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Paypal Founder Invests in Pet Biotech Firm Wild Earth

Biotech startup company Wild Earth has announced a successful round of funding with investment from Pathfinder, which is the investment vehicle of Founders Fund, and Paypal founder Peter Thiel. This round of funding totalled $450,000, meaning that Wild Earth has now received funding to the tune of almost $5 million.


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No Evil Foods: Vegan Meat Company Expands

“No Evil Foods” is a US company that produces vegan meat and has recently expanded its distribution to 75 Wegmans supermarket chain stores. Co-founder Sadrah Schadel believes that the origin of the increased demand for meat alternatives lies in the health benefits of vegan meat. On the one hand, consumers are increasingly rejecting products with a high cholesterol content, and on the other hand, they are increasingly asking for products with a high protein content.


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Quorn Announces £7M Investment in R&D

Leading meat substitute producers, Quorn, announced yesterday the investment of £7 million in a new Global Innovation Centre, stating their intentions of creating “A high tech British powerhouse and maintaining Quorn’s innovation leadership in the meat-free industry. In a press release dated 23 July, their motivation is explained as a need to stay ahead of fast-moving trends and developments: “Around the world the meat-free category is growing rapidly, typically between 10% and 20%, and even a developed market like the UK is up 15%.”


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Mosa Meat Obtains €7.5M Funding for “Cultured Meat”

Mosa Meats, the company who created the world’s first cultured hamburger, have just announced the procurement of €7.5M in funding from investors including M Venture and Bell Food Group, to continue in their advancement of cultured meat. The Dutch startup has led the cultured meat industry since presenting the first beef burger made directly from cow cells in 2013.


Vegilicious joins proveg

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Vegilicious joins ProVeg International

South African charity Vegilicious have officially announced that they will become part of ProVeg International under the name ProVeg South Africa, as part of a bid to significantly increase the scope of their advocacy work and expand their campaigns both nationally and internationally. A statement was published on the Vegilicious website regarding the merge, explaining that, “In a global food system it is necessary to look beyond borders. With ProVeg International we want to take an important step towards unifying the international vegan food awareness movement.”


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Cedarlane Natural Foods: Over 30 Years of Vegan Food Without Preservatives

Cedarlane Natural Foods is an American food manufacturer which has been producing vegetarian and vegan ready meals for over 30 years. After some initial difficulties, the company now feels sure that it has done everything right with its vegan dishes. “Somehow, back then, I believed in having a health food free of any preservatives,” says Robert Atallah, the founder of Cedarlane. Market entry was relatively easy for the food manufacturer, as independent and health-conscious Californian grocery stores listed the products. Hardly anyone was offering products similar to Cedarlane’s.



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Veganuary Strengthens its Efforts in North America

Veganuary is a popular charity in the UK inspiring people to try veganism for January and providing encouragement and support for those interested in continuing the pledge for longer. Having already seen enormous success in the UK since its launch in 2014, receiving mainstream media coverage and publishing a best-selling book, the charity now has plans to expand their vision to the US and Canada.


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Banana Drink from Mooala Grows in Popularity

The vegan organic banana drink company Mooala Brands specialises in milk substitute drinks and is growing rapidly thanks to its popular range. The US company produces vegan milk substitutes made from pureed bananas and roasted sunflower seeds with cinnamon and salt. Mooala emphasises the versatile uses for its product, e.g. for smoothies, muesli, baked goods or in coffee.