Nurishh Cash Giveaway

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Nurishh Offering $200 ‘Cream Cheese Credit’ For Consumers Who Switch to Animal-Free Cream Cheese

Nurishh Incredible Dairy, owned by Bel Brands USA, is offering US consumers a $200 financial credit and a chance to win a year’s supply of Nurishh Animal Free Cream Cheese for switching to its cheese. Similar to the use of ‘green’ credits for purchasing solar panels or driving electric cars, Nurishh aims to incentivize consumers to choose its more eco-friendly cream cheese, which features real dairy made without cows.  Starting today, bagel and cream cheese lovers can apply for a chance to receive $200 in cash for making the switch to Nurishh, which is the first alternative dairy brand from Bel Brands USA. Developed in partnership with alt-dairy startup Perfect Day, Nurishh Animal Free Cream Cheese offers the same taste and texture as traditional cream cheese, …


Juicy Marbles' plant-based raw whole cut loin being cut in a board

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The 9 Most Incredible Brands Disrupting Steak with Plants (North America)

While plant-based burgers, sausages and meatballs have long dominated the alt-meat landscape, creating realistic steak from plants has always represented the highest, if seemingly unattainable goal, for many brands. But thanks to fearless and relentless innovation, a host of shockingly meaty and juicy plant-based steaks have arrived on the US and Canadian market, and are rapidly coming to the fore. Here, vegconomist takes a look at the most noteworthy names bringing animal-free steak to mainstream consumers.  1. Beyond Meat  While not a fully structured filet, Beyond’s “revolutionary” plant-based steak tips marked a major milestone for the company, which previously only offered ground-textured products like burgers and sausages. According to CEO Ethan Brown, Beyond Steak took five years of extensive R&D to develop. The product can …


Matt Gibson, New Culture

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Op Ed: Matt Gibson, CEO and Co-Founder of New Culture, on Precision Fermentation

“Precision fermentation is here to define a more sustainable, delicious path for the alternative protein industry,” says Matt Gibson, co-founder and CEO of California’s New Culture. Founded in 2019, New Culture is “revolutionizing how cheese is made by combining traditional cheesemaking methods with modern fermentation technology”, a process that Gibson asserts has been used for decades and is already used to make products in nearly every aisle of the grocery store. Precision Fermentation: The Future of the Alternative Protein Industry By Matt Gibson, CEO and co-Founder, New Culture In mid-November 2022, the global human population reached 8.0 billion from an estimated 2.5 billion people in 1950, adding 1 billion people since 2010 and 2 billion since 1998. This is causing the global demand for meat …


The Live Green Co. percision fermentation plant, Chile

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Chile: The Live Green Co. Reveals New Precision Fermentation Division

Chilean food technology-focused The Live Green Co. has announced the launch of a new precision fermentation division to address food safety, health and climate change issues. Together with its proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning platform Charaka™, which researches and develops products and food additive replacements using only plants, it will develop licensed product formulations and cutting-edge scientific solutions in a faster, more cost-effective, sustainable and effective way. Precision fermentation will also enable Charaka™ to address proteomics and incorporate both plants and proteins into its database. “We want to be the catalyst” Carolina Carriel, product R&D leader at The Live Green Co. says: “At Live Green we want to be the catalyst that promotes better agricultural production practices, and the integration of new technologies such …


fermentation-derived beef fat

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Researchers Upcycle Agricultural Waste to Produce Fats for Alt Meat

Researchers from Connectomix Bio are investigating a method to transform agricultural waste into lipids for use in meat alternatives. The method will involve turning discarded parts of crops, such as corn husks, into a gas. This gas will then be used to feed microbes, which will produce lipids via fermentation. The resulting fatty acids could be added to cultivated and plant-based meats, improving their taste and texture. The researchers will tailor the lipids to particular applications, such as chicken, beef, or pork alternatives. They will also investigate different processes — for example, the biogas that is initially produced could be converted into another type of gas or a liquid to make the method more economical. Funded by GFI, the project will be run by a …


Every Co. Eggs

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Anna Hathaway Invests in The EVERY Co. to Accelerate Chicken-Free Egg Proteins

Food tech startup The EVERY Co. announces actress Anne Hathaway has invested in its animal-free egg platform for an undisclosed amount. The backing marks Hathway’s first B2B investment, and will help drive the company’s momentum as it prepares to expand into a variety of channels.  According to EVERY, Hathaway was drawn to impact investing after making lifestyle adjustments to reduce her consumption of meat and single-use plastics. She cites EVERY’s impact, technology and nutrition advantages as key influences in her decision to support the company.  “The need to transform our food system has never been clearer or more urgent,” shared Hathaway. “An important piece of the puzzle is in nature-equivalent animal proteins, such as EVERY has been developing. I’m proud to back this vision of …


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Alt-Dairy Startup New Culture Appoints ‘Hu’ Chocolate CEO Mark Ramadan to Board of Directors

Animal-free cheese startup New Culture announces it is appointing Mark Ramadan, the CEO of leading chocolate brand Hu, to its Board of Directors.  According to New Culture, Ramadan’s appointment marks the company’s next step as it prepares for its first public tastings of animal-free mozzarella, in preparation for a US launch in 2024.  Ramadan is currently the CEO of Hu (pronounced “hue”), which is said to be America’s leading better-for-you chocolate brand. Imploring consumers to “Get Back to Human”,  Hu sells a range of dairy-free chocolate bars made from a strict list of simple ingredients. Many of Hu’s chocolates are vegan as well as paleo and refined sugar-free.  Prior to Hu,  Mark was the co-founder and CEO of Sir Kensington’s, which produces a line of …


