Cacao-free chocolate bars

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WNWN Launches Vegan Version of Daim Bar, the ‘All-Free’ Waim! Bar

WNWN Food Labs, a London-based maker of cocoa-free chocolate, will launch a limited release of its new chocolate Waim! bar, an ‘all-free’ version of the iconic European candy Daim bar.  WNWN’s Waim! bar is dairy-free, gluten-free, palm oil-free, caffeine free, and vegan. “Our new bar is our take on an iconic European candy bar, but without the catastrophic impact on people and the planet,” the company states.  Early this year, WNWN launched a bean-free vegan chocolate claiming it was the first of its kind to arrive on the market. CEO and co-founder Ahrum Pak, commented: “Our chocolate habit is contributing to deforestation, biodiversity loss, soil erosion, CO2 emissions, child slavery, and unfair trade practices.”  How is cacao-free chocolate possible? For centuries, powdered carob pods have been …


Quorn ChiQin Hot Honey Wings_2

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New Survey Reveals Meat Consumption is Declining Across Western Europe

A recent survey reveals that consumers are shifting to meat alternatives and choosing plant-based meats. Concerns about animal agriculture, the environment, and willingness to buy cultivated meat products were among the most relevant findings. The survey questioned 4,096 people across Germany, France, Italy, and Spain about their meat consumption habits and attitudes toward sustainable proteins.  The study was commissioned by the GFI, the leading NGO promoting and educating about alternative proteins, working with OpinionWay, a research company specialising in market research, communication, and opinion surveys. According to the results analysed by the GFI Europe, more than 50% of consumers from Germany, France, Italy, and Spain said they had reduced their meat consumption in the last five years.  Over 60% of respondents from each country believe that …


Orbillion Bio cultivated meat team

COO & Co-Founder Samet Yildirim, CEO & Co-Founder Patricia Bubner, CTO & Co-Founder Gabriel Levesque-Tremblay © Orbillion

Orbillion Bio to Bring Cultivated Meats Inc Wagyu Beef to 35 European Countries

Cultivated meat startup Orbillion Bio yesterday announced a new partnership with Dutch specialty meat distributor Luiten Food to go-to-market in 35 European countries. The Silicon Valley-based cultivated meat startup is working on heritage meats such as bison, elk, lamb, and wagyu beef, claiming it will be able to achieve price parity by as early as 2026, as well as commodity pricing for beef in 2030. The startup is dedicated to democratising access to cultivated meat on an international level, with its new partnership opening 35 European markets to introduce the next generation of meat. From cell to product According to Orbillion Bio co-founder Patricia Bubner, developing a path from cell to product is the next level that cultivated meat companies must reach to achieve a marketable …


TissenBio Farms

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Korea’s TissenBio Farms Raises $1.6M for Alt Meat With Marbling

Korean foodtech startup TissenBio Farms has raised 2.2 billion won ($1.6 million) in its pre-Series A funding round. Using 3D bioprinting, TissenBio produces whole cuts of cultivated and plant-based meat with marbling that replicates animal meat. The startup is a spinoff from Thyssen Biopharmaceuticals, which created the proprietary technology to bioprint organs for transplants but soon recognised its potential for use in the alt meat sector. TissenBio has also created a range of edible bio-inks, which add flavour, texture, and nutritional value to meat alternatives. Costing just $0.33 per 100 grams, the inks are suitable for use on a large scale. TissenBio’s pre-Series A round was led by Envisioning Partners, with further contributions from FuturePlay and Stonebridge Ventures. The startup will use the funding to …


Fermented shrimp dumpling

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Aqua Cultured Develops Minced Seafood Dumplings for Asian Go-To Market Partners

Alt seafood startup Aqua Cultured Foods announces it has created a minced dumpling filling for its future go-to-market Asian food partners. One of the company’s new options is a bulk shrimp alternative that can be seasoned, packaged and co-branded by retailers or distributors. Aqua, which produces mycoprotein-based seafood using fermentation, is primarily known for developing whole-muscle cut, sushi-quality filets. However, minced seafood dumplings present another lucrative and highly accessible market opportunity. As dietary staples in countries like China, South Korea, and Japan, frozen dumplings – known variously as mandu, gyoza or jiaozi – make up a $5.8Bn global market, and its value is expected to grow to $10Bn by the end of 2027.  Unlike whole cuts of high-grade fish, dumplings can utilize off-cuts, trim and …


