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Creapure® (creatine monohydrate): The functional ingredient to complete the nutrient profile of plant-based products

Sponsored Post Creapure® (creatine monohydrate): The functional ingredient to complete the nutrient profile of plant-based products
Plant-based alternatives can be enriched with functional ingredients, which supply different nutrients that are essential for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians. Creapure® (creatine monohydrate) from AlzChem Trostberg GmbH is one of these functional ingredients. Creatine monohydrate is the best source of creatine for the body. It is a widely used dietary supplement that has been well-studied for its effects on physical …

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Heinz to Launch 100% Natural Plant-Based Baby Food Range in the UK

Heinz baby food
Food processing company Heinz has been producing baby food for decades. Now, it's set to launch a plant-based range after market research showed parents weren't satisfied with the options available.

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Coop Switzerland Expands its Own Brand Vegan Range, Says it Now Offers Over 1,200 Vegan Products

Yolo Co Op
Under its young own-brand vegan label Yolo, Coop Switzerland is launching vegan chicken and egg sandwiches as well as five new meat alternatives. Coop claims that its vegan offerings now surpass 1,200 products. In addition to the YOLO products, Coop announces that it is exclusively launching other vegan novelties from Planted, The Green Mountain, Garden Gourmet and Oumph!

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MeaTech: "We Believe Cultured Meat Will Ultimately Change the Relationship Between Food Production and Agriculture"

Steak MeaTech
MeatTech, the Israeli developer of 3D-printed cell-cultured meat, was the first in its category to become public, having become listed on the Tel Aviv stock market last year and this March becoming the first lab-grown meat company listed on Wall Street, with a Nasdaq IPO.

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BlueNalu Signs Deals to Bring Cell Cultured Seafood to Asia With Thai Union and Mitsubishi Corporation

BlueNalu's whole-muscle, cell-based yellowtail medallions, image supplied
As global seafood consumption continues to rise, particularly in Asia where it is outpacing population growth, cellular aquaculture specialist BlueNalu announces it has signed Memorandums of Understanding with global seafood producer Thai Union and Japan's largest trading company Mitsubishi Corporation, to evaluate market development strategies for its cell-grown seafood in Asia.

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Bedda: "Our Vegan Dairy Alternatives Can Certainly Hold Their Own With the ‘Original’ Products in Terms of Taste and Enjoyment"

Nele Kunath, Head of Sales International & Private Labels, Bedda
Germany's bedda, a plant-based subsidiary of Big Food Group, offers a portfolio of dairy- free products which ranges from vegan cheese alternatives and delicatessen salads to spreads and desserts. The products are always free from soy, palm oil, flavour enhancers and gluten.

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Orbillion Bio Raises $5M to Develop Cell-Cultured Bison, Elk, and Wagyu Beef

bison Orbillion
To date, most cell-cultured companies have focused on the most common types of meat, such as chicken and pork. But Silicon Valley-based Orbillion Bio, fresh out of Y Combinator's accelerator program, is targeting a different niche.

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Israeli Company Chunk Foods Raises $2M to Develop Whole Cut Alt-Meat Products

Chunk Foods
Israeli startup Chunk Foods has raised $2M in a pre-seed funding round led by venture fund Stray Dog Capital. The startup uses fermentation technology to produce whole-muscle meat alternatives.

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70% of Medicines Contain Substances of Animal Origin - Veggiepharm is Here to Make Change Happen

Veggiepharm was founded by Luc Lamirault and Kévin Bondiguel in 2017 as the very first pharmaceutical company to develop medicines certified without animal ingredients and not tested on animals. The two founders come from Medipha Santé, an independent French pharmaceutical laboratory that develops drugs and acts as a service provider for other French and international laboratories.

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Because, Animals Launches Plant-Based Dog Cookies With Pumpkin & Nutritional Yeast

Because, Animals
Because, Animals, a Canadian company making plant-based and cultured pet food, has added a new flavour called Pumpkin Noochies+ to its range of dog cookies. The cookies are made with pumpkin and nutritional yeast.

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Google Analytics Data Reveals UK Trends in Vegan and Cruelty-Free Beauty

Cosmetics test on rabbit animal, Scientist or pharmacist do research chemical ingredients test on animal in laboratory, Cruelty free and stop animal abuse concept.
A study by online store Shop Like You Give a Damn looked at the most Googled vegan and cruelty-free beauty, makeup and skincare phrases, as well as products and brands in the UK, including differences by country and city. The results also show the most searched beauty and cosmetics brands in each location; interestingly, people in the Scottish city of Aberdeen are very interested in cruelty-free makeup brushes!

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