Aleph Farms meat on dressed table

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Aleph Farms Partners with Biomanufacturing Experts to Build Large-scale Cultivated Meat Facility in Thailand

Cultivated beef company Aleph Farms has partnered with biomanufacturing experts BBGI and Fermbox Bio to produce cultivated meat at Thailand’s first production plant for cellular agriculture applications. Through the partnership, the companies aim to advance the development and production of cultivated meat in the region by focusing on production enhancement, cost optimization, and operational scale-up. BBGI is a Bio-Based Green Innovation company that manufactures and distributes bio-based fuel and high-value and well-being products. Fermbox Bio is a synthetic biology research and manufacturing company leveraging microbial fermentation and synthetic biology to create sustainable products, including cell media ingredients. Both companies have extensive experience in large-scale biomanufacturing design and operation.  “We are excited to be part of this partnership — bringing together people and companies from across the world with …


Vow's cultivated quail

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Icelandic Prime Minister Tries Vow’s Cultivated Quail at Europe’s First Official Cultivated Meat Tasting

Australian cultivated meat firm Vow and the Icelandic biotech company ORF Genetics recently held what they claim was Europe’s first official cultivated meat tasting featuring gourmet dishes crafted with Vow’s cultivated quail. The pioneering event took place on the 12th of February. Among the attendees was Katrín Jakobsdóttir, the Prime Minister and acting Minister of Food, Fisheries and Agriculture of Iceland, who, according to the announcement, tasted cultivated meat for the first time. Jakobsdóttir shared: “Cultivated meat is one of the solutions to the climate challenge. The Icelandic authorities are determined to pave the way for the adoption of new solutions in Iceland and we are eager to see the development of an EU regulatory framework for cultivated meat.” Why Iceland? ORF Genetics, which develops MESOkine, a …


Ivy Farm and Finnebrogue partner to bring cultivated Wagyu beef to the UK  

Image courtesy of Ivy Farm

Last Chance for Cultivated Meat Companies to Complete UK Regulatory Survey

A survey inviting cultivated meat companies to provide evidence regarding the future regulatory approval of cultivated products in the UK is set to close on Wednesday (February 14). Conducted by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA), the survey is open to all cultivated meat companies worldwide and aims to determine when future applications for regulatory approval may be made. It also asks what technologies are used, and gives companies an opportunity to explain what would help them to better understand the regulatory process. The survey takes an estimated ten minutes to complete. No cultivated meat products have yet been approved for sale in the UK, but at least one company — Ivy Farm — has reportedly been told to expect approval by the end of …


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Italian Cultivated Meat Ban Could Be “Unenforceable” Due to Violation of EU Scrutiny Procedure

The European Commission has said that Italy violated an EU scrutiny procedure by banning cultivated meat without allowing other member states or the Commission itself to give their views. The Italian government first proposed the ban in March of last year, citing a lack of studies on the effects of cultivated meat. In October, it was revealed that a draft law proposing the ban had been withdrawn from EU scrutiny, along with another bill to restrict the use of meat-like terms on plant-based product packaging. The controversial bills were then passed by the Italian Chamber of Deputies in November. According to the European Commission, the draft laws should have been subjected to the TRIS procedure, which is intended to prevent national parliaments from passing bills …


Cultivated Chicken FDA

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Singapore’s Islamic Council Rules Cultivated Meat Halal “Under Certain Conditions”

The Fatwa Committee of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) announced last week that after conducting extensive deliberations for a year, they have determined that cultivated meat consumption can be considered halal “under specific conditions.” The specific halal requirements outlined by MUIS include ensuring that the cell lines used in cultivated meat production are derived from an animal species that Muslims are allowed to eat, that the cell-culture medium does not contain non-halal ingredients, and that the appropriate food safety regulatory agency approves the finished product. It’s worth noting that these requirements align with those released by Shariah scholars in Saudi Arabia last September.  “Incorporating novel foods into our diets, especially those cultivated through environmentally sustainable methods, holds the potential to address critical global challenges. This approach harmonizes with the fundamental …


Ivy Farm / Fortnum & Mason scotch egg

Courtesy of Ivy Farm

Ivy Farm Anticipates Regulatory Approval After Creating Cultivated Meat Scotch Egg With Fortnum & Mason

