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Stock market

What Happened to the Beyond Meat and Oatly Stocks and What You Need To Know Before Your Company IPOs

Insights from a Good Food Conference roundtable: what happened to the Beyond Meat and Oatly stocks and what you need to know before your company IPOs. At the Good Food Conference last week, a roundtable discussion took place on how the public markets inform the private markets and what has happened to the Beyond Meat and Oatly stocks.  So much has changed since the heyday of the plant-based foods boom of 2019, 2020, and the first half of 2021.  The public markets took a downturn in the last half of 2021, and this, in turn, caused a tightening in venture capital by 2022 as the private markets follow the public markets usually by around six months. It takes a while for the trickle-down of the …


JBS has commenced construction of Brazil's first research facility focused on cultivated meat.


Company News

Meat Giant JBS Begins Construction on $62M Innovation Centre for Cultivated Meat

JBS, the largest meat processing company in the world, announces it has commenced construction of Brazil’s first research facility focused on food biotechnology — the JBS Biotech Innovation Centre. Located at Sapiens Parque innovation hub in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, and scheduled to open at the end of 2024, the center aims to be a model facility to produce cultivated meat efficiently, scalable, and at competitive prices. “As a global leader in protein production, it is our responsibility to be at the forefront of foodtech,” says Jerson Nascimento Jr., global supply and innovation director of JBS. $ 62 million According to JBS, the Biotech Innovation Centre will require approximately $62 million in investment over three phases. In the first phase, the meat giant will invest $22 million …


Vegan Korean BBQ Brisket


Retail & E-Commerce

PlantX Adds UNLIMEAT to Ecommerce Portfolio

Plant-based food platform PlantX Life Inc. (CSE: VEGA) is further expanding its ecommerce offerings by adding South Korea’s UNLIMEAT to its brand lineup.  UNLIMEAT, owned by Korea’s Zikooin Company, specializes in a variety of Korean-inspired plant-based meat products, such as Korean BBQ, pulled pork, tuna, jerky, mandu, rice balls, and frozen Kimbap, made using upcycled ingredients like repurposed grain, rice and soy.  Among the products soon to be available through PlantX are UNLIMEAT’s plant-based Korean BBQ, pulled pork, mandu dumplings, and a selection of ready-to-heat products inspired by Korean flavors, including frozen Kimbap and rice balls.  Lorne Rapkin, CEO of PlantX, commented on the new distribution agreement, stating, “We are excited to support UNLIMEAT’s US expansion with this new logistics and distribution agreement. The brand …


A banner promoting Eat Just (GOOd Meat) cultivated chicken

© Eat Just

Studies & Numbers

Study Finds Singaporean Meat Consumers Prefer the Term ‘Cultivated Meat’

Researchers from Singapore Management University (SMU) conducted a study to determine what nomenclature used to describe cultivated meat would appeal to meat eaters, including consumers who have eaten cultivated meat in Singapore — the first country to approve the commercialization of a cultivated meat product (GOOD Meat’s cultivated chicken). According to the findings, among the terms ‘lab-grown meat’, ‘animal-free meat’, ‘cultured meat’, ‘clean meat’ or ‘cell-based meat’, ‘cultivated meat’ emerged as the preferred name and was strongly associated with positive attitudes toward this novel food.  “That ‘cultivated meat‘ was the preferred terminology is insightful. Having a single, universally accepted term to describe this novel food technology not only helps to foster greater consumer understanding and acceptance but also reduces confusion about this new food source,” says Professor Mark Chong, …


The Raging Pig Company has launched the Raging Weißwurst, a plant-based Bavarian white sausage alternative.

Image courtesy of The Raging Pig Company

Products & Launches

The Raging Pig Company Launches Vegan Bavarian White Sausage for Oktoberfest

Foodtech startup The Raging Pig Company has launched the Raging Weißwurst, a plant-based Bavarian white sausage, in partnership with SIGGIS, a restaurant chain based in Munich, to coincide with the 188th edition of Oktoberfest. The innovative product, made with high-quality plant-based ingredients such as peas and mushrooms, will be available as a traditional breakfast served with sweet mustard, pretzels, and white beer.  “Our Raging Weisswurst is the result of intensive research & development and passion for plant-based products. We are convinced that this innovation will not only appeal to convinced vegans, but will also encourage meat lovers to try plant-based alternatives,” says Dr. Arne Ewerbeck, co-founder of The Raging Pig Company. Oktoberfest is taking place in Munich until the 3rd of October, offering many plant-based dishes, including Planteneers’ Bavarian veal sausage, …


