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GFI Webinar: The Business of Alt Protein: Bringing Cultivated Meat to Market in the United States

Following last year’s landmark decision by the FDA to greenlight UPSIDE Food’s cultivated chicken, marking the beginning of a transformation in the food system as we know it, 2023 is set to be the year that cultivated meat will receive full regulatory approval and become available to consumers in the US, and likely beyond.   As this point in history draws closer, the GFI is hosting a virtual event next Tuesday, January 31st, from 12 midday to 1pm EST, featuring a panel of experts discussing the current status of the cultivated meat industry.   At the virtual event, participants will join scientific, regulatory, and market experts from the Good Food Institute as they take a deep dive into recent developments and review the current status …



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Wildtype Expects to Launch Sushi-Grade Cultivated Salmon in US Restaurants This Year

San Francisco’s Wildtype, which raised an incredible $100 million in Series B last year from investors including Leonardo DiCaprio, says it expects to launch its cultivated sushi-grade salmon in restaurants later this year. Wildtype’s co-founder Justin Kolbeck told IntraFish that the company is waiting to complete the FDA’s pre-market consultation that studies the safety of its cultivated salmon and that when the process concludes, Wildtype will be able to commercialize. If the company receives the FDA’s green light, Wildtype would become one of the first to launch commercially cultivated food in the US. What the No Questions letter means According to Kolbeck, UPSIDE Foods, which received a No Questions letter from the FDA last year for its cultivated chicken, had to complete a similar pre-market …


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Alt-Dairy Startup New Culture Appoints ‘Hu’ Chocolate CEO Mark Ramadan to Board of Directors

Animal-free cheese startup New Culture announces it is appointing Mark Ramadan, the CEO of leading chocolate brand Hu, to its Board of Directors.  According to New Culture, Ramadan’s appointment marks the company’s next step as it prepares for its first public tastings of animal-free mozzarella, in preparation for a US launch in 2024.  Ramadan is currently the CEO of Hu (pronounced “hue”), which is said to be America’s leading better-for-you chocolate brand. Imploring consumers to “Get Back to Human”,  Hu sells a range of dairy-free chocolate bars made from a strict list of simple ingredients. Many of Hu’s chocolates are vegan as well as paleo and refined sugar-free.  Prior to Hu,  Mark was the co-founder and CEO of Sir Kensington’s, which produces a line of …


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ProVeg Incubator Announces 10th Cohort, Seeking Startups in Plant-Based, Fermentation & Cultivated Foods

The ProVeg Incubator, the world’s first and leading alt-protein startup accelerator, invites applications for its tenth cohort, announcing that it has increased the amount of investment for this edition. Startups that join and complete the programme can now benefit from up to €300K investment — an increase from the previous €250K — including €75K worth of in-kind services. The Incubator aims to support mission-driven startups working on plant-based, fermentation, and cultured-food products and technologies. Startups applying for the cohort should, through their offering, provide the potential to remove animals from the global food system, either by the production of alternatives to animal products or through supporting technology.  Based in Berlin, the Incubator especially welcomes applications from startups developing egg, seafood, and chicken alternatives, as well …


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Liberation Labs to Develop “First Purpose-Built” Precision Fermentation Plant in the US

Liberation Labs Holdings, a large-scale precision fermentation contract manufacturer, announces it has acquired the land to develop its first commercial-scale biomanufacturing facility in the Midwest Industrial Park in Richmond, Indiana. The precision fermentation manufacturer expects to invest $115 million in the facility and plans to create an estimated 45 well-paying manufacturing jobs. According to Liberation Labs, it will be the first purpose-built commercial precision fermentation plant in the United States. The new facility will have a fermentation capacity of 600,000 liters with a fully dedicated downstream process (DSP), allowing the company to manufacture bio-based consumer products at a lower cost for the US market instead of relying on Europe’s production. Manufacturing precision fermentation proteins The company closed on a $20 million seed round of funding …


