Daniela Kurz

@ The Modern Agriculture Foundation

The Modern Agriculture Foundation: “We Work Towards a New Food System.”

Everyone is talking about clean meat and plant-based meat alternatives. But before these topics become mainstream, we need people that build bridges between several sectors. This is exactly what ‘The Modern Agriculture Foundation’ is doing on a daily basis. The Non-Profit-Organization from Israel connects entrepreneurs and founders, politics, research institutes and investors to make the dream of clean and plant-based meat come true. We wanted to know more about this mission and interviewed Daniela Kurz (Marketing and Communications Director) about MAF. 


Aleh Manchuliantsau – Co-founder Planetarians

© Planetarians

Planetarians: “Animal Agriculture Cannot Feed the World”

Aleh Manchulianstau, food scientist and co-founder of Planetarians, is tackling the challenge of feeding the planet’s rapidly expanding population through a process he refers to as “upcycling de-fatted seeds.” His secret ingredient is sunflower oilcake; he believes that repurposing this by-product into human food can provide consumers with a cheap, clean, sustainable source of plant-based protein, and add value to supplier profits.