Oceanium Kelp

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Scottish Seaweed Specialist Oceanium to Receive WWF Investment in £2 Million Seed Funding

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) counts itself among a group of investors in Oceanium, a Scottish company specialising in the cultivation and processing of seaweed. The company has announced the first closing of its seed II round led by Green Angel Syndicate, raising around £2 million (equivalent to €2.3 million). “Oceanium’s groundbreaking expansion of cultivated algae processing capacity is an exciting step for the industry as a whole.” Oceanium plans to use the fresh capital to scale its proprietary biorefinery and processing model to market to the emerging sustainable algae farming industry. The company’s technical and innovative refining method has been developed to use marine algae for multiple applications such as plant-based food and sustainable packaging material as an alternative to plastic. WWF’s Paul Dobbins …


Sophie’s Bionutrients microalgae milk

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Sophie’s Bionutrients Develops World’s First Milk Made From Algae

Sophie’s Bionutrients, a Singapore-based food technology company co-founded by Eugene Wang of Sophie’s Kitchen, announces today that it has developed the first-ever microalgae-based milk. The company describes itself as the world’s first food tech company to use microalgae to develop 100% plant-based and sustainable alternative protein with the core vision that microalgae is the superfood of the future.


allmicroalgae ice cream

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“Future-proof nutrition” – Allmicroalgae Presents New Superfood Solutions as Seaweed Economy Continues to Boom

Portuguese company Allmicroalgae – one of the largest European producers of microalgae – presents two new Chlorella powders in response to the increasing demand for plant-based food solutions. When compared to conventional, intensely green-coloured products, these new offerings are Yellow Chlorella – which works well as an egg substitute – and White Chlorella – which can replace conventional dairy bases such as milk, increasing the protein content of the product. They are also suitable for use in ice creams, mayonnaises and snacks. 


PopcornShrimp New Wave Foods

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Tyson-Backed New Wave Foods Launches Its Seaweed Based Shrimp in the USA

Following its recent $18M series A round, alternative seafood producer New Wave Foods announces today the official distribution of its plant-based shrimp to foodservice and restaurant companies in the USA. New Wave Shrimp, made from seaweed and plant protein, is New Wave’s first offering, with further plant-based shellfish to follow in 2022 to include lobster, scallops and crab.


Seaweed AlgiKnit


AlgiKnit Raises ​$2.4 Million For Seaweed-Based Yarn as Part of Next Gen of Conscious Materials

New York based AlgiKnit yesterday announced a fundraise of ​$2.1 million​ to turn ocean algae into scaleable bio-yarns, as the global ethical fashion market is posed to reach $8.25 billion by 2023. AlgiKnit creates kelp-derived, biodegradable fibers and yarns to remediate the harmful cycles of fast fashion; kelp is ​one of the most renewable organisms on the planet, absorbing CO2 and working against global warming and ocean acidification​.


Next Meats Co.

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Japan: Next Meats Co. in Product Development Agreement With Microalgae Specialist Euglena

Japanese plant-based meat startup Next Meats Co LTD recently announced it has signed a joint product development agreement with biotech company euglena Co. Also based in Japan, euglena specialises in the cultivation of the microalgae species Euglena and Chlorella and the development of biofuels. Together the companies will develop sustainable plantbased meats with a low environmental impact.