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Alpha Foods Launches First Ad Campaign to Bolster Marketing Blitz

Relatable Campaign Puts Alpha’s Stake in the Ground as the Plant-Based Brand for Everyone

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AlphaFoodsAlpha Foods (Alpha), a leader in the growing plant-based protein category, has launched “If A Plant Can Be Meat,” a cheeky new advertising and brand marketing campaign that highlights how small decisions to choose plant-based meals can make a positive impact on our everyday lives. The campaign brings humor and levity to the rapidly growing and highly competitive multi-billion-dollar plant-based sector and amplifies Alpha’s position as a frontrunner in the category.

“If A Plant Can Be Meat” was developed in partnership with Alpha’s creative agency of record, Mischief @ No Fixed Address (Mischief) and is supported by commercial spots and out-of-home ads through both paid and organic channels. The campaign marks Alpha’s first commercial spot with the agency since joining forces. “If A Plant Can Be Meat” features quirky TV spots that show if a plant can be meat, then audiences can do anything—like avoid shouting “horses!” while driving past a paddock, or make it less obvious which is the favorite child, or say “hi” to that old high school acquaintance even when it feels almost too awkward to speak up.

This unconventional campaign comes on the heels of Alpha’s Grow Your Own Meat kits, which invited consumers to grow and harvest their own plant-based chik’n nuggets, burritos and pot pies from home using non-GMO seeds. The kits sold out in six hours and Alpha racked up more than 21,000 kit orders within 24 hours of launching.

“The Grow Your Own Meat kits brought more consumer awareness for our diverse range of plant-based products and demonstrated how plants can be a viable and delicious alternative to meat,” said Kierstin De West, Alpha’s Chief Marketing Officer. “With the launch of ‘If A Plant Can Be Meat,’ we’re continuing to showcase the ease in which meatless diets can be implemented into our everyday lives by making small changes to what we buy and eat. These changes can bring about a positive impact to our health, without harming our planet.”

Kevin Mulroy, Partner and Executive Creative Director at Mischief, added: “Most vegan brands talk about or showcase images of their products to convince their audience of the food’s taste and texture. We saw an opportunity to work with a disruptive brand that also wanted to start a new conversation. We thought, if Alpha can taste so much like real meat that it almost seems impossible, let’s have fun highlighting this through small, meaningful moments to show that anything really is possible.”

In just the past year alone, the U.S. plant-based alternative industry has grown 27 percent to become a $7 billion market, according to Good Food Institute. Alpha, launched in 2015 to encourage eaters of all preferences to enjoy more plant-based options without sacrifice, has raised more than $37 million to date. A staple in American diets of all kinds, their products can be found in grocery stores across the country including Walmart, Albertsons, Safeway, Publix, Kroger, Sprouts, and Whole Foods.

The creative branding for Alpha’s “If A Plant Can Be Meat” campaign can be found on

About Alpha Foods

Alpha Foods (Alpha) provides unrivaled plant-based convenience through a delicious product roster that provides accessible, meatless and mouth-watering options for all types of consumers. Fueled by the power of plants and founded in 2015, Alpha is based in California and provides sustainable food choices that support animal welfare and a healthier planet. Alpha offers a wide variety of protein-packed, non-GMO, plant-based versions of classic comfort foods that deliver a delicious meatless meal perfect for an on-the-go lunch, dinner or anytime snack—without sacrificing on taste or texture. For more information about Alpha, visit or catch up with the brand on social media: @alphafoods.


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