Chris Dammann Bluu Biosciences

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Bluu Seafood: “By 2025 Cultivated Seafood Can Be Expected to Appear in Supermarkets”

Christian Dammann, PhD, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Bluu Seafood and VP at Cellular Agriculture Europe, is an internationally renowned expert in cellular agriculture and cultivated fish development as well as a former co-founder of BlueNalu. Bluu Seafood is one of the first cultivated seafood innovators in the European sphere and appointed Christian as its inaugural COO in 2021.  Christian focuses on process development, scaling-up, and – most crucially – regulatory affairs at Bluu Seafood so we talked with him about the present and future of both the company and the sector.  Plant-based alternatives for meat and some seafood can now be found in many supermarkets around the world. However, only one cultivated product, chicken, is available and only in Singapore. Cultivated seafood is not …


fish ball soup Umami Meats

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MeaTech & Umami Meats to Jointly Develop 3D Printed Cultured Seafood

MeaTech 3D Ltd. announces it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Umami Meats for the joint development of 3D-printed cultured structured seafood.  With this agreement, MeaTech adds seafood to its portfolio of bovine, avian and porcine products under development. Continued success for Umami Singaporean cultivated seafood startup Umami Meats, previously named semi-finalist in the XPRIZE “Feed the Next Billion” competition, aims to help make cultivated seafood less expensive to produce, with a mission to develop species that are expected to experience severe supply shortages due to overfishing and climate change. The focus will initially be on the cultivation of Japanese eel, yellowfin tuna, and red snapper, with a view to producing halibut, grouper, and mahi-mahi as future projects.  Umami received investment from CULT Food …


Is Cultivated Fish Possible at Scale? Find Out From Co-Founder Arye Elfenbein of Wildtype

What will it take to make enough fish from cells to feed the world? If so, what will it take to make enough fish from cells to feed the world? Find out from Co-Founder Arye Elfenbein of Wildtype on this episode of The Plantbased Business Hour with Elysabeth Alfano.  Specifically, they discuss: The benefit of cultivated fish over wild-caught or commercially farmed fish, How Wildtype procures their cell lines, What is the medium used for cell growth? How hard is it to scale, and Is FDA approval pending? Here is a short clip and transcript from their conversation. Podcast here. Display content from YouTube Click here to display content from YouTube. Learn more in YouTube’s privacy policy. Always display content from YouTube Open “Where Does Cultivated Fish …


Cultivated Fish Burger from Avant

Cultivated Fish Burger from © Avant

Avant Raises $10.8M to Commercialise Cultivated Seafood by 2023

Chinese biotech firm Avant has raised $10.8 million in its Series A funding round. The company intends to use the funding to commercialise cultivated seafood. The round was led by S2G Ventures, with other investors including Lever VC, CPT Capital, and Good Startup. It follows a seed round in late 2020, where Avant secured $3.1 million. At the time, the company was hoping to bring its products to market the following year, but this date has now been amended to 2023. Avant has already made considerable progress towards commercialisation by developing an animal-free cell culture medium. This has reduced the cost of its cultivated fish by over 90%, addressing a key challenge faced by the industry. Technology Pioneer Last year, Avant was named a Technology …


Aqua Cultured Whitefish

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Aqua Cultured Foods Conducts Alt-Seafood Tastings with Major Industry Partners

Aqua Cultured Foods, a startup making seafood from microbial fermentation, announces it has held multiple private tastings with leading food industry partners, including national distributors, multinational organizations, chefs and other food service and retail providers. The startup also reveals it is raising its next financing round, and actively seeking a Chicago-area site to begin construction of its first commercial plant. Using novel fermentation technology, Aqua is developing what it says are the world’s first whole-muscle cut seafood alternatives. Utilizing natural fermentation, the startup creates animal-free filets of tuna and whitefish as well as calamari, shrimp and scallops without any animal inputs or genetic altering. The startup also states its products offer a complete source of protein without the need for starches or protein isolates. In …