The UK’s Ivy Farm Technologies has partnered with high-end department store Fortnum & Mason to develop what is said to be the world’s first scotch egg containing cultivated meat, stating it expects its cultivated sausage meat to be available to consumers by the beginning of 2025. According to The Guardian, Ivy Farm had threatened to relocate to the US if cultivated meat was not approved for sale in the UK, leading to talks with the government. The company has now been told to expect Food Standards Authority (FSA) approval by the end of the year, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said to be in favour of granting approval. The product, sampled last week at a panel regarding the future of meat production to highlight the …


Hoxton Farms cultivated fat

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Hoxton Farms Appoints Former Impossible Foods CSO Following Recent Hires from GOOD Meat and Aleph Farms

UK cultivated fats specialist Hoxton Farms announces it has appointed Nick Halla to its Board. Halla is the former Chief Strategy Officer at Impossible Foods, where he was a founding employee having teamed up with Pat Brown back in 2011. The biotech states that Halla’s experience in commercialisation and growth at Impossible Foods will prove invaluable as it begins to scale and expand internationally. With Nick’s help, Hoxton Farms takes one step closer to creating a deliciously fatty future. The news comes on the heels of the company’s recent strategic hiring of Vítor Espirito Santo, previously Senior Director of Cellular Agriculture at GOOD Meat, and Nadav Tal, former Director of R&D Engineering at Aleph Farms, in preparation for commercialisation of its product, which it describes …


PureField Ingredients wheat blue

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Study: Non-Allergenic Wheat Protein Could Act as a Scaffold for Cultivated Meat

A study published in the journal ACS Biomaterials & Engineering has investigated the potential of glutenin — a non-allergenic wheat protein — to act as a scaffold for cultivated meat production. Researchers isolated glutenin from gluten, before forming it into flat and ridge-patterned films. Mouse cells that develop into skeletal muscle were then placed on the films and incubated for two weeks. Cells successfully grew and proliferated on both films. By the second week, they had formed long parallel bundles replicating the fiber structure of muscles. The performance was not as good as gelatin-based films, but was considered sufficient. Further work could improve how cells attach to the plant-based films. Another test was carried out with mouse cells that produce fat tissues. These also proliferated …


Meatable's co-founders

Meatable's co-founders Daan Luining (R) and Krijn de Noo - Image courtesy of Meatable

Meatable Prepares for First Cultivated Pork Tasting in the Netherlands, Mosa Meat to Follow with Cultivated Beef 

Dutch cultivated pork company Meatable announces that it has submitted a dossier to hold the country’s first legally sanctioned cultivated meat tasting. As soon as the experts give the green light, Meatable will host the first-ever tasting of its cultivated pork products. Only last November, the company opened a new pilot facility to expand the production ahead of a cultivated pork launch poised for 2024.  Krijn de Nood, co-founder and CEO at Meatable, said: “We can’t wait to invite people to try our delicious pork sausages and experience for themselves that it doesn’t just look and taste like meat, it is meat.” The first EU tastings of cultivated beef The news follows the recent launch of an independent Expert Committee by Cellular Agriculture Netherlands (CANS) on behalf …


Aleph Cuts cultivated steak

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EU Ministers Against Cultivated Meat Debate at EU Council Using Misinformation Says GFI

Yesterday, at an EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting, ministers gathered to discuss cultivated meat and its potential to benefit or threaten people and the environment. A coalition of 13 agricultural ministers, rather than 12 as initially reported by Euronews, led by Austria, France, and Italy, had sent a note to the EU council urging a revision of the regulatory approval framework for cultivated meat.  Supported by Czech, Cypriot, Greek, Hungarian, Luxembourg, Lithuanian, Maltese, Romanian, Slovak, and Spanish delegations, they raised concerns about the potential threat of cultivated meat to the economy, public health, and farmers while questioning its “naturalness” (fake meat) and sustainability. Austria’s Ministry of Health, which bears responsibility for food safety, has clarified that the note does not represent the stance of the Austrian government. A controversial …


