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The German Plant-based Milk Market

plant-based milk beverage drink
Compared to other plant-based products such as cheese and meat, plant-based milk alternatives have been around for some time and many consumers are already well familiar with milk alternatives like soy and coconut milk. In Germany 93% of consumers already buy plant-based milk alternatives, which is higher than in any of the other plant-based product categories.

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Is Nestlé Too Late to the Alt Milk Party with Launch of Wunda Brand?

Wunda / Nestle
Nestlé - the world’s largest food and beverage company - has launched Wunda, a new pea-based milk alternative. Although arriving late to the plant-based milk segment, Nestlé looks set to take on the major players in the rapidly growing sector, with Wunda selling out quickly on its limited-edition launch.

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PETA and Seaspiracy Producer Tell Joe Biden to Revoke Fish Farm Order

PETA and Seaspiracy Producer Tell Joe Biden to Revoke Fish Farm Order
Animal rights organisation PETA has teamed up with Kip Andersen, producer of the documentary Seaspiracy, to call on US president Joe Biden to revoke an executive order issued by Donald Trump.

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Vega Zone Launches Campaign to Promote Veganism in Colombia

Vegan Burger Colombia
The Vega Zone vegan community in Colombia, together with Bogotá Vegana, has launched a campaign to promote veganism in different cities of the country. The initiative, called Vegan Burger Colombia, centres on the distribution of vegan burgers at a price of 12,000 Colombian pesos until 16 May.

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Rudy’s Vegan Butcher Opens Retail Location in Luxury London Department Store Selfridges

Rudy's Selfridges
In the latest news in the global rise of the plant-based butcher, London based Rudy’s Vegan Butcher makes a significant leap forward by announcing the opening of a new location in exclusive UK department store Selfridges, as its second butcher's shop location in addition to its popular diner. As of today, Rudy’s will offer its wide range of vegan meats in the store’s famous food hall.

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Soft Drinks Company Britvic Moves Into Plant-Based Sector by Acquiring Plenish

Plenish/ britvic
Plenish, a UK business making cold-pressed juices and plant milks, has been acquired by soft drinks company Britvic. Britvic said it made the move because it saw huge potential in the rapidly-growing market for plant-based drinks.

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Umiami unveils its unique proprietary alternative to extrusion to produce plant-based whole cuts…

and sells its products as private labels!
Sponsored Post Umiami unveils its unique proprietary alternative to extrusion to produce plant-based whole cuts…and sells its products as private labels!
Paris-based technology company Umiami just unveiled what it has been working on for the past 18 months: a proprietary texturization process to create plant-based whole cuts of meat and fish. It can now claim that it is one of the very few companies in the world to have invented an alternative to extrusion. What’s more? They plan to make their …

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Seasogood Launches the First Plant-Based Canned Tuna in The Netherlands

Seasogood happy tune tuna
Public awareness of the sustainability issues around our oceans and the fishing industry has increased immeasurably since the Seaspiracy documentary, which has given rise to several new innovations and launches in plant-based seafood. One example is Dutch company Seasogood, which has recently launched fish-free canned tuna at Albert Heijn stores in The Netherlands.

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Mexicana Vegan Becomes First Dairy-Free Cheese in Tesco Grab and Go Section

Norseland Mexicana Vegan cheese
Mexicana® Vegan, an award-winning vegan cheese from the UK, has been added to the Grab and Go deli section at the country's largest supermarket Tesco. It is the first dairy-free cheese to ever be featured there.

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vegency - communicate effectively with your vegan target group in Germany

Discover Seven Brands of Faux-mage Made in France

To celebrate the launch of vegconomist France, we're taking on one of the symbols of French gastronomy: cheese. But in its vegetable form. According to Statista, the French consume an average of 30 kg of cheese per year and the favourite cheeses of the French are camembert, goat's cheese, comté and Roquefort.

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Taiwanese Company Has the Answer to Environmental Issues Posed by Vegan Leather

Faux leather is most often made from PVC, attracting criticism from some environmentalists. But Taiwanese product manufacturer General Silicones may have found a solution. The environmental problems with plastics such as PVC are well-known --- they're made from fossil fuels and they don't biodegrade, instead breaking down into microplastics which harm wildlife and pollute the environment. On the other hand, …

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