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Croatian Government Backs Plant-Based Production Plan to Boost Agriculture

Croatia’s Agriculture Ministry is backing a new project, launched by non-profit organisation Animal Friends Croatia, to encourage domestic producers to produce and sell vegan products. 

With the aim of intensifying the Croatian agricultural sector’s focus on the production of plant-based products, the initiative is concerned with promoting the visibility of plant-based products and sustainable diets. 

Animal Friends Croatia
©Animal Friends Croatia

According to Animal Friends Croatia, Croatian food producers wanting to participate in the project are required to produce a vegan product that correlates with current market needs and trends. Such products should be plant-based versions of conventional meat versions, with a taste profile suitable for all diet groups. Accepted products will be promoted to consumers via the program, as first reported by Total Croatia News

With studies suggesting a tipping point for animal meat production may be reached in Europe by as soon as 2025, governments would be wise to back such initiatives to facilitate plant-based transitions for domestic food producers.



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