Ivy Farm spaghetti dish

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UK Food Standards Agency to Survey Cultivated Meat Manufacturers as It Considers Regulatory Changes

The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued a survey to cultivated meat manufacturers in the country as it considers making changes to regulatory policies. As reported by Food Manufacture, the survey aims to determine when companies will seek regulatory approval and what technologies they are using. The FSA is now welcoming applications for cultivated meat products, after it was announced in October that ministers and regulators were looking to accelerate the approval process for these foods. It is hoped that the industry could help the UK meet its sustainability targets, along with boosting food security. The FSA will present possibilities for a new streamlined regulatory approval system at its meeting on March 20. Since the UK is no longer in the EU, it will …


Aleph Farms has received regulatory approval from Israel's Ministry of Health to sell its cultivated beef to the public.

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Aleph Farms Receives World’s First Approval for Cultivated Beef, Petit Steak to Hit Israeli Restaurants Soon

Aleph Farms, a pioneer in Israel’s cultivated meat industry, announces regulatory approval from Israel’s Ministry of Health (MoH) through a “No Questions” letter, allowing the company to sell its cultivated beef to the public. This approval marks the world’s first approval for cultivated beef and positions Israel as the third country to approve cultivated meat products — after Singapore and the USA’s approval for cultivated chicken.  It is also the first green light for cultivated meat in the Middle East. “2024 stands to be a landmark year for the advancement of regulatory pathways and commercialization of cultivated meat. With this historic regulatory approval, Israel’s Ministry of Health (MoH) has firmly cemented its leadership position in introducing world-changing innovation in a way that builds trust with consumers,” said …


Multus has recently unveiled what it claims is the world's first commercial-scale production plant for developing affordable, food-safe growth media for the cultivated meat industry.

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UK Biotech Multus Unveils World’s First Commercial-Scale Serum-Free Growth Media Facility

British biotech Multus has recently unveiled what it claims is the world’s first commercial-scale production plant for developing affordable, serum-free growth media for the cultivated meat industry. The exact location of the facility has not been revealed yet.  This expansion comes after the company successfully raised £7.9 million in January to produce its growth media at scale, bolstered by a £2.15 million equity-free grant from Innovate UK through the EIC Accelerator.  In its initial phase, Multus raised Multus £1.6 million to launch Proliferum M, a growth medium for large-scale use in the food industry. Later, its ingredients received ISO 22000 certification, ensuring they are produced according to food safety standards. Accessing economies of scale Developing growth media without fetal bovine serum, a critical component for cell growth, has been a …


Cultivated chicken on a small grill. Japan's government is making changes and transferring powers to different organizations to shift toward a more flexible approach to the novel food sector-

Cultivated chicken © Diverse Farm

New Changes in Japan’s Approach to Cultivated Meat Regulation and Safety, PM Kishida to Play Key Role

The Japanese government is making changes and transferring powers to different organizations to shift toward a more flexible approach to the novel food sector, including cultivated meat, announces the Japan Association for Cellular Agriculture (JACA). As explained by the organization, the responsibilities for novel foods are carried by two separate bodies: the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (MHLW), which focuses on risk management and food hygiene, and the Food Safety Commission (FSC), which handles risk assessment.  While no specific laws exist to approve or ban the sale of cultivated meat in Japan, the MHLW currently holds authority over cultivated meat, providing legal clarity regarding the sale, manufacturing, and import procedures. However, when issuing official statements to the public regarding the safety of cultivated food, the MHLW …


New study uncovers UK Farmers' mixed views on cultivated meat

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Game-Changing or Problematic? Study Uncovers Wide Range of Opinions from UK Farmers on Cultivated Meat

The first phase of a project investigating the views of farmers in the UK on cultivated meat led by teams from the University of Lincoln and Royal Agricultural University (RAU) has revealed complex opinions on the topic. Encouragingly, the study concludes that many farmers see potential opportunities in cultivated meat as a “game-changing technology” that can create cheaper meat products for populations with limited access to protein and may benefit arable farming more than livestock farming. The project is part of a two-year study, Cultured Meat & Farmers, funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) in the Transforming Food Systems Programme and led by the Royal Agricultural University (RAU). Complex views on the technology The research engaged 75 UK farmers across various …


