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Planted’s Plant-Based Meat Added to Menus at Catering & HORECA Locations in the UAE

Swiss startup Planted has officially ventured into the UAE and Middle East foodservice market, with its products now featured on the menus of select restaurants in the UAE and upcoming plans to expand into hotel chains. Planted is strategically expanding its footprint with key players in the UAE’s foodservice and HORECA sectors, aiming to establish additional partnerships by the end of 2024. The goal is to collaborate with various foodservice operators in the UAE, including hotels, restaurants, cafes, quick-service restaurants, as well as entertainment and independent hospitality operators, to creatively incorporate Planted’s plant-based meat into their culinary offerings. Currently, Planted’s partners in the UAE include all locations of local restaurant brands such as Nabati and Pizza Di Rocco, as well as supermarket chains like Grandiose …


Lancaster University votes for plant-based catering

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Lancaster University Students’ Union Votes for Fully Plant-Based Catering With Huge 95% Majority

The Students’ Union at Lancaster University in the north of England has passed a motion to transition to 100% plant-based catering across campus. In a vote, the motion was supported by a huge 95% of the members present, after being backed by student campaigners and academics. It proposes a gradual transition, with a target of 50% plant-based catering by 2025 and 100% by 2027. Lancaster is the twelfth UK Students’ Union to vote for plant-based catering, along with others at the University of Kent, the University of Stirling, the University of Cambridge, and more. All have made the commitment as part of Plant-Based Universities, a campaign by animal and climate justice movement Animal Rising that is now active at over 80 universities worldwide. “We are …


Zyrcular Foods plant-based chicken gyozas

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Zyrcular Foods Showcases Multicultural Plant-Based Solutions for Catering at Alimentaria Barcelona 

Zyrcular Foods, a Spanish firm specializing in the development, production, and distribution of alternative protein products, is showcasing its portfolio of 100% plant-based and mycoprotein (Quorn) alternatives for food service at Spain’s leading food, beverage, and gastronomy show Alimentaria, which will take place until March 21st. Zyrcular Foods’ product line includes a multicultural and diverse range of offerings, including alt meat and fish burgers from the company’s brand Amara, nuggets, chorizo, pulled meat, bacon, and meatballs, and its latest innovation, plant-based gyozas in curry chicken flavor. The company also offers alternatives to salmon and tuna made with pea protein under the plant-based seafood brand Current Foods. Zyrcular Foods states that its participation at Alimentaria demonstrates its commitment to providing a variety of high-quality plant-based options for …


Dubai Cop 28 ProVeg

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COP28: Why is the Decision to Have Two-Thirds Plant-Based Catering Important?

Note: the opinions stated in this article are those of ProVeg International which contributes these entries each week as part of its New Food Hub series. While we do of course have a shared mission, the views expressed within the series are not necessarily always shared by this publication. As COP28 well and truly kicks off, the decision to embrace two-thirds of plant-based catering has been welcomed. This shift towards a predominantly plant-based menu holds immense significance as climate change threatens global stability. COP28, hosted by the UAE (November 30 – December 12, 2023), will be a momentous occasion for the world to unite in addressing global sustainability challenges and halting climate change. In its recent New Food Hub article, ProVeg International explored the significance …


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Politics & Law

COP28 Set to Finally Address Food System for Climate Change, Catering Will Be “Predominantly” Plant-Based

COP28, the annual UN environmental summit taking place this year in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, will emphasize the imperative of a global dietary shift to combat climate change, representing the first time the event has addressed food system change as part of climate disaster mitigation. Notably, unlike previous COP events, the COP28 Presidency has also committed to predominantly plant-based catering along with emissions labelling on food. Additionally, it will introduce a dedicated Food Day and mark the debut of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) roadmap to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, a coalition of NGOs will once again hold a Food4Climate Pavilion, marking the second time that COP has hosted the Pavilion, the only dedicated Pavilion to …


Plant Based Universities

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850+ Academics, Politicians, and Public Figures Demand Vegan Catering in UK Universities

The Plant-Based Universities campaign has sent an open letter to university vice-chancellors, catering managers, and student union presidents across the UK, calling for a transition to 100% plant-based catering in UK universities.  The open letter, supported by over 850 academics, politicians, and public figures, including Chris Packham, Etienne Stott MBE, and George Monbiot, marks one of the largest instances of academic endorsement for a plant-based food system.  Urgency of change Michelle Farnham of the Plant-Based Universities campaign emphasized the urgency of the call, saying, “This open letter should be a clear message to universities across the UK and beyond that the time for bold and decisive change is now.” Chris Packham, a well-known broadcaster and environmentalist, expressed his support, stating, “The student campaigners of Plant-Based …


University of Kent catering

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UK’s Kent University Votes For 100% Plant-Based Catering by 2027

Students at Kent University have voted for a transition to 100% plant-based catering from 2027 in a proposal that aims to reduce the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. The policy motion, voted for by 450 students at Kent University, will now be discussed by the university’s Board of Trustees.   The Plant-Based Universities campaign has witnessed increasing success in the UK, with the universities of Birmingham, Stirling, and Cambridge voting for fully plant-based menus. The move closely follows news from earlier this week that Brakes, the UK’s leading food wholesale supplier, has launched an initiative urging educational settings to serve plant-forward meals. “A plant-forward approach is a virtuous circle providing a sustainable, healthy, and cost-effective way of catering,” said Lisa Johnson, sector marketing manager …