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ProVeg Incubator Announces 10th Cohort, Seeking Startups in Plant-Based, Fermentation & Cultivated Foods

The ProVeg Incubator, the world’s first and leading alt-protein startup accelerator, invites applications for its tenth cohort, announcing that it has increased the amount of investment for this edition. Startups that join and complete the programme can now benefit from up to €300K investment — an increase from the previous €250K — including €75K worth of in-kind services. The Incubator aims to support mission-driven startups working on plant-based, fermentation, and cultured-food products and technologies. Startups applying for the cohort should, through their offering, provide the potential to remove animals from the global food system, either by the production of alternatives to animal products or through supporting technology.  Based in Berlin, the Incubator especially welcomes applications from startups developing egg, seafood, and chicken alternatives, as well …


liberation labs precision fermentation plant

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Liberation Labs to Develop “First Purpose-Built” Precision Fermentation Plant in the US

Liberation Labs Holdings, a large-scale precision fermentation contract manufacturer, announces it has acquired the land to develop its first commercial-scale biomanufacturing facility in the Midwest Industrial Park in Richmond, Indiana. The precision fermentation manufacturer expects to invest $115 million in the facility and plans to create an estimated 45 well-paying manufacturing jobs. According to Liberation Labs, it will be the first purpose-built commercial precision fermentation plant in the United States. The new facility will have a fermentation capacity of 600,000 liters with a fully dedicated downstream process (DSP), allowing the company to manufacture bio-based consumer products at a lower cost for the US market instead of relying on Europe’s production. Manufacturing precision fermentation proteins The company closed on a $20 million seed round of funding …


Väcka cheese lifestyle

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Väcka Unveils Market-First Cheeses Made From Olive Oil & Fermented Melon Seed Milk

Spanish Foodtech Väcka announces it has launched the only plant-based cheeses made with melon seeds and olive oil, through the application of a “disruptive world unique fermentation process” for which the brand has filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Across the brand’s Mözza and Pumpkin lines, fermented almond milk has been replaced by melon seed milk, and coconut oil with extra virgin olive oil, leading to an improvement in the taste of the products and a more sustainable production process. A “disruptive innovation” The new method will progressively be applied to the Vrie and Filä varieties, representing what Väcka states is a “disruptive innovation in the production of vegetable cheeses”, claiming that it improves water consumption by 99.1%, land use by …


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Meet Modern Kitchen: “Uncompromising” Animal-Free Cream Cheese With Real Dairy Ingredients

While plant-based cream cheese products continue to grow in size and diversity, Modern Kitchen is bringing something entirely new to the market: a non-animal cream cheese made with real dairy ingredients.  Using Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein, Modern Kitchen says it is taking a modern food tech approach to reinvent traditional foods without compromising on taste. By utilizing Perfect Day’s revolutionary protein, made with precision fermentation, the brand says its products reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 97% when compared to conventional dairy.  First launched in 2022, Modern Kitchen sells a full lineup of lactose-free cream cheeses in several flavors, including a newly added “Plain” variety. Last year, the brand debuted in regional US grocery chains Harris Teeter and Market Basket.   Made with a …


General Mills Vegan Cream Cheese

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General Mills Launches Bold Cultr Cream Cheese Made with Remilk Animal-Free Dairy

Alt-dairy startup Remilk announces global food giant General Mills is launching Bold Cultr Cream Cheese made with Remilk’s animal-free protein. Now available in the state of Minnesota, with wider distribution planned, the product marks Remilk’s first commercial collaboration.  Described as a lactose-free, next-gen cream cheese alternative, Bold Cultr features Remilk’s dairy-identical proteins produced through precision fermentation. The cream cheese, currently available in a Plain variety, also prominently displays Remilk’s logo on its packaging.  According to Remilk, this is the first of three cream cheeses the company will be launching, with new flavors such as Onion & Chive and Strawberry also in the works, reports CTech.  “We provide raw material that allows companies to produce a product with the same taste and texture, and it will …


kinoko's fungi-based product served with vegetables

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Kinoko Turns Legumes into High-Quality Protein Foods Using Mycelium & SSF

Kinoko-Tech is an Israel-based B2B company developing high-quality protein plant-based foods by “harnessing fermentation to elevate healthy food to superfood”. The company was founded in 2019 by Jasmin Ravid and Hadar Shohat, to supply food manufacturers and the food service industry with fermented fungi-based ingredients and products to be used as a source of high-quality protein.  Solid state fermentation  Kinoko claims it has developed a solid-state fermentation technology (SSF) platform that supports various fungi strains and legumes, enabling the company to make multiple mycelium-based foods.  The company’s SSF process creates protein-packed nutritious foods containing all nine essential amino acids plus the legume’s fibres. Fermentation and the mycelium give the legumes an umami flavour which tastes like a “combination between lentils and mushrooms,” says Ravid. After …


The Laughing Cow Plant Based

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Update: Bel Brands USA Unveils First Animal-Free Dairy with Nurishh Incredible Dairy and Laughing Cow Plant-Based

Update Jan 4th: Comment from Bel USA as follows. Due to unforeseen production challenges of The Laughing Cow Plant-Based, rollout in the US has been delayed. We remain excited and eager for The Laughing Cow fans to try it when it’s available on shelves. Following the successful launches of Babybel Plant Based and Boursin Dairy-Free, Bel Brands USA announces the launch of The Laughing Cow Plant Based and Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free Cream Cheese – its first animal-free product created in partnership with Perfect Day.  Debuting at select retailers, including Kroger and Whole Foods, the