CLO-CLO™ Vegan Foods Introduces New Line of Exotic Tasting Vegan Pizzas as Consumer Demand for Plant-Based Foods Soars

EDINA, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#FrozenpizzaCLO-CLO VEGAN FOODS does it again with launching five new plant-based frozen pizza’s.

Tuscan Pizza

You will feel like a part of Italy and the Tuscan Valley with our CLO-CLO™ Tuscan Vegan Pizza! Memories will flood back to you with our own CLO-CLO™ delicious vegan parmesan and mozzarella style cheese, caramelized onions, spinach, basil and garlic on a veggie-infused crust (cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, kale and cabbage) that tastes like it was tossed in Florence! The toppings work like a symphony together and you will love that the pizza has the great vegan, gluten-free benefit for your body and soul! Close your eyes and envision yourself sitting on the Piazza Della Signoria after your first delicious bite!

Meatless Caribbean Pizza

Take a bite of our Caribbean style pizza and envision yourself on the beach with a drink in one hand and a delicious slice of CLO-CLO™ Caribbean pizza in the other. The crispy gluten-free sweet potato crust is topped with healthy tomato sauce, our own CLO-CLO™ vegan habanero style cheese shreds and our internationally inspired Jamaican jerk chicken sausage crumbles. If you cannot travel to the Caribbean you can still feel like you are there after tasting our mouth-watering vegan pizza.

Meatless Moroccan Pizza

Take a bite of our delicious CLO-CLO™ Moroccan vegan pizza and the taste will transport you back to the fresh farmer’s markets in Casablanca. The vegan and gluten-free sweet potato crust along with the fresh CLO-CLO™ habanero style cheese shreds and our very own exotic Moroccan chicken sausage crumble will awaken your senses and you will savor the taste long after the first bite. Taste it again Sam!

Meatless Pepperoni Pizza with Jalapeños

Delicious, mouthwatering and filling; our new CLO-CLO™ Meatless Pepperoni style with Jalapeños starts with a wonderful, gluten-free sweet potato crust. Then we layer on slices of hand-crafted CLO-CLO™ meatless pepperoni, spicy jalapeño peppers, and our own mozzarella and habanero style cheese shreds for a one-of-a-kind vegan-based experience that will send your taste buds to Guadalajara and back!

Sweet Potato Pizza Crusts

CLO-CLO™ Sweet Potato Pizza Crust is so light and crispy that it tastes like it would float away in a gentle summer breeze. Our CLO-CLO™ vegan, gluten-free sweet potato pizza crusts are so good they are a guilt-free pleasure for your health and well-being. Available in a 2-pack.

About CLO-CLO™ Vegan Foods

CLO-CLO™ Vegan Foods proprietary technology and sophisticated innovation has created a revolutionary product with early sensational success in the frozen pizza category. “CLO-CLO™ Pizzas appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers from flexitarians to vegans,” says CO-FOUNDER Wendy Hinnenkamp. We at CLO-CLO™ are advancing our MISSION expeditiously to create awareness and build a disruptive brand to help address the dietary needs and health of all people. Vital for some. Good for all™

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