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SimpliiGood Claims New Spirulina-Based Chicken Offers Same Nutritional Value as Poultry

Israeli microalgae innovator SimpliiGood, founded by Algaecore Technologies, reveals a clean-label chicken analog made from its spirulina product, claiming it offers the same nutritional profile as chicken.

Spirulina has a rich composition of whole protein and an impressive profile of vitamins and minerals. It is a good source of iron, calcium, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. “100 grams of SimpliiGood spirulina microalgae provides the equivalent of 200 grams of real chicken in protein load,” explains Baruch Dach, SimpliiGood’s founder and CTO.

“Each cut packs in 30% highly bioavailable protein”

According to the startup, the new spirulina-based analog, composed of 80% pure, fresh, minimally processed microalgae and prebiotic fibers, solves one of the most significant hurdles of the alt protein movement: highly nutritious, clean-label alternatives. Furthermore, SimpliiGood claims to have a technology capable of mimicking the appearance, flavor, and structure of chicken.

The debut of SimpliiGood’s chicken analog follows the successful introduction of its vegan 95% spirulina-based smoked salmon last year. 

spirulina-based smoked salmon
© SimpliiGood

Spirulina innovators 

SimpliiGood is a vertically integrated company that cultivates spirulina in greenhouse ponds in Israel. The company harvests and processes its microalgae using a proprietary platform to make a frozen product (the first commercially fresh spirulina instead of powder) with highly bioavailable nutrient content without off-flavors or aromas. 

We started out as cultivators of fresh spirulina. But then we began to think of ways we can take the formulation of this highly sought ingredient beyond the boundary of the capsule matrix and into the mainstream of the plant-based food landscape. Spirulina is a high-value and eco-friendly alternative protein source. That’s how we evolved into spirulina innovators,” explains Lior Shalev, CEO and co-founder of SimpliiGood.

SimpliiGood's spirulina chicken analog
© Nimrod Genisher

An alternative for many applications

The company says it is scaling up its capacity to produce 250 tons annually. Spirulina can be harvested every 24 hours, making it a sustainable and commercially viable protein source. SimpliiGood’s headquarters and R&D labs are in Ra’anana, a city in the Central District of Israel. 

Besides providing a unique protein source and beyond its exceptional nutritional profile, its spirulina replaces thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, binders, and texturizers in multiple applications. The company says its products target innovations for the better-for-you category.

The microalgae innovator recently joined forces with international plant nutrition giant Haifa Group to bolster its supply chain and launch its ready-to-use nutrient mixtures into commercial products. The company has announced plans to launch its analogs next year.

“Each cut packs in 30% highly bioavailable protein. Combined with its rich natural makeup of micronutrients, it offers a potent alternative to animal protein with exceptional nutritional value. By consuming less while gaining more, it also contributes to reducing waste and energy consumption, streamlining the supply chain, and minimizing the overall downstream carbon footprint,” adds Dach.

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