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ZALG Launches Crispy Seaweed Sticks Made From Locally Grown French Seaweed

ZALG, a French producer of algae-based food innovations, has launched a new product — crispy seaweed sticks.

Based in Brittany, ZALG uses locally-grown seaweed and macroalgae to develop sustainable, healthy plant-based foods. The seaweed sticks consist of a light sea vegetable filling surrounded by a thin layer of crispy breadcrumbs, with two flavours available — lemon zest and onion.

Intended for food service professionals, the crispy seaweed sticks can be prepared in a fryer in just 90 seconds. Suggested applications include sharing boards, sandwiches, and wraps.

“We are creating a new realm of possibilities in the use of seaweed in cooking to meet the current demands for a healthy, delicious, and sustainable diet,” said Tanguy Gestin, co-founder of ZALG.


“French culinary heritage”

ZALG was founded in 2021 with the aim of making the food system more sustainable. The company now offers a range of products, including seaweed cubes, dried seaweed, and nori sheets. Last year, ZALG received a Grand Prize for Innovation at the international food exhibition SIAL.

Seaweed is increasingly gaining attention as one of the most sustainable food crops in existence, requiring no irrigation or arable land. It also often contains more nutrients than terrestrial vegetables.

Worldwide, companies are using seaweed to make products such as plant-based burgers and fish alternatives, while Philadelphia-based Sea & Flour is even using seaweed to fortify bread. At a recent stakeholder meeting in Connecticut, seaweed growers and regulatory authorities discussed the plant-based food industry as a potential market for seaweed products such as kelp.

“We are working to make seaweed an ingredient of our French culinary heritage by positioning it at the centre of the plate, from Michelin-starred restaurants to everyday dishes,” said Vincent Lacaze, co-founder of ZALG.

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