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Danone to Use its Household Presence to Push Plantbased Alternatives

Danone vegetal
Multinational food corporation Danone, which recently invested in plantbased yogurt producer Halsa Foods in Sweden, has been publically making a lot of noise about sustainability and how it wants to cause a food revolution.  The French corporation intends to triple the size of its plantbased business before 2025.
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Lewis Hamilton Negotiating with Mercedes Benz to Stop Using Leather

Lewis Hamilton
MERCEDEZ-BENZ may stop the use of leather after speaking with Lewis Hamilton about the possibility of manufacturing cars with animal-free interiors. The move is the latest in a line of actions from the Formula 1 star to promote veganism; this October Hamilton encouraged his social media followers to go vegan for the planet.
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Sainsbury's Adds 31 New Vegan Products to Plant Pioneers Line After 65% Increase in Plant-Based Sales

Plant Pioneers
Sainsbury's is preparing to reap the rewards from next month's Veganuary food sales. The major supermarket chain has announced a huge extension of plant-based food, in all of its UK stores, saying that has already seen a 65% increase in sales of plant-based products year-on-year.
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Dutch Startup Meatable Secures $10 Million Seed Funding For Cultured Pork

Amsterdam-based startup Meatable announces it has secured a further US$ 10 million in seed funding to develop its  pork prototype, bringing its total investment to $13 million. The cultured meat company says that with new technology it will be able to cultivate its product at scale and should be ready to launch in summer of 2020.

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Dr. Ernie Ward: "If You Want to Save the Planet, Start With Pet Food"

Dr Ernie Ward
Here we are very pleased to feature a special guest Op-Ed from internationally recognized veterinarian and author  Dr. Ernie Ward DVM, known as America's Pet Advocate. This insightful and informative piece contains exclusive excerpts from the new book, “The Clean Pet Food Revolution: How Better Pet Food Will Change the World” written by himself, Wild Earth founder Ryan Bethencourt, and animal welfare expert Alice Oven.
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Results of Vegan Food & Living's Big Vegan Survey 2019 Revealed

The Big Vegan Survey Anthem Publishing
This October, Vegan Food & Living invited vegans all over the UK to enter a Big Vegan Survey so they could find out more about the reasons why consumers convert to veganism, what products they like and dislike, and even their favourite supermarkets.
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McDonald's New Zealand Launches McVeggie, Warns Not Suitable for Veggies

McDonalds New Zealand McVeggie
It is becoming a common theme and one which one could say was to be expected. When large corporate burger joints such as Burger King and McDonald's launch a plantbased option, it is often understandably celebrated by vegans who have traditionally had trouble finding options in mainstream fast food.
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Consumers Have Doubts Whether Foods are 100% Vegan

Lloyds register
Data compiled by the Lloyd's Register group shows that British consumers are dubious when food suppliers claim their foods are 100% vegan or organic. The report is based on findings from 1,000 UK consumers who were asked their views on the food industry.
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Veganuary: Signups Already Pass 65K, Crowdfunder for First TV Ad Exceeds Target

Veganuary announces that the number of participants signing up to go vegan next month has already hit 65,000 – almost 20% of the way to the goal of 350,000 participants. In addition, the charity's crowdfunding campaign to raise £40,000 for the first pro-vegan TV advert has already been exceeded.
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