MIcroHarvest creates "world's fastest protein production system"

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MicroHarvest Raises €8.5M for “World’s Fastest Protein Production”

German startup MicroHarvest has raised €8.5 million in a Series A funding round led by Astanor Ventures. MicroHarvest has developed a precision fermentation technique that is claimed to be the world’s fastest protein production system. Bacteria are cultivated in a solution, then separated from the water and inactivated before being transformed into the final product. Elegantly simple tech The “elegantly simple” technology can turn raw materials into complete protein products in the space of a single day, compared to the months required for plant or animal-based proteins. Highly nutritious single-cell proteins can be very efficiently produced for use in human food, pet food, and animal feed. The production process can also be scaled in a decentralised way, aiding in the transition towards more sustainable and …


Onego Bio Egg White

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Perfect Day Unveils ‘nth Biology’ Hub, Partners with Onego Bio for Egg White Proteins

Alternative dairy leader Perfect Day announces the launch nth Bio – a new enterprise biology business that will offer the company’s precision fermentation expertise and technology to companies around the world. The startup also reveals nth Bio’s first public partner as Onego Bio, which specializes in making animal-free egg whites. Based in Salt Lake City, nth Bio seeks to accelerate the development of more responsibly sourced food, pharmaceuticals and textiles using the power of precision fermentation. To accomplish this, nth provides bioengineers access to critical tools, expertise, infrastructure and technology needed to create impact in the food sector and beyond.  According to the company, the name ‘nth’ perfectly describes its larger vision and mission.  “The name nth Bio comes from the exponential impact we stand …


SCiFi Foods Cultured Beef Burger

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SCiFi Foods Partners with Michigan State University to Test Scaling of Hybrid Burgers

Cell-based meat startup SCiFi Foods announces a partnership with Michigan State University to help test and finalize the plant-based portion of its first cultivated beef burgers.  SCiFi will work with MSU’s renowned Food Processing and Innovation Center (FPIC) to conduct initial pilot runs for the company’s debut commercial product, which combines plant-based beef with its breakthrough cultivated beef cells. The pilot runs are an important step in product development that will bring the company closer to regulatory approval, SCiFi says. The runs will also help to ensure the scaled product is still delicious, safe, cost-effective, and as nutritionally balanced as possible, the company notes.  Once the final formulation and test runs are complete, the burger’s plant-based portion will be combined with beef cells from SCiFi’s …


The Cultivated B.

Dr. Hamid Noori, co-CEO. © The Cultivated B.

Germany’s 2nd Largest Animal Sausage Producer Unveils CellAg Arm The Cultivated B.

After 18 months in stealth mode, German bioengineering company The Cultivated B. (TCB) has emerged with the mission of enabling industrial scaling of cellular agriculture. TCB is part of InFamily Foods, the company also includes The Family Butchers and the recently launched The Plantly Butchers with its vegan brand Billie Green. With The Cultivated B, the company aims to enable scalable sustainable protein production via cutting-edge biotechnology to become the global innovation leader in alternative proteins. TCB will offer technologies, products, and services that optimise alt protein production for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. This will include the production and sale of bioreactors, photobioreactors, and high-precision cellular agriculture devices. TCB will also provide seeds for precision fermentation, assays, and licenses for both proprietary cell …


Prolific Cultured Meat

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Prolific Machines Reveals $42M Series A to Scale ‘Assembly Line’ Tech for Cultivated Meat

Cultivated meat startup Profilic Machines has emerged from stealth mode to announce a $42M Series A raise led by investor Arvind Gupta and the Bill Gates-founded Breakthrough Energy Ventures. After raising the round a year ago, it is now opening a 25,000 sq. ft. facility in Emeryville, CA to expand its “fundamentally new approach” to cultivated fish, poultry and beef.  Unlike most cultivated meat companies, Prolific says it is focused on inventing a scalable manufacturing process first, followed by a product, in order to create the necessary infrastructure that can cost-compete with factory farming. As Henry Ford revolutionized automobile manufacturing by efficiently assembling cars, Prolific says it is inventing breakthrough technology to help cultivated meat reach the mass market.  Reducing costs Prolific was founded by …


