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NewFish Closes $1.3M Pre-Seed Round for New Zealand Microalgae Foods

New Zealand biotech venture NewFish has emerged from stealth mode with an oversubscribed pre-seed round of $1.3 million. NewFish ferments microalgae unique to New Zealand to create new sustainable food sources in response to the climate crisis.   

“We must change the way we think about these systems if the status quo is to change”

The company is undertaking multiple R&D streams to explore the unique nature of New Zealand microalgae and macroalgae, with general manager and co-founder Hamish Howard stating international plans with global partnerships have already been established. 

Ocean Mortadella ©NewFish

He says with many of the world’s oceans being fished at capacity, seafood has to change.  Together with international and local New Zealand partners, NewFish is exploring processing microalgae into novel proteins and bioactives using precision fermentation. One of its first products is a plant-based microalgae-derived Ocean Mortadella, developed by Kiwi chef Vaughan Mabee. 

“The regeneration of our food and marine systems are at the heart of NewFish, as we must change the way we think about these systems if the status quo is to change. We are reimagining seafood and human nutrition to replenish our oceans,” states Howard. “At NewFish weNewFish are driving this change through novel nutrition solutions and ingredients that focus on the huge potential of both microalgae and seaweed.” 

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