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Indian Hotelier Launches Plantaway, a “One Stop Shop” for Plant-Based Foods

Indian hotelier and restaurateur Romil Ratra has joined forces with Graviss Good Foods to found Plantaway, a brand described as a “one-stop shop for everything plant-based”. The brand offers a huge range of products, including meat, milk, and cheese alternatives along with dips and dressings. Some examples are: Almond and oat milks Chick’n keema and mutt’n seekh kebabs Spicy chipotle mayonnaise Plant-based cheddar, mozzarella, and butter. By offering multiple options under one brand, Plantaway hopes to make it easier for conscious consumers to choose plant-based options. The brand will launch in Mumbai via its online DTC store, along with other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Vegan Dukan, and Big Basket. Plantaway will also be available at some brick-and-mortar locations, including Bombay Gourmet and Rakhangi Store, …



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Perfect Day Acquires Sterling Biotech and Receives First Regulatory Approval in India

Alt-dairy pioneer Perfect Day announces it has acquired Sterling Biotech Limited (SBL) in India, whose state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities will double Perfect Day’s production capacity in the near term. In addition, India’s Food Safety and Standards Authority has approved the company’s application for its animal-free milk proteins, opening the door for commercialization in India.  By purchasing Sterling Biotech, Perfect Day says its production capability will double with the addition of four high-value manufacturing assets, including robust precision fermentation that will allow it to expand fermentation capacity in the coming months while continuing to serve existing SBL customers.  The facilities also are outfitted for other premium, pharmaceutical-grade ingredient production, including gelatin and dicalcium phosphate, which Perfect Day says is part of its mission to expand beyond animal-free …


Ecotone becomes top-scoring global food B Corp

CEO Christophe Barnouin. © Ecotone

Ecotone Becomes World’s Top-Scoring Global Food B Corp, Releases Sustainability Report

Ecotone, a European supplier of plant-based, organic, and Fairtrade foods, has become the world’s top-scoring global food B Corp following re-certification. It comes as the company releases an ambitious new sustainability report. Ecotone’s B Corp score has risen from 91.7 in 2019 to 116.5 in 2022, with turnover also growing 12% over this period. 80 is the minimum score required for B Corp certification, and the average assessment score is just 50.9. Sustainability report Ecotone operates a range of mission-driven brands, including Bjorg, Bonneterre, Alter Eco, Clipper Teas, Whole Earth, and more. The company’s recently released sustainability report reveals that 96% of the company’s turnover is now from plant-based products, while 79% of products are organic. Due to its use of renewable energy, Ecotone has …


Plant-Based Pizza by Modern Meat

Modern Fiesta Pizza © CNW Group/Modern Plant Based Foods Inc.

Canada’s Modern Meat Develops QSR Plant-Based Pizzas with Carbone Restaurant Group

Canadian food company Modern Plant-Based Foods (CSE: MEAT) announces its subsidiary Modern Meat is co-developing plant-based pizzas with Carbone Restaurant Group, a leading restaurant group and brand incubator.  Modern Meat currently supplies products to Carbone and is working to expand the restaurant group’s plant-based menu offerings, as well as increase product supply volumes.  Pizza ventures Based in Canada, Carbone owns several quick-service concepts and is a leader in ghost kitchen brands. Through its partnership with Modern Meat, the company now offers Modern Meat Crumble at its FAST FIRED pizza chain via the “Modern Fiesta” pizza, which features vegan mozzarella, vegan bacon crumble, tomato, green pepper, corn, jalapeño, and vegan aioli drizzle. Carbone has also launched Plantza Pizza, an all-vegan, delivery-only pizza restaurant that showcases Modern …


Vegan Smoked Salmon

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Canada’s Save Da Sea Plans US Launch in 2023, Reports Tripled YOY Revenues

Canadian alt-seafood brand Save Da Sea is working towards a US launch in spring 2023, reveals founder and CEO Aki Kaltenbach, and says its revenues in the Canadian market are tripling year-over-year, reports The Globe and Mail.  Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Save Da Sea produces plant-based seafood alternatives to salmon and tuna from whole-food, minimally processed ingredients. Its current range includes carrot-based smoked salmon and jackfruit tuna salad, made without soy, gluten or artificial additives. In September, the brand launched into 180 Sobeys and Safeway stores across Canada.  Since its debut in 2020, the company has experienced strong growth and Kaltenbach says she is now exploring a US launch sometime in spring 2023.  Her initial strategy is to concentrate on natural foods retailers in …


