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Vegconomist Welcomes Elysabeth Alfano, Host of The Plantbased Business Hour

Elysabeth Alfano
Vegconomist is pleased to announce that we will be broadcasting regular videocasts from Elysabeth Alfano as part of her Plantbased Business Hour series. A veteran journalist and successful businesswoman, Elysabeth is host of The Elysabeth Alfano Radio Show, the USA's first syndicated plant-based radio show.

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Burger King: Vegans "Were Unreasonably Ignorant in Failing to Inquire About the Cooking Method of Their Food"

Rebel Whopper
The Rebel Whopper continues to cause controversy on both sides of the Atlantic. Here we update on the Florida lawsuit where BK has now asked the judge to dismiss the fraud claim as vegans "were unreasonably ignorant," and meanwhile in the UK, The Advertising Standards Authority receives complaints that BK's advertising is misleading.
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What is Behind the Rise in Popularity of Oat Milk?

oatly ab produkt milk oat milch hafer
A special guest post from David Peters, Managing Director, DSP Ventures Ltd, and former Head of Oatly UK.
“Oat milk? We didn’t know oats could be milked”. When, in late 2015, I told family and friends that I had been asked to join Oatly, a Swedish oat milk company, I was greeted by some rather quizzical looks.
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Naturli' Foods: The Crisis is Firing up Innovation in Denmark

henrik lund ceo
The corona crisis has come to Denmark. At Naturli’, who make plant-based food products, the crisis has accelerated several innovation projects which are being released now, while sales are quieter than normal.
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UK's Leading Plant-Based Foodservice Company Launches Home Delivery Service Amid the Pandemic

Vegetarian Express brands
Vegetarian Express, the UK's leading vegetarian and vegan foodservice company, announces it has expanded its business model during coronavirus to start delivering directly to households. Operating since 1987, the company reports explosive sales growth in the last couple of years, with its sales more than doubling as veganism rises.
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The Good Food Institute: "Completely Committed to Accelerating Vital Changes to Our Global Food System"

Sanah Baig GFI
The Good Food Institute is a global nonprofit building a more sustainable, healthy, and just food system. Its aim is to bring closer a future where plantbased foods and slaughter-free 'cultured' meat are a normal part of life. Regular readers will be familiar with the crucial and compelling work of the GFI which we cover on a regular basis .

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Tel Aviv University Competition Offers $100K Investment For FoodTech Startups

Coller School of Management
The Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University is facilitating the fourth Coller Startup Competition to help students and alumni of Tel Aviv University to promote their startups. The competition is focused on the future of food, and specifically - on replacing animals in the human food supply chain.
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Launch For Tofurky's Vegan Dairy Brand Moocho is Disrupted and "In Limbo" For Now

tofurkey Moochoo
Speaking with the New Hope Network, Jaime Athos, CEO of Tofurky, speaks about the postponement of Tofurky's new sister brand Moocho, which had been due to launch at Natural Products Expo West 2020, commenting that the new products aren't "available on shelves and probably won’t be for the foreseeable future."
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Virginia Governor Vetoes Bill to Censor Use of the Word "Milk" on Plant-Based Products

Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia, USA.
According to The Good Food Institute (GFI), Virginia's Governor Ralph Northam has vetoed House Bill 119. If passed, the bill would have censored plant-based milk producers from using the word milk on its labels.
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