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Products From Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture Feature at Virtual Biofach 2021

At this year’s virtual Biofach eSpecial (17-19 February 2021), the International Biocyclic Vegan Network will present a selection of products that are organic and vegan—from field to plate. Products from all over the world will be on display. New products include bananas from Crete, ginger from Greece, and cashew juice from Brazil.

More traditional biocyclic vegan products such as beans and cereals from Austria, apples from Lake Constance and olive oil from Greece, Cyprus and Sicily (a premiere!) will also be part of the showcase. 

Interested parties can attend the virtual exhibition booth of BNS Biocyclic Network Services Ltd. to have your questions about biocyclic vegan agriculture answered, and to receive more information on conversion and certification. Production, processing and trading companies will also be represented.

Image: biozyklisch vegan

Raw materials from biocyclic vegan cultivation are of particular interest for manufacturers seeking to position themselves at the forefront of the growing market for processed vegan products by offering products that are consistently vegan not only in terms of their composition but from the field. Biocyclic vegan products come from a purely plant-based agriculture without livestock farming and are fertilised without the use of animal excrement, slaughterhouse waste or similar. The biocyclic vegan quality seal validates comprehensively vegan production—a new dimension in an increasingly crowded market.

Trade visitors can log on to the virtual BNS Biocyclic Network Services booth via the Biofach portal and consult the presentations of the individual partner companies online. The respective appointments can also be arranged there on demand.

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