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Europe: ADM Announces First Traceable Soybean Shipments from US and Broadens Regenerative Agriculture Initiative 

ADM (NYSE: ADM) has announced the successful shipment of traceable soybeans from the US to Europe. The expansion comes in anticipation of new EU regulations that will take effect at the end of the year, prohibiting imports of soybeans from deforested land, says the company.

ADM’s first traceable soybean pilot program delivered 2.4 million bushels (64,000 metric tons) of soybeans in 2023. This successful yield has prompted ADM to expand these capabilities to other key locations across North America for the 2024 growing season.  Last year, the agricultural processing giant acquired Prairie Pulse Inc., a locally operated pulse crop processor in Saskatchewan, Canada , that purchases directly from farmers.

The traceable soybean program is an extension of ADM’s International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) certified bean program. It utilizes advanced technology, such as FBN’s Gradable digital platform and ADM’s origination and transportation capabilities, to verify, trace, and segregate participating beans from farms to their final destination.

While there are still challenges regarding compliance, the company says it is confident in its ability to meet the EU’s deforestation regulations with its US agricultural products. Furthermore, ADM, which is among the world’s leading suppliers of cheap soya for livestock, has committed to achieving 100% deforestation-free supply chains by 2025.

ADM expands its regenerative program in Europe

Regenerative agriculture in Europe

ADM has also announced an expansion of its regenerative agriculture program in Europe, which launched in the UK and Poland in 2023.

The company’s program provides financial and technical support to farmers adopting regenerative agriculture practices to improve water quality and promote soil health and biodiversity. The program was initially launched in North America, successfully enrolling over one million acres in 2022 and two million in 2023.

In the UK, producers of milling wheat and oilseed rapeseed can join the program to receive financial incentives for implementing regenerative agriculture practices.

ADM will collaborate with key partners to utilize remote data collection and satellite technology; this will provide participating growers with crucial insights into their crops’ carbon footprints and sustainability performance. The program has been designed to complement existing farm support programs in the country and ensure the resilience of ADM’s supply chain.

adm workers in a farm field during the day

Regenerative agriculture in Poland

In Poland, producers in ADM’s supply chain can enroll their oilseed rapeseed and wheat crops and receive financial incentives for implementing regenerative practices. Farmers will also receive agronomic guidance through on-farm assessments, training sessions, and peer learning opportunities. Data collection and monitoring indicators such as soil carbon stock, GHG emissions, and biodiversity will help farmers make informed decisions. ADM plans to expand the program to other crops in the future.

Candy Siekmann, Director of Climate Smart Ag Origination at ADM, said: “The roll-out of our program to Europe is another way in which ADM is partnering with farmers and building the resilient supply chains of the future by reducing food and agriculture’s impact on the environment and lowering carbon emissions across the crops we source.”

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