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Proverbio: Olive Oil From Sicily Now Available in Biocyclic Vegan Quality

Sicilian olive oil is now available from biocyclic vegan cultivation. Proverbio, the producer, was certified according to the Biocyclic Vegan Standard last autumn.

The olive trees are grown in the cultural heritage site of the Belice Valley in western Sicily. On a trip, Proverbio’s founder, Austrian Astrid Gambino, fell in love with this special landscape. She acquired some land with olive groves and an oil press in the region. Wishing to live in harmony with nature and out of respect for this beautiful landscape so rich in history, she chose to keep the farm organic from the outset. In addition, she deliberately does not keep farm animals and does not use any fertilisers or other inputs of animal origin.

For Astrid Gambino, the biocyclic vegan certification was a logical step to publicly authenticate her long-standing commitment to this particularly sustainable and cruelty-free form of olive cultivation. “It is out of love for people, animals and nature that we have opted for biocyclic vegan cultivation.”

proverbio olive oil

Proverbio olive oil is mainly produced from the olive variety “Nocellara del Belice” (Castelvetrano Olive), which are harvested by hand in the hills of the province of Trapani between 50m and 350m above sea level. The oil is cold-pressed mechanically, i.e. at less than 27°C and without chemical treatment.

Proverbio is the first company in Italy to be certified biocyclic vegan and authorised to label and market its products with the biocyclic vegan quality seal.

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