What Does vegconomist do on World Vegan Day?

November 1st is World Vegan Day. What is the vegconomist team actually doing on this memorable day, which will surely get more attention worldwide than ever before? Of course, everyday editorial work continues in Germany and internationally, filtering important news through worldwide news screening as well as viewing press releases and letters. And, of course, the writing of articles as usual.


CrazyBean.com – New Vegan Marketplace Seeking Vendors

Crazy-bean.com is the first quality, commercial and scalable fully vegan ethical marketplace supporting independent businesses by taking the hassle out of online selling and shop management. They are currently offering vendors 12 months commission free, providing a safe, secure and easy to use environment.


maestri pastani logo

© Maestri Pastani

MAESTRI PASTAI: Premium Pasta from Italy

The Italian pasta specialist MAESTRI PASTAI is known for its premium handcrafted pasta. MAESTRI PASTAI’s organic product lines are characterized by all-natural ingredients and gentle production processes which ensure the products’ high quality standards. For its organic MAESTRI PASTAI products, the company prefers to use ancient grains that guarantee an authentic taste; unlike other manufacturers, it does not limit itself to modern organic durum wheat. MAESTRI PASTAI Organic contains a …


Lovechock chocolate

© Lovechock

New and More Environmentally-Friendly Packaging from Lovechock

Lovechock has redesigned its chocolate bars to make them more stylish and better for the environment. All the Dutch chocolate manufacturer’s packaging has been plastic-free since 2011. However, Chief Happiness Director Franziska Rosario still saw potential in terms of environmental protection, to which the Amsterdam-based company is strongly committed, and wanted to further reduce its environmental footprint.


the essence of africa africrops moringa

© africrops!

The Essence of Africa: Superfoods from Africa

Under the brand name “The Essence of Africa”, africrops! GmbH Berlin has been selling plant-based products from Africa in Germany since 2013. These include the superfoods moringa and baobab, which with their healthy ingredients can help to strengthen the immune system. The company has a strict approach to sustainability, and takes great care to ensure a fair and sustainable source of income for local producers in Africa.


Natufia Kitchen

© Natufia

Natufia Labs Receives $1.2 Million Grant Due to Boom in Veganism

The Estonian start-up Natufia Labs uses machine learning technology to develop sustainable and natural solutions in the form of indoor garden models that can be used to grow plants. With these intelligent machines, consumers can easily grow their own plants in the kitchen. In order to expand into Europe and the USA, the new company has now received 1.2 million dollars in capital.


ikea hot dog

IKEA Sell 1M Vegan Hot Dogs in Europe

IKEA launched their vegan hot dogs, made from kale, lentils, carrot and potato, in European stores two months ago, and have already sold over a million. In 2015, the Swedish furniture store released their plant-based meatballs to great success, and now they are continuing with their focus on sustainability and offerings to the constantly increasing vegan population.


Maple Leaf Foods

© Maple Leaf Foods

Maple Leaf Foods Predicts the Future Lies in Plant-Based Alternatives

The major Canadian food producer Maple Leaf Foods, like many of its competitors, is increasingly offering plant-based alternatives, and sees great growth potential in this sector. The company’s goal is to become a dominant supplier in the plant-based food industry. For example, Maple Leaf recently acquired the American brand Lightlife, which offers a wide range of alternative plant-based products and has recorded double-digit growth rates in recent years, as company …


(c) Veganz-logo

Veganz Expands into China

Veganz, the German market leader in vegan food, is making good progress with its internationalization. Twenty selected products from the vegan pioneer are now available on Xiaohongshu, China’s largest social e-commerce platform with 100 million users. “The Xiaohongshu social selling platform, which is aimed at women between the ages of 18 and 35, is tailored to our target group. In our branded flagship store and in the vegan community on …