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SimpliiGood Unveils Spirulina-Derived Filaments to Mimic the Texture of Meat and Fish

Israeli spirulina specialist SimpliiGood has become a trailblazer in the plant-based sector by developing chicken and salmon alternatives using its flagship microalgae ingredient. 

As it continues to innovate, the company has recently unveiled a new technology to mimic the texture of meat products: spirulina-derived filaments. 

Baruch Dach, founder and CTO at AlgaeCore technologies, SimpliiGood’s parent company, explains that they leverage spirulina-based edible tissue engineering to make the spirulina filaments to be used as an ingredient or base for plant-based meat. 

Dach says the ingredient is unique because it contains spirulina cell matrices, not just plain protein, making it versatile and easy to transform into fibers. Meanwhile, these fibers retain their properties even when subjected to high temperatures or freeze-thaw cycles. 

Moreover, depending on the application, the ingredient provides over 30% protein content. Spirulina is one of the most nutrient-dense, rich in complete protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and iron.

A banner displaying the different textures of the spirulina filaments
© SimpliiGood

Reconstructing meat

Another advantage of SimpliiGood’s spirulina ingredient is that it requires simple manufacturing equipment. Dach says they have successfully created samples without relying on energy-intensive techniques like extrusion or 3D printing. 

To complement the spirulina fibers, SimpliiGood has proprietary technology for native colorization and texturing to produce products with a neutral taste and scent in any color or texture. Mixing both, the company can mimic a range of meats from salmon to chicken to mince or sausages.

“We’re on a mission to reconstruct meat and fish using Spirulina filaments instead of traditional animal cells!” Dach shared on social media.

spirulina-based smoked salmon
© SimpliiGood

The power of spirulina

SimpliiGood utilizes greenhouse ponds for the cultivation of spirulina. The company’s method is said to be 100% free from pesticides and grows continuously in recirculating water systems in the desert without any climate control and waste.

The Israeli innovator employs a unique approach to harvesting and processing microalgae to offer a frozen spirulina product, breaking away from the common powdered form. This innovation is said to provide fresh spirulina with exceptional bioavailability of nutrients and a distinct absence of undesirable flavors or aromas. 

With a vision to expand the application of its nutritious and sustainable superfood product, SimpliiGood is creating another category of sustainable plant-based meat.

“Imagine being full and well-nourished after just 100g of vegan, Spirulina made “chicken breast”, cutting overall food mass demand by half or more…,” Dach comments. 

The company’s spirulina is FDA-approved, BRC, ISO, and HACCP.

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