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a United Nations body responsible for assessing climate change, warns that urgent changes must be made to the way in which we approach agriculture and utilise land, suggesting veganism as a possible solution in terms of greenhouse gases, otherwise dire consequences will be seen imminently.
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Tyson's Raised and Rooted Nuggets to Launch in 4000 Stores to "Rival Beyond Meat"

Nuggets Tyson
Poultry producers Tyson, which sold its shares in Beyond Meat this April in to launch its own brand in plant protein in an apparent bid to rival Beyond, has announced its chickenless nuggets will be available in 4000 retail stores and from foodservice distribution by the end of September. Shares have increased by 7% in Monday trading following the news.
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James Cameron and Peter Jackson Set up Plant-Based Food Business in New Zealand

New Zealand, James Cameron, Peter Jackson, plant-based food business
In an interview with TVNZ, famous Hollywood director and vegan advocate James Cameron recently announced that he and Kiwi director Peter Jackson are launching into the vegan protein business. together with their partners Suzy Amis Cameron and Dame Fran Walsh, they founded "PBT New Zealand", a company aiming to create plant-based meat alternatives and other vegan protein products.
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Europe's Largest Pork Producer to Stop Pig Slaughter in Germany and Produce Vegan Meat

Danish Crown
Danish Crown, one of Europe’s largest meat processors, is to stop slaughtering pigs at one of its facilities in Germany and has plans to produce plantbased beef products and burgers.
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Archer Daniels Midland: Another Big Food Player Turns to Plant-Based to Regain Profits

After a slump in share prices, global food processing corporation The Archer Daniels Midland Company has revealed that it is looking towards the plant-based meat market as a means to offset “challenging external conditions,” including issues surrounding Chinese swine fever.
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