Pur Coop food truck

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Pur Coop, a French Employee Cooperative Aiming to Reinvent Plant-Based Catering

Pur Coop is a cooperative production company (SCOP) that offers 100% plant-based cuisine. It was created in 2022 after 13 employees bought out the former company Pur etc., which was created in 2011. Pur Coop now runs three restaurants in Strasbourg and a central kitchen offering meal deliveries to companies in France. Pur Coop’s mission is to “change the world with a fork” by offering 100% plant-based food. The founders of the cooperative are passionate about protecting animals and about the preservation of the environment and public health. “The globalized and intensive livestock and fishing industry […] has lost all humanity in 50 years and causes great and intolerable animal suffering by contributing jointly to the death of natural and peasant agriculture, the destruction of …


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Quorn & Sodexo Reveal “World’s First” Carbon-Neutral Solution for Catering

Quorn has joined forces with international foodservice giant Sodexo to roll out what it claims is the world’s first carbon-neutral solution for food services. Called Carbono Cero, the range will launch in a number of Sodexo’s corporate client sites in the UK, with a plan to expand globally by April 2023. Carbono Cero is a range of ten carbon-neutral recipes created using Quorn alt protein products, as well as an emphasis on seasonality and locality. Each recipe has been developed to reduce as much of its carbon footprint as possible before being offset to be carbon-neutral, with the companies claiming the solution could save at least 7,296 tonnes of carbon each year.  Food services giant Sodexo, which has over 400,000 employees and a presence in …


sodexo reports meatless meals increasing in popularity

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Catering Giant Sodexo Reports Meatless Meals Now Make Up 10% of UK Sales

Sodexo reports meatless meals are sharply rising in popularity in the UK, with sales almost doubling in one year. Food services giant Sodexo, which has over 400,000 employees and a presence in 80 countries, has announced significant month-on-month increases in sales of vegetarian and vegan meals in the UK. The company said that in the 12 months to November 2021, sales of meatless meals made up an average of 10% of all food sales at its corporate client sites. As a proportion of all meals sold, vegetarian and vegan meal sales almost doubled over this period from 7% to 13%. Entirely vegan meals also rose in popularity, making up 41% of meat-free meals sold in November 2021 compared to just 24% in the same month …


supermarket trolley

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Research Reveals Which US States Have Highest Number of Grocery Stores Catering to Vegans

With an estimated 9.7 million Americans switching to a plant-based diet, new research has revealed the top ten states to live in as a vegan, based on the number of grocery stores catering to vegan diets. “Safeway, Kroger, Albertsons, Whole Foods and Publix are leading the way in adapting for shifting consumer needs” The Food Specialty Index looked at the number of popular US grocery stores in each state which offer the most gluten-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, organic, vegan and sugar-free products. The study found that Safeway, Kroger, Albertsons, Whole Foods and Publix rank as the top five grocery stores to offer the most alternatives for those with food sensitivities and those following a vegan diet, and analysed the number of specialist grocery stores catering to …


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Melon is Germany’s Airbnb-Style Concept Catering Only to Vegans

Last March we reported on Japan’s airkitchen, a vegan-only Airbnb service. A similar concept has now launched in Germany, called Melon. By integrating software, services and sustainability, the social startup creates a secure and trustworthy platform to make vegan food widely available and break down stereotypes around plant-based food.

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Restaurants Increase Revenue by Catering for Plant-Based Consumers

New data has been published by Caterer, a key employment provider for the restaurant trade in the UK, regarding  the dietary requirements concerning British people when eating out. The results show that the restaurant trade does not appear to be maximising its financial potential, with the volumes of people looking to spend money without compromising their diets.


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Germany’s Hotel and Catering Industry Still has a lot of Untapped Vegan Development Potential

Vegconomist has long been following and reporting on vegan trends in the hotel and restaurant industry around the globe. The vegan trend has also long arrived in the German hotel and catering scene, and is becoming increasingly popular. Recently, we asked the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA Federal Association) about the current situation in Germany.




PETA Presents Ranking of Vegan Seafood Dishes from the Catering Industry

The animal rights organisation PETA recently published rankings of the ten best vegan seafood dishes currently available in the US catering industry. With this initiative, the organisation aims to draw attention to the fact that there are already a number of vegan alternatives to fish and other seafood for which no animals must die or suffer. According to PETA, each vegan consumer prevents the killing of 200 sea animals per year.

Amidori frounder Friedrich Büse

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Amidori: “Right from the Start We Have Focused Strongly on the Catering Sector.”

The company Amidori proves that vegan meat alternatives do not always have to be made of soya. With a base of sunny pea and oats, the company aims to produce meat alternatives with a firm bite – and to do so in a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly way. We interviewed founder Friedrich Büse about entrepreneurial developments and future plans in this sector.