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While Burger King Opens 100% Vegan Location in Germany, Burger King France is Just Introducing its First Veggie Burger

Burger King France
Last week, Burger King announced the opening of a 100% plantbased popup location in Berlin. Shortly afterwards, Burger King France announced the launch of the Veggie King, a vegetarian burger created in partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher, the Dutch brand However, while some people are pleased with this progress, others deplore the fact that this burger is not vegan because …

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“Trust Makes the Sales” - Survey Confirms the Importance of Vegan Food Labels for Consumers

V Label
A recent international survey conducted by V-Label has found that consumers - particularly from younger demographics - increasingly make shopping decisions that largely depend on certifications and labels

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Oprah & Katy Perry Backed Apeel Sciences Announces Launch of Apeel Mangos That Last 2X Longer

Apeel mangos
Apeel Sciences announces that, following the success of Apeel-protected avocados, which according to the company are driving a 50% reduction in food waste on average for food retailers, Apeel and Nature's Pride today introduce Apeel-protected mangoes that last two times longer. "Apeel is the perfect example of how we can generate more impact to fight food waste together" Apeel has …

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Thistle Commits $250,000 to Support West Coast Food Service, Offering $25 For Customers to Dine Locally & Shun Delivery Apps

Thistle Dine Out
Thistle, the US plant-forward food and nutrition DTC brand, has announced its Thistle Dines Out initiative, committing $250,000 to support locally-owned restaurants and food trucks recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. The company will pay West Coast consumers to eat at their local foodservice outlets for the entire month of June. "We’re thrilled to roll out the Thistle Dines Out initiative …

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Oumph! Arrives to "Kill Boring" in German Market Launch

Oumph! kill boring
Award-winning plant-based brand Oumph! has announced its launch in Germany. The sustainable Sweden-based brand has enjoyed huge successes in Scandinavia and the UK and six soy-based Oumph! products will now be available in selected Edeka Group stores from June with the slogan "Kill boring". After being acquired by the LIVEKINDLY collective of plant-based brands, Oumph! recently won the World Food …

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Fava to Play Key Role in the Protein Transition as Global Ingredient Provider Plans Fava Protein Factory

Fava or broad beans
Meelunie, a global leader in plant-based ingredients, believes that fava will play a key role in the protein transition. According to the company, Fava beans, otherwise known as broad beans, will help meet the growing demand for plant-based proteins while addressing deforestation, inefficiencies in global agriculture and other climate-related challenges.

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Vegan Trademark Now Offering Animal-free Alternative To Safety Tests For Cosmetic Products

Cosmetics test on rabbit animal, Scientist or pharmacist do research chemical ingredients test on animal in laboratory, Cruelty free and stop animal abuse concept.
While testing cosmetics ingredients and products on animals is restricted in the UK, many of the alternative tests on offer are still likely to use or contain animal matter. The Vegan Society's Vegan Trademark is working to change that and from today, 1st of June, will be working with Advanced Development and Safety Laboratories (ADSL) to offer a vegan alternative. …

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WOA Develops Lupin Protein That Could Replace Soy Across Plant-Based Sector

Lupini or sweet lupin
After an extensive research program at Curtin University, Australian regenerative food and agriculture company Wide Open Agriculture (WOA) has successfully used its Modified Lupin Concentrate (MLP) to develop a variety of plant-based products.

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Canada's Plant Veda Creates "Revolutionary" Vegan Products Like This Creamy Priobiotic Lassi

Canada's Plant Veda Creates "Revolutionary" Vegan Products Like This Creamy Priobiotic Lassi
Canada's Plant Veda says is creating products that are one of a kind and first-to-market. With its unique products such as vegan probiotic lassi, cashew creamer and cashew beverage blended with saffron and cardamon, Plant Veda focuses on creating alternatives even better than the original in taste and health benefits. “What we decided to do is create a revolutionary product …

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