Cultivated scallops

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Mermade: Cultivated Scallops Made Using Low-Cost Aquaponics Technology

Mermade Seafoods is an Israeli company developing cultivated scallops. The company claims to be the first in the world to use aquaponics technology in cellular agriculture. Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture (seafood farming) and hydroponics (growing crops in nutrient solutions rather than soil). Essentially, Mermade takes nutrient-rich spent growth medium — a byproduct of cultivated meat and seafood production — and places it in a bioreactor with microalgae. The resulting algae biomass can be used to feed more cells, a circular process with the potential to drastically reduce the cost of cell cultivation. Mermade says it is focusing on scallops as their shape and texture is relatively easy to replicate. Additionally, conventional scallops are expensive, meaning the cultivated variety will not be significantly more …




CELL AG TECH Joins with Canadian Research Firm CCRM to Scale Cell-Based Fish Manufacturing

CULT Food Science, an alt-protein investment platform, announces its portfolio company CELL AG TECH is collaborating with the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) to efficiently scale CELL AG’s cultured seafood manufacturing. CELL AG has also been named a winner in Canada’s AcCELLerate-ON competition for its work on scaling fish muscle stem cells in 2D and 3D. As part of the signed agreement, CELL AG and CCRM’s scientists will work on developing a cost-effective and efficient process for growing fish cells in bioreactors. A leader in regenerative medicine-based technologies, CCRM’s cell manufacturing knowledge and ability to apply regenerative medicine principles to cell culturing will accelerate CELL AG’s development processes and improve product quality, the startup says.  Though the scaling of cell-based fish and seafood …




New Cultivated Seafood Startup E-FISHient Launched in Collab with Israeli Ministry of Agriculture

E-FISHient, a new cultivated seafood startup, has been launched in Israel. After success in the cultivated meat field, BioMeat Foodtech, the publicly traded Israeli investment fund, has collaborated with the Volcani Institute – a governmental organization and officially an arm of the Ministry of Agriculture – to develop the cultivated fish meat company. The Volcani Center, Israel’s national agricultural R&D center, will back the joint E-FISHient venture which will manufacture and market cultivated tilapia fish based on non-animal serum. The Nile tilapia is one of the most commonly grown fish species in global aquaculture – thus presenting a large market, while the serum itself is an additional product intended to serve the whole cultivated meat industry in general.  The BioMeat Foodtech partnership will hold the …


UPSIDE Foods Chicken Taco

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UPSIDE Foods Achieves Unicorn Status Following Largest Ever Fund Round in Cultivated Meat

UPSIDE Foods (previously Memphis Meats) announces a $400 million Series C round which included returning investors Cargill, Tyson Foods, and Bill Gates. UPSIDE says this is the largest round in the industry to date and brings its valuation to over $1 billion, thus achieving Unicorn status. The news closely follows Upside’s acquisition of Culture Decadence, producer of cultivated lobster. Pending regulatory approval, which is slated to take place in 2022, UPSIDE Foods says it intends to initially launch on the US market. The fresh funds will be utilised to expedite commercialisation, build a commercial-scale facility with a planned annual capacity of tens of millions of pounds of cultivated meat, and develop the supply chain for ACF Cell Feed – a cell media that the company …


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CellMEAT to Launch Cultivated Shrimp in Singapore Following $8.1M Series A

CellMEAT, a South Korean company developing cultivated shrimp, has secured $8.1 million (10 billion KRW) in Series A, bringing its total raised to $14.1 million. The cellular agriculture startup will now double pilot production of its cultivated shrimp before entering the B2B and B2C market in Singapore within the next 12 months. The Gwangju-based company will also develop other cultivated seafood product lines, including lobster and crab, as first reported by TechCrunch.     Singapore provides the perfect launchpad for CellMEAT’s cultivated shrimp as the only country so far to have given regulatory approval for cultivated meat products on the commercial market. The company recently revealed the development of a new cell culture medium without foetal bovine serum, which it claims will help reduce production costs in …