Unilever Dairy Proteins


Unilever May Launch Its First Animal-Free Dairy Ice Cream in 2023

Multinational food giant Unilever reveals it is currently using precision fermentation techniques to develop its first animal-free dairy ice cream. The company might launch its first precision-fermented ice cream product sometime next year, reports Bloomberg.  Unilever is the world’s largest ice cream manufacturer and owns top-selling brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Magnum, and Klondike.  Andy Sztehlo, Unilever’s head of research and development, says the company is working with several startups on animal-free versions of its ice cream, and if successful, would likely launch fermented dairy proteins in one of its major brands in 2023. He also noted he had recently tasted prototypes.  The entry into animal-free dairy is part of Unilever’s environmental stategy, which seeks to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by its …


Mycelium MyBacon

©MyForest Foods

Following Strong Demand, MyForest Foods Expands MyBacon into New York City

Food tech startup MyForest Foods Co. announces its mycelium-based MyBacon is now available in NYC, marking the product’s first foray into a major retail market. MyBacon can now be found at Westerley Natural Market and organic grocery store Elm Wellness in Manhattan and the West Village, respectively.  According to MyForest, the launch results from significant momentum the company has gained since unveiling MyBacon in 2020. In addition to retail, MyForest will expand into food service by offering MyBacon at Herbie’s Burgers, a popular burger chain in Albany, NY.  “Westerly Natural Market is New York’s City’s destination for plant-based, organic and all-natural items and supplements, which serves a diverse customer base with equally diverse preferences,” said Ricardo Nieves, store manager of Westerly Natural Market. “We are …


Dasha Shor, Mintel

Dasha Shor © Mintel

The Future of Plant-Based Food and Drink

by Dasha Shor, Global Food Analyst at Mintel

In 2022, the plant-based category is at a crossroads. The term “plant-based” has evolved to something that is meant to replace animal meat and dairy (e.g. looks like a hamburger but is made with plants). Some argue that the term has been co-opted to give a health halo to highly processed foods that may not boast a nutritional advantage outside of being made with non-animal ingredients. Now products that have always been made without animal ingredients are pushing back by claiming “plant-based.” What got brands here, won’t get them there Animal proteins are still dietary staples. Consumers are cutting back on meat, but few avoid it completely and some would like to get back into animal proteins in the future. Additionally, there’s a significant portion …


MingsBings @ Mr. Tofu Store

© Mr. Tofu

MingBings Launches Plant-Based Pockets into Mexico via Retail Chain Mr. Tofu

Plant-based frozen food brand MingsBings announces it has launched in Mexico, marking the brand’s first international expansion. MingBings will now be available at Mr. Tofu, Mexico’s leading plant-based retail chain, both in-store and online.  Founded by Iron Chef Ming Tsai, MingBings offer a modern Asian take on ancient Chinese “bings” (flatbreads) in familiar flavors like Cheeseburger, Sausage and Peppers, Buffalo Cauliflower and Fiesta. The fully gluten-free and vegan pockets are currently offered in over 3,500 US grocery stores, including Sprouts, Wegmans, select Targets and Whole Foods. The brand can also be found at major concession locations such as Fenway Park and Hard Rock Stadium, as well as colleges, universities and prep schools.  In October, MingsBings partnered with JUST Egg to debut new breakfast pockets featuring …


©Hooked Foods

Hooked Foods Grows by 25% Month Over Month, is Inundated With Positive Reviews

After launching its plant-based salmon alternative “Salmoonish” at Swedish retail stores, alt seafood brand Hooked says it has been inundated with positive consumer feedback. One customer who has been vegan for seven years said they “cried tears of joy” at the taste, describing it as identical to conventional salmon. Another said that Salmoonish “tastes and smells like salmon in a scary way”, while a third said the product “would probably fool anyone”. “I am extra proud to show this to whomever in the world who is doubting plant-based seafood will have a place on our future retail shelves,” said Monika Werthén, CMO of Hooked. “There is a clear market and consumer demand out there asking for these products. I hope these consumer testimonials together with …