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Revo Foods and Mycorena Receive €1.5M to Develop 3D-Printable Mycoprotein

Austria’s Revo Foods and Sweden’s Mycorena have received a €1.5 million grant for their joint project of developing 3D-printable mycoprotein. The funds come from Swedish innovation agency Vinnova, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, and cross-border EU funding program Eurostars. Applications were highly competitive, so the companies’ success demonstrates that there is significant interest in innovative mycoprotein solutions. “Getting this recognition from such an attractive and competitive initiative like Eurostars further emphasises that the technology we are developing is really an important part of creating a sustainable food system,” said Paulo Teixeira, Chief Innovation Officer at Mycorena. Whole-cut alt seafood First announced in October, the joint project is working on technologies and processes to create mycoprotein suitable for additive food manufacturing. It has a particular focus …


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The Alternative Proteins Regulatory Tracker: New Tool Provides Up-to-Date Information For Sector

Dentons, which claims to be the largest multinational law firm in the world, announces the Alternative Proteins Regulatory Tracker, a new tool for companies operating in the alt protein space providing an overview of global regulatory regimes for the sector. According to the law firm, since its launch in January 2023, the tracker covers ten jurisdictions, including the EU and its 27 member states, with more jurisdictions to follow. The tracker will help companies with the following:  Staying up-to-date with changes in the regulatory regimes for alternative proteins in different jurisdictions Comparing the regulatory approaches of different governments Staying informed about new developments in regulatory regimes for alternative proteins Dentons explains that food manufacturers often face restrictions concerning the designation and labelling of alternative protein products. “The regulatory pathway for bringing …


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The Companies Removing Fetal Bovine Serum to Make Ethical, Slaughter-Free Meat

Last week, GOOD Meat received the first-in-the-world regulatory approval to use fetal bovine serum-free media in its cultivated poultry production process. With this significant milestone in the history of cultivated meat, we discuss the companies paving the way for ethical, slaughter-free meat. Removing fetal bovine serum (FBS) from cultivated meat production has been among the industry’s major challenges. FBS has been the default growth supplement for in vitro cell culture used by academic and industrial researchers and scientists, including in the cellular agriculture space. Ethically problematic Fetal bovine serum is made by harvesting the blood of bovine fetuses taken from pregnant cows during slaughter. Blood from the fetus is drawn out via a closed collection system and then transformed into a serum. FBS contains growth factors, hormones, …


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Väcka Unveils Market-First Cheeses Made From Olive Oil & Fermented Melon Seed Milk

Spanish Foodtech Väcka announces it has launched the only plant-based cheeses made with melon seeds and olive oil, through the application of a “disruptive world unique fermentation process” for which the brand has filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Across the brand’s Mözza and Pumpkin lines, fermented almond milk has been replaced by melon seed milk, and coconut oil with extra virgin olive oil, leading to an improvement in the taste of the products and a more sustainable production process. A “disruptive innovation” The new method will progressively be applied to the Vrie and Filä varieties, representing what Väcka states is a “disruptive innovation in the production of vegetable cheeses”, claiming that it improves water consumption by 99.1%, land use by …


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Chief Rabbi of Israel Rules Aleph Farms’ Cultivated Steak as Kosher

Cultivated meat company Aleph Farms announces that Israel’s Chief Rabbi, Rabbi David Baruch Lau, has ruled its cultivated steak to be kosher, meaning it is permitted for consumption by Jews under religious law. According to the food tech, this is the first time such an authority in Judaism has decided on cultivated meat. Aleph Farms, which focuses on growing steaks directly from non-genetically engineered animal cells, says it is still working with local rabbinic authorities to receive kosher certification for its Rehovot-based production facility. Intersection of tradition and innovation Didier Toubia, Aleph Farms’ Co-Founder and CEO, said: “This ruling is meaningful not only for Aleph Farms as a company but also for the entire cultivated meat industry. It sets a foundation for an inclusive public discourse about …