GFI State of Industry 2022


GFI’s 2022 State of the Industry Reports Reveal Record Global Investment in Alt Seafood

The Good Foods Institute (GFI) has released its annual State of the Industry Report covering the fields of cultivated, fermented and plant-based proteins, as well as alternative seafood. The report’s biggest findings are summarized here.  Asia Dominates Alt-Seafood Global investments in alternative seafood soared in 2021, nearly doubling the total amount invested in 2020. By far, the greatest concentration of investment and research activity took place in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, where the majority of the world’s fish is consumed, and where startups and investors see the most lucrative opportunities. New Crop Innovations  The past year saw a surge of interest in novel crops outside of wheat, soy and peas with high protein content and protein functionality. Aquatic crops such as microalgae, seaweeds and …




Bluu Seafood and CellX Partner to “Make Cellular Agriculture a Reality” Within Germany & China

Bluu Seafood and CellX today announce a strategic partnership, stating they are committed to a shared goal to “make cellular agriculture a reality” and advance regulatory approval in their countries, respectively Germany and China. Bluu Seafood (formerly Bluu Biosciences), which claims to be the first European company specializing in cultivated fish, will present its first product this year. CellX, which claims to be the leading cultivated meat company in China, showcased several products in 2021 with a focus on pork and is now expanding into beef and poultry. Chris Dammann, COO of Bluu Seafood, is a VP and board member of Cellular Agriculture Europe, while Ziliang Yang, founder and CEO of CellX, is Secretary of the APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture. The newly formed partnership …


Wanda Fish Technologies

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Wanda Fish Technologies Launches Cultivated Fish Collaboration with Tufts University

Israeli food-tech startup Wanda Fish Technologies has entered a new partnership with Tufts University in Massachusetts, US. The collaboration aims to accelerate the production of cell-cultured fish following breakthrough developments in fish cell cultivation at the famed research university.  “Marine biodiversity is critical to the survival of people and our planet. Overfishing, as well as water pollution, is damaging the vast and vital ocean ecosystem” Two agreements have been signed between Wanda Fish and Tufts; the first being a licensing agreement giving exclusive rights to Wanda Fish of certain intellectual property in fish cell cultivation developed by Tufts researcher David Kaplan PhD, a leader in the field of cellular agriculture. Additionally, a two-year sponsored research agreement has been agreed upon, supporting Kaplan’s research into cellular …



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California’s Finless Foods Secures $34M For Cell-Cultured Bluefin Tuna

Finless Foods, which claims to have been the first cell-cultured seafood producer and the first to serve cell-cultured fish in the US, has closed a $34M Series B round, bringing its total raise to $48M. The company states the fresh funds will be used to launch plant-based tuna nationally into US foodservice. In addition, the funding will allow Finless Foods to explore international distribution in Asia; expand its plant-based seafood portfolio; expand the team; gain regulatory approval for its cell-cultured bluefin tuna; and “lead the industry in reducing the price of cell-cultured bluefin tuna to reach price parity with its conventional equivalent.” The Emeryville California company announced the development of its plant-based tuna in June 2021, stating: “In our pursuit of cell-cultured tuna, plant ingredients …


Umami Meats Team Photo

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Umami Meats Secures $2.4M Pre-Seed for Cultivated Seafood at Price Parity

Umami Meats, the Singapore-based food tech startup developing cultivated seafood, has secured pre-seed funding of $2.4 million. Umami Meats will leverage its plant-derived growth serum to enable cultivated seafood production at price parity, with the goal of drastically reducing the two trillion fish caught every year.  Creating healthy, sustainable seafood without damage to animals or the oceans, Umami Meats’ new funding will be used to further develop its low-cost production system for cultivated seafood. The brand hopes to pave the way for Singapore to host the leading technology platform for minimizing the cost of large-scale cell-based manufacturing.  The pre-seed funding round was co-led by Better Bite Ventures, an APAC-focused alt protein VC, and CULT Food Science amongst others. Umami Meats claims its low-cost, scalable production …