Thrilling Bakon

©Thrilling Foods

Thrilling Foods’ Bakon Receives US Patent for ‘World’s First’ Fat Streaked Plant-Based Bacon

Portland, Oregon food company Thrilling Foods announces it has received a US patent for its novel fatty and lean protein-streaked vegan bacon, known as Bakon. The innovation covers a breakthrough protein structure that releases fat during the cooking process, in much the same way as conventional bacon. The company is also planning to open a third production facility to keep up with soaring demand.  The US patent covers Thrilling’s techniques that harness the genuine flavor and texture of pork bacon, specifically its proprietary use of “protein-bound fat layers” that alternate with ultra-lean meaty layers, and the company’s use of the natural umami flavors found in certain proteins.  These special processes allow the product to render and fry in its own fat, just like traditional pork …


Beyond Burger

© Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat CEO Predicts Category “Shakeout” as Company Reports Widened Q3 Losses

On Nov. 9, Beyond Meat reported its 2022 third-quarter earnings, and results showed wider-than-expected losses and decreased revenue as the company continues to battle the pressures of inflation. Despite lowered forecasts, Beyond’s stock soared 20% during Thursday’s market trading. According to CEO Ethan Brown, inflation has taken a heavy toll on sales of the company’s plant-based burgers, sausages and chicken, with price-weary consumers opting for cheaper proteins. During its Wednesday earnings call, the company said total pounds sold fell 12.8%, while net revenue per pound decreased by 11.2%. Overall, the company posted a third-quarter net loss of $101.7 million ($1.60/share), which is wider than its net loss of $54.8 million (87 cents/share), in 2021. “As consumers intensify focus on making ends meet, health and environmental …


Mind Blown New Crab Cakes

©Mind Blown

Mind Blown Seafood Expands Plant-Based Crab Cakes and More into US Food Service

Mind Blown by the Plant-Based Seafood Co. announces the expansion of its products into US food service through several major distributors, including Sysco, US Foods, Fancy Foods Inc., and Webstaurant. The brand’s new crab cakes will now be available in new markets across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, as well as to operators nationwide via Webstaurant.  According to Mind Blown, the expansion means the crab cakes will also be featured on more restaurant menus, such as All Surf No Turf in Clifton, NJ.  Strong growth Mind Blown debuted its plant-based Crab Cakes, Dusted Shrimp and Scallops at all Sprouts Farmers Markets locations in July. The rollout followed two years of strong growth for the brand, which has gained the backing of celebrity chefs like Spike …


Squeaky Bean

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Squeaky Bean Reaches Value of £10M, Becoming Category’s Seventh Largest Brand

British chilled meat alternatives brand Squeaky Bean is celebrating after growing by 24.5% to reach a value of £10 million. Just three years after its launch, Squeaky Bean is now the seventh largest brand in the chilled plant-based category, recently achieving 3% market share. One of the brand’s most popular products, NY Deli Pastrami Style Slices, has already hit over a million sales this year. In fact, Squeaky claims it is growing by a huge 33% within the sandwich slices category, with its products now available at most leading supermarket chains including Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Ocado. Continued innovation Squeaky Bean believes that rapid innovation is responsible for its growth, at a time when some plant-based meat brands are stagnating due to rising …


Better Meat Fish

©Better Meat Co.

The Better Meat Co. Receives Fourth Patent for Mycelium-Based Rhiza Protein

The Better Meat Co. announces it has received a fourth patent for its proprietary mycelium fermentation technology. The company also recently submitted a GRAS notice to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Rhiza protein, an ingredient derived from a unique species of fungus.  To create Rhiza, Better Meat is working with Neurospora crass, a fast-growing species of fungus, whose mycelium root structure yields Rhiza mycoprotein. Though widely used in Indonesia to ferment staple foods like oncom (a tempeh-like dish), Better Meat says it is pioneering novel ways to use Neurospora as a meat enhancement and replacement.  As an ingredient, Better Meat states Neurospora offers numerous benefits to food manufacturing companies, as it is a versatile, nutritious and shelf-stable product that is simple to produce, …