Food tech leader TiNDLE Foods, formerly Next Gen Foods, announces an expansion into new categories (including milks, ice creams, and sausages) and a new brand identity

© TiNDLE Foods

Market & Trends

Singaporean Plant-Based Brands Expand Into Europe, Capitalizing on Growing Demand

Singaporean plant-based brands are increasingly taking advantage of rising demand elsewhere in the world to expand internationally, with a particular focus on Europe. The number of alt protein companies in Singapore has reportedly skyrocketed in recent years, as the country becomes increasingly concerned about food security and actively recruits scientists in the field. While the Singaporean alt protein market provides considerable opportunities, some companies are opting to make their success global. Among the most notable is plant-based chicken brand TiNDLE, which launched at hundreds of UK restaurants last year before rolling out at retail stores in the country this April. The brand is also available at thousands of EDEKA supermarkets in Germany. Another Singaporean brand, Growthwell Foods’ HAPPIEE! (which mostly focuses on seafood alternatives) arrived …


THIS founders

Pete Sharman (L) and Andy Shovel, founders of THIS © THIS

Investments & Acquisitions

THIS Receives Investment from Television Broadcaster ITV, Announces Pieminister Collaboration

British alt meat brand THIS has announced two new developments — an investment from the UK’s largest commercial television broadcaster, ITV, and a collaboration with pie brand Pieminister. As part of its Media for Equity programme, ITV will subscribe for £1.5 million of shares in THIS, with the option to subscribe for two additional tranches of £1.5 million each. In return, the plant-based meat brand will receive advertising inventory on the broadcaster’s channels and streaming service. It marks the first time ITV has ever invested in a food company. The news follows a string of successes for THIS in 2023, including an international launch in the Netherlands, listings at Boots and WHSmith, and the recent launch of plant-based roast chicken for the holiday season. Earlier …


Kern Tec raises funding for alt dairy made from upcycled fruit pits

Kern Tec founders. © Chris Landl

Investments & Acquisitions

Kern Tec Raises €12M to Scale Up Alt Dairy Products Made From Upcycled Fruit Pits

Austrian company Kern Tec, which uses upcycled fruit pits to produce sustainable plant-based foods, has raised €12 million in funding. Claimed to be the largest ever Series A raise for an Austrian food tech company, the capital will allow Kern Tec to further scale up the production and commercialisation of its plant-based milk alternatives and confectionery. The round was led by Telos Impact, with participation from the PeakBridge Growth 2 fund and the European Innovation Council (EIC) Fund. Kern Tec’s products are made by extracting oils from the seeds within upcycled apricot, plum, and cherry pits, of which 500,000 metric tonnes are currently sent to landfill each year. These oils can then be formed into a base compound for plant-based alternatives to dairy products such …


Banana leather

© Banofi

Business Wire

Student Entrepreneurs from Yale University Win Prestigious $1 Million 2023 Hult Prize

Banofi Leather develops plant-based leather products, including materials used for handbags and apparel PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Just days before the start of Paris Fashion Week, the Hult Prize Foundation on September 22 held its Global Final and named the social entrepreneurial startup Banofi Leather from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, as the winner of the annual $1 million Hult Prize. Banofi Leather developed technology to convert banana crop waste into vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free leather used for handbag, apparel, and other products. The annual Hult Prize competition challenges student entrepreneurs from around the world to create and launch businesses aimed at tackling some of society’s most pressing issues through social entrepreneurship. Ideas must create measurable positive impact on people and the planet and support the …


Queen Margaret University develops alternative to palm oil

© Queen Margaret University


Scottish University Develops Sustainable & Clean Label Alternative to Palm Oil

Scientists at Scotland’s Queen Margaret University have developed a healthier and more sustainable alternative to palm oil. Called PALM-ALT, the ingredient is fully plant-based, made from a byproduct of the linseed industry along with fibre and rapeseed oil. Palm oil is considered problematic due to its environmental impact, with palm plantations a key driver of deforestation and habitat destruction in Malaysia and Indonesia. Despite this, the ingredient is still widely used in the food industry and elsewhere, as a replacement with the same properties is currently not available at a competitive cost. The development of a more sustainable alternative has the potential to reduce transport emissions as well as deforestation; PALM-ALT can be made exclusively with ingredients sourced from within the UK and the EU, …