Umami United

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Japanese Government Backs Alt Protein Innovators with Millions for Plant-Based Eggs and Cultivated Meat

The Japanese government has awarded $27.7 million in funding to two alternative protein startups: Umami United, a producer of plant-based eggs, and IntegriCulture, a cultivated meat biotechnology company, to support the nation’s economy and enhance food security. The Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Innovation Promotion Fund Project organized by Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries selected the startups. Since 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture has established a plan to diversify protein sources, labeling alternative proteins an important sector, which includes cultivated meat. Japan ranks as the second-largest market size for meat alternatives, valued at USD 247.5 million, according to the latest Food Frontier report on alternative proteins in Asia. However, its projected growth rate of 9% (CAGR 2022–27) is relatively low. This slower growth is driven by …


Cultivated meatballs

Image credit: Omeat

Market for Cultivated Meat Ingredients to See “Transformative Shift” in the Coming Years

According to a report by ResearchandMarkets, the global market for cultivated meat ingredients will see significant expansion over the next five years as the emphasis on sustainable proteins continues to increase. The market is said to be undergoing a “transformative shift”, as the food tech industry expands and advancements are made in cell engineering. New techniques to efficiently isolate and proliferate animal cells, along with improved bioreactors, will ensure that cultivated meat production can be scaled effectively. In turn, this will boost the market for cultivated meat ingredients. Meanwhile, the use of cost-effective ingredients such as algae, microorganisms, and plant-based ingredients as nutrient sources for cultivated cells could provide opportunities for innovation, creating further potential for market expansion. Barriers to acceptance However, the market is …


Multus and New Wave Biotech are joining forces to accelerate the production of cultivated meat.

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UK: Multus and New Wave Biotech Merge in AI Partnership to Lower the Costs of Cultivated Meat

Multus, a UK growth media innovator for cultivated meat, and London-based New Wave Biotech, a leader in AI bioprocess optimization software, are joining forces to lower the costs of cultivated meat using AI. Multus develops food-safe, animal-free growth media for the cultivated meat industry through AI, lab automation, and novel ingredients. New Wave Biotech develops AI bioprocess optimization software to help biotech companies launch their products more quickly and at a lower cost. Through the collaboration, Multus will harness the speed and accuracy of New Wave Biotech’s AI software to expand the production of its products at convenient prices. The software will help the growth media specialist create virtual experimentation on thousands of processes, leveraging real-life data for continual improvements. The AI eliminates unviable processes, accelerates …


A roasted turkey at Christmas dinner table

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University of Warwick Says Cultivated Turkey Will Soon Be a Christmas Dinner Centrepiece

A team of researchers from the University of Warwick in the UK believes that cultivated turkey will be the centerpiece of Christmas tables in the near future. Dr. Radu Cimpeanu, a theoretical mathematician, and his team are working to produce more affordable and sustainable alternatives to traditional meats, with the project supported by The Good Food Institute and the Cultivated Meat Modelling Consortium, in collaboration with Professor Daniel Harris from Brown University and partners from the industry. “Cultivated meat, or cultured meat, is genuine animal meat that is produced by cultivating animal cells directly. For example, cultivated turkey cells can replicate the sensory and nutritional profiles of conventional meat,” explained Dr. Cimpeanu. Currently in its initial phase, this cultivated meat project aims to develop computational …


mycoprotein meatballs in tomato sauce


New Hamilton White Paper Identifies Key Cost Drivers in Cultivated Meat Production

Hamilton, a leading name in laboratory automation technology and analytical sensors for the scientific community, has released a comprehensive white paper providing insights into the critical challenge of the cultivated meat industry: high production costs. In the white paper, Hamilton addresses the key cost drivers in cell-cultured meat production, proposes applying Process Analytic Technologies (PAT) to enhance performance and cost-effectiveness, and outlines innovative solutions to improve production by implementing these principles. According to Hamilton, PAT integrates advanced sensor technology to enhance efficiency and sustainability. It allows for real-time control and measurement of critical production parameters. In addition, it promises higher quality and volume yields while accelerating process optimization and shortening commercialization timelines. Proteins for future generations Additionally, the company highlights how in-line sensors can measure …