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“Regulatory Milestone” as GOOD Meat Receives Approval for Serum-Free Cell Growth Media

GOOD Meat, Eat Just’s cultivated meat division, has become the first producer worldwide to receive regulatory approval for the use of serum-free cell growth media in cultivated products. To date, most cultivated meat producers have used fetal bovine serum to grow their cells. However, the serum is expensive, of inconsistent quality, and comes with ethical issues. GOOD Meat believes that the use of serum-free media will make cultivated meat production more scalable, efficient, and sustainable, along with reducing costs. Regulatory approval has been granted by the Singapore Food Agency, which previously made history when it approved GOOD Meat’s cultivated chicken nuggets for sale in late 2020. A year later, cultivated chicken breasts were also approved. For the time being, GOOD Meat remains the only brand …


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Meet Modern Kitchen: “Uncompromising” Animal-Free Cream Cheese With Real Dairy Ingredients

While plant-based cream cheese products continue to grow in size and diversity, Modern Kitchen is bringing something entirely new to the market: a non-animal cream cheese made with real dairy ingredients.  Using Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein, Modern Kitchen says it is taking a modern food tech approach to reinvent traditional foods without compromising on taste. By utilizing Perfect Day’s revolutionary protein, made with precision fermentation, the brand says its products reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 97% when compared to conventional dairy.  First launched in 2022, Modern Kitchen sells a full lineup of lactose-free cream cheeses in several flavors, including a newly added “Plain” variety. Last year, the brand debuted in regional US grocery chains Harris Teeter and Market Basket.   Made with a …


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Ivy Farm Announces First Production Facility and International Launch

UK cultivated meat company Ivy Farm Technologies has announced it is developing engineering plans for its first manufacturing plant, which looks set to be located overseas. The plant will be able to produce at least 12,000 tons of cultivated meat per year, thanks to 200,000 litres of fermentation capacity. The plans and designs are being developed in collaboration with Dennis Group, a global design-build firm that specialises in food processing plants. The company has previously designed facilities for major corporations such as Starbucks, Danone, and Kerry. Since cultivated meat has not yet been approved for sale in the UK, Ivy Farm is looking to locate the plant in a country where there is a clear pathway towards regulatory approval. The company is reportedly considering the …


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General Mills Launches Bold Cultr Cream Cheese Made with Remilk Animal-Free Dairy

Alt-dairy startup Remilk announces global food giant General Mills is launching Bold Cultr Cream Cheese made with Remilk’s animal-free protein. Now available in the state of Minnesota, with wider distribution planned, the product marks Remilk’s first commercial collaboration.  Described as a lactose-free, next-gen cream cheese alternative, Bold Cultr features Remilk’s dairy-identical proteins produced through precision fermentation. The cream cheese, currently available in a Plain variety, also prominently displays Remilk’s logo on its packaging.  According to Remilk, this is the first of three cream cheeses the company will be launching, with new flavors such as Onion & Chive and Strawberry also in the works, reports CTech.  “We provide raw material that allows companies to produce a product with the same taste and texture, and it will …


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Jimi Biotech: Producer of First Cultivated Beef in China Closes Angel Round, Has Sights on Unicorn Status?

Jimi Biotech, a company that states that it unveiled the first cultivated beef in China four months after it was founded, announces the completion of an angel round of RMB20 million (around $3 million) to accelerate cultivated meat production in the country. The round was led by Plum Ventures, and Fanqie Capital, and included Green Leaf Ventures and Joyvio Capital. Former Alibaba engineer and founder of NYSE-listed company Mogujie, Chen Qi, invested in the company’s seed round. According to the company, the fresh funds will be invested in its R&D and HR departments. Leadership position Plum Ventures co-founder, Shichun Wu, commented: “In the fast-moving cultivated meat industry, Jimi has established its leadership position in cultivated meat technologies. With its strong capabilities in R&D and commercialization, …