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Industry Groups Join Forces to Strengthen Canada’s Plant-Based Food Policies

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Protein Industries Canada announces it is partnering with Loblaw Companies Ltd., Pulse Canada, and Plant-Based Foods of Canada to strengthen Canada’s plant-based foods regulations and establish a Regulatory Centre of Excellence. 

A total of $1.6 million is being invested in the endeavor, which is Protein Industries’ 38th project announcement aimed at supporting Canada’s growing plant-based food and ingredient sector.

Through consumer surveys and experiments, the partners will engage with Canada’s government to address critical knowledge gaps in regulating plant-based food products. The group has identified several key policy areas in need of modernization, including:

  1. Protein labelling claims (e.g. determining if a product is a “good source of protein”)
  2. Naming conventions (how and when companies can use terms such as “plant-based cheese”, “sausage” or “patties”)
  3. Development of in-vitro methods that can determine plant protein digestibility
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A central knowledge point

In addition to working directly on regulations, the group is creating an online Regulatory Centre of Excellence to serve as an information repository for plant-based business. The Centre will provide comprehensive information on laws and policies affecting Canada’s plant-based sector, as well as resources and funding opportunities for small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs).

Overall, the group’s efforts are designed to help Canada’s plant-based industry become much more competitive in the global market, and provide greater transparency for consumers.


©Plant-Based Foods of Canada


“At Plant-Based Foods of Canada we understand the need to balance health and safety with contemporary eating patterns,” says Leslie Ewing, Executive Director Plant-Based Foods of Canada. “The current legislative requirements impacting plant-based foods however are outdated, and have not kept pace with innovation, technology, consumer demands and a global marketplace. With modernized regulations, that support innovation and growth within the category, the industry can bring more choice for Canadians.”

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