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Most Read Vegan Business News

Eat Just's Chicken Now Available Through Food App in World’s First Cell-Cultured Meat Home Delivery

Eat Just home delivery
It was not so long ago that cell-cultured meat was seen as a far-off, fringe movement, but now customers can order cell-cultured chicken dishes directly to their homes, at least in the food tech innovation hub of Singapore. Eat Just has teamed up with foodpanda, Asia's leading food and grocery delivery platform, to launch the world’s first home delivery of cell-cultured meat.

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Vegan Society Hits 50,000th Trademark Milestone as Veganism Continues to Skyrocket

Vegan Society Hits 50,000th Trademark Milestone as Veganism Continues to Skyrocket
The Vegan Society's Vegan Trademark has this week registered its 50,000th product – the highest number of registered products since the trademark was created in 1990, at a time when interest in veganism is at an all-time high with the trademark team registering an impressive 15,206 products in 2020 alone.

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Amendment 171: Hearings Begin Tomorrow to Decide Fate of Plant-Based Dairy

Oatly amendment 171
Climate-hostile Amendment 171, which aims to censor plant-based alternatives to dairy products, will be debated from Wednesday 21 April. If the Amendment is passed, phrases such as "creamy" or "like milk" would be banned on packaging, similar packaging such as cartons will be forbidden, and it would even be illegal to refer to scientific data showing that a dairy alternative …

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vegency - communicate effectively with your vegan target group in Germany

Leonardo DiCaprio Joins Alt Dairy Pioneers Perfect Day as Part of New Sustainability Council

PD-Council-Images Leonardo DiCaprioPerfect Day
Alt-dairy startup Perfect Day has unveiled a new advisory board - the Sustainability & Health Advisory Council (SHAC) - featuring Hollywood actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio. The company also released results revealing that its non-animal whey protein generates up to 97% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional dairy production following a life cycle assessment.

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The Very Good Butchers Butcher Their First Bean at Brand New Vancouver Facility

Very Good Butchers products
The Very Good Food Company Inc., operating as The Very Good Butchers, has commissioned its first production line at an upgraded, retooled manufacturing facility in Vancouver, British Columbia. The new facility can produce up to 37 million pounds of annualized products, ultimately increasing capacity by nearly 2,690%.

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GFI Brazil: "Brazil is Going to Be at the Center of the Most Relevant Debate of Our Century"

Gus Guadagnini GFI Brazil
Brazil, Latin America's leading economic power, has been hit hard by the Covid crisis. In 2020, GDP fell 1.4% from the previous year, not to mention the enormous human cost inflicted by the pandemic. However, the country's central bank forecasts that national GDP will grow 3.6% this year, and despite the consequences of the crisis on so many levels, Brazil remains a regional focus for innovation in the area of alternative proteins.

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Planet Super League: "Looking for Plant-Based Brands For Collaborations"

James Atkins of Planet Super League
Though policymakers and startups across the world continue to push and innovate for solutions to the climate crisis - and despite the efficacy of hit documentaries - one thing remains stubbornly clear; there will be no solution without massive behavioural changes throughout the human population. Changes regarding food consumption, energy use and attitudes to nature on a massive global scale perhaps never seen before. That is the challenge of our times.

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Dominic & Dempsey Creates Boots For Toddlers With Desserto Cactus Leather

Dominic & Dempsey
When Roxanne Peake began looking for stylish and durable boots for her young son Dominic, she struggled to find anything that aligned with her values. That was when she decided to design her own.

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Beau's Secures £400,000 to Create State of the Art Vegan Ice Cream Facility in North East UK

Beau’s - a UK producer of vegan gelato which says it is the UK's first vegan ice cream subscription service - announces it has secured £400,000 in funding from investors including prolific vegan investor Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni's VC firm Dismatrix, to expand the company and to create a 100% vegan, state-of-the-art ice cream manufacturing facility in the North East of …

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