Image courtesy of Meurens Natural


Health Advantages of Oats: A Nutrient-Packed Superfood

Oats, scientifically known as Avena sativa, have been a staple food for centuries, and they continue to gain popularity in modern diets due to their outstanding health benefits. From breakfast bowls to snacks and baked goods, oats and oat-based food ingredients are versatile and satisfying. Beyond their delicious taste and convenience, they offer a plethora of nutrients that promote overall health and well-being. Let’s delve into the numerous health advantages of oats and explore how incorporating them into your daily diet can enhance your physical and mental wellness. Nutritional Profile Oats boast an impressive nutritional profile, making them a superfood worth incorporating into any diet. Oats are a good source of complex carbohydrates and protein. Oats typically contain 60% carbohydrates, 11-15% of protein, 5-9% of …


MorningStar Farms Steakhouse Style Burger

© MorningStar Farms

Products & Launches

MorningStar Farms’ New Steakhouse Style Burger Targets Omnivores

MorningStar Farms, a plant-based subsidiary of Kellogg, is introducing its latest plant-based offering, the Steakhouse Style Burger, in a move to cater to the taste preferences of omnivores. This product launch comes at a time when the plant-based burger market is seemingly saturated with options, sparking queries about the decision to add another contender to the mix. Yet, with traditional meat consumers constituting a significant portion of plant-based protein purchasers, MorningStar Farms has designed the Steakhouse Style Burger to mimic the taste and texture of real meat. Joe Beauprez, senior director of marketing, frozen foods at MorningStar Farms, explains, “We know shoppers have been seeking a premium plant-based burger option – something that’s already seasoned and truly tastes like meat, but with prep simple enough …


Mooala Simple

© Mooala

Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

Mooala Meets Consumer Demands with 3 Ingredient Shelf-Stable Plant-Based Milk

Organic, plant-based milk producer Mooala introduces the Mooala Simple line, featuring its first three-ingredient, organic, shelf-stable plant-based milk.  Mooala launched a line of shelf-stable plant-based milks in 2020, responding to changing consumer preferences during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this new offering aims to address evolving consumer demands for products with simplified ingredient profiles.  Jeff Richards, CEO of Mooala, states, “Consumers are reading labels carefully – they are demanding fewer ingredients in addition to organic ingredients; we created Mooala Simple as an elevated product line to address both needs.” The new Simple Oat Milk and Simple Almond Milk contain only three ingredients, with no gums, oils, or other additives. While other Mooala products, including its popular Original Bananamilk, are available at major retailers around the US, …


Svenja Fritz, Oatly

Svenja Fritz © Oatly

veg+ Interviews

Oatly: “Our Food System Still Clearly Favors Products of Animal Origin”

Swedish oat specialist Oatly offers a wide portfolio of plant-based dairy alternatives, including alternatives to milk, ice cream, yogurt, cooking creams, spreads, and on-the-go drinks. The company has been campaigning for equal treatment of plant-based alternatives and animal products at the political level for some time and, together with various partners, is making concrete demands on politicians. We spoke in an interview with Svenja Fritz, Head of Communication & Public Affairs at Oatly for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Poland. Since 2021, Fritz has been committed to driving change towards a more sustainable food system. She previously held senior positions in the House of Representatives in Berlin, in the Ministry for Integration in Baden-Württemberg, and in the German Bundestag. She previously worked as press spokesperson for …


Sausalitos Beyond Burger

© Sausalitos

Food Service

Germany: Beyond Meat’s Steak, Burger, & Meatballs Now on Menus at SAUSALITOS

German gastronomy chain SAUSALITOS is launching new dishes with Beyond Burger, Beyond Steak, and Beyond Meatballs. SAUSALITOS is bringing three new plant-based dishes to the menu featuring Beyond Burger, the Beyond Meatballs and the award-winning Beyond Steak at over 40 SAUSALITOS locations in Germany. The new offerings come in response to the increasing number of German consumers consciously refraining from eating animal meat. According to a survey by GFI Europe, one in two Germans has reduced their meat consumption in the last five years. Instead, 41% of Germans eat plant-based meat at least once a week. “The wishes of our customers change, so we constantly adapt our offering and keep up with the times,” says Eiko Scharfenberger, food product manager at SAUSALITOS. “Beyond Meat’s plant-based …


