Morningstar Farms Cheezeburger
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Kellogg’s Morningstar Line Goes Vegan

MorningStar Farms® ,a subsidiary of the Kellogg Company, which produces meat-free burgers and other chilled goods, has announced its commitment remove all egg whites from their currently vegetarian products, in order to convert the entire […]

Fry Family Foods Logo
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Fry Family Foods to Launch in US

Fry Family Foods (Fry’s), the vegan food manufacturers based in Durban, South Africa, is expanding its global footprint from 30+ countries to include the United States. Fry’s public tasting debut will be at booth #9503 […]

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Veganz Launches Sustainability labels

Veganz, the German market leader in vegan groceries, is setting a new industry standard for sustainability and transparency. Together with the Swiss organization Eaternity, Veganz is introducing a label for its own products that shows […]