Phil and Maria of Simplifyber

Image credit: Mofield_John © Simplifyber

Simplifyber: “We are Fundamentally Changing the Entire Process of Making Shoes and Clothes”

Simplifyber does not create normal apparel. The clothes and shoes made by this New York brand are not only 3d printed and “created in a lab, not in a factory”, but are also 100% biodegradable. It’s a fascinating area of innovation, bearing in mind that the fashion industry is the third most polluting industry, responsible for more CO2 emissions than the shipping and the aviation industry combined, and one which brought Simplifibyer an initial swell of interest from investors to the tune of multiple millions this summer. We were excited for the opportunity to speak with CEO Maria Intscher-Owrang, whose 20+ year career as a fashion designer and director includes periods at leading fashion houses, including Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, and Alexander McQueen. What is …


President Joe Biden Alternative Proteins

©The White House

President Biden Issues Executive Order Supporting the Advancement of Cultured Meat

This week, President Biden signed an executive order aimed at advancing US leadership in biotechnology and biomanufacturing, which includes exploring new innovations in the agricultural sector, and specifically mentions the advancement of alternative proteins.  In the order, Biden directs the heads of relevant government agencies to submit reports assessing diverse fields of biotechnology within 180 days to explore their potential impact on medicine, climate change, and food production. Regarding agriculture it reads:   “The Secretary of Agriculture… shall submit a report assessing how to use biotechnology and biomanufacturing for food and agriculture innovation, including by improving sustainability and land conservation; increasing food quality and nutrition; increasing and protecting agricultural yields; protecting against plant and animal pests and diseases; and cultivating alternative food sources.” Growing a “bioeconomy” …


Nestle Dairy-Free Creamers


Nestle Partners with Perfect Day to Trial Animal-Free Dairy in US

Nestle, the world’s largest publicly held food company, announces it is partnering with fermentation startup Perfect Day to explore the development of products made with animal-free dairy protein. The company will pilot its first product, an unnamed milk-like beverage, later this year at select stores, says Nestle. Created by Nestle’s R&D teams in Switzerland, the beverage contains Perfect Day’s animal-free protein and is identical to the whey protein found in cow’s milk. It also offers the same nutritional and functionality benefits of conventional dairy while being suitable for vegans and lactose-free.  The product will be piloted through its newly established US-based R+D Accelerator, which aims to bring highly differentiated product concepts to market in just six months.  A changing portfolio According to Nestle, dairy products …


CEO Nathalie Rolland. © Nutropy

France’s Nutropy Raises €2M for “Next Generation of Cheese”

France’s Nutropy has raised €2 million in pre-seed funding for its animal-free cheeses and milk components. The female-led startup plans to use the capital to launch the cheeses on an industrial scale. Founded by Nathalie Rolland and Dr. Maya Bendifallah, Nutropy uses precision fermentation technology to produce animal-free casein. This milk protein is what gives cheese its stretchiness and creaminess, and until recently could only be obtained from animal sources. Additionally, Nutropy is developing animal-free dairy fatty acids. By combining these ingredients with cheese cultures, the company claims it can create products that are extremely similar to premium dairy cheeses. Nutropy’s pre-seed round was led by Beast, Trellis Road, and Big Idea Ventures (the startup took part in the latter’s accelerator program earlier this year). …


Biotech Foods meatballs

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BioTech Foods Receives €750,000 From Spanish Foreign Trade Institute

Spain’s Biotech Foods has received a €753,000 grant for its investMEAT project from the Spanish Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX). The investMEAT project is researching cell lines, cultured media, and biomaterials in order to scale up cultivated meat production to an industrial level. The funding will be provided through ICEX’s R&D program Innova Invest.  The ultimate goal is to significantly bring down the cost of cultivated meat, making it available to the consumer at competitive prices. This will be done by making the production process much more efficient, which will improve scalability. “Results will contribute to the development of the first cultivated meat industrial production plant in Spain, and one of the most state of the art in the world,” said Iñigo Charola, co-founder and CEO …