Motif Foodworks Foxtrot taco salad

© Motif FoodWorks

Products & Launches

Motif FoodWorks Launches Plant-Based Beef in Upscale US Convenience Store Chain Foxtrot

Boston-based food tech company Motif FoodWorks announces latest retail partnership with upscale convenience store and café Foxtrot.  Foxtrot, known for its freshly crafted chef-prepared meals, introduces Motif BeefWorks Plant-Based Beef Grounds as a primary ingredient in its premade vegan taco salad, now served at all 30 Foxtrot locations across the United States.  New portfolio of plant-based meats This new partnership comes on the heels of Motif FoodWorks’ introduction of a new portfolio of plant-based meats for foodservice earlier this year, featuring Motif PorkWorks™ Grounds and Motif BeefWorks™ Patties and Grounds. The new line of products is a result of the company’s recent developments in food technology, including two proprietary ingredients, HEMAMI, a heme protein, and APPETEX, a product replicating connective tissue found in animal meat. Motif also announced a partnership this …


unMEAT vegan luncheon meat

© UnMeat

Meat- and Fish Alternatives

unMEAT’s Vegan Luncheon Meat Launches in 960 Australian Woolworths Stores at Price Parity

unMEAT, an alt meat brand owned by Philippines-based seafood giant Century Pacific, is expanding into Australia with a rollout at the country’s largest supermarket chain, Woolworths. The brand’s shelf-stable vegan luncheon meat is now available at 960 Woolworths stores across the country, at price parity with conventional luncheon meat products. The meat alternative is also available from the Woolworths website. According to Century Pacific, one in three Australian consumers is consciously reducing their meat intake, meaning the company sees favorable prospects for the unMEAT brand in the country. “The thesis behind plant-based alternatives remains,” said Greg Banzon, executive vice president and COO of Century Pacific. “Consumers want healthier and more planet-forward food choices. As a food company, we need to address these needs through innovation …


Boermarke vegan cheese

© Boermarke

Company News

Leading Dutch Dairy Company Boermarke Announces it Will Become 100% Plant-Based

Boermarke, a leading Dutch dairy company, announces that after three decades in the dairy industry, it will now focus entirely on the production and development of plant-based dairy products, with the goal of making these products available in all European supermarkets within three years. Following a reported 800 percent growth in its vegan dairy production over the past three years, the company announces it will transfer its animal dairy operations to another Dutch dairy firm, De Zuivelhoeve, and gradually transition the Boermarke range to 100 percent vegan products under its own brand Vairy or via private label. Boermarke’s plant-based cheese is offered at a competitive price and according to the company it is listed at 80 percent of Dutch supermarkets and a large part of …


Mycorena partners with Atria Sweden to commercialise mycoprotein-based products

© Mycorena

Fungi, Mushrooms & Mycelium

Mycorena Partners With Leading Meat Company to Commercialise Mycoprotein-Based Products

Swedish mycoprotein producer Mycorena has announced it is partnering with leading animal meat supplier Atria Sweden to launch a range of mycoprotein-based products. The meat alternatives will be made with Mycorena’s mycoprotein ingredient, Promyc, which is a complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids. The protein is made using a proprietary fungal fermentation process. Atria Sweden — a leading producer of sausages, hamburgers, cold cuts, and other meat products for the retail and food service sectors — has entered into the collaboration with the aim of reducing its carbon footprint. As part of the partnership, Mycorena will scale up its production of Promyc, while Atria will use its product development capabilities to create a range of meat alternatives. “Mycoprotein is an exciting new Swedish …


Impossible Meatballs

©Impossible Foods

Market & Trends

Ernst & Young Study Defies Plant-Based Market Decline, Anticipates Global Growth to Soar from $16.5 to $139 Billion by 2035

A recent study conducted by Ernst & Young projects substantial, global growth in plant-based protein sales by 2035. According to the report, global plant-based meat sales are anticipated to soar from $16.5 billion in 2021 to $139.4 billion by 2035, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.5 percent.  Funded by Protein Industries Canada, the study leverages data from the Food and Agriculture Organization, Good Food Institute, and other third-party sources to examine factors impacting the plant-based protein market, including increased price sensitivity, tight labor markets, higher preference for healthy foods and rapid growth in emerging markets.  Despite the short-term economic challenges, Bill Greuel, CEO of Protein Industries Canada, remains optimistic about the long-term prospects of the plant-based meat sector. He comments, “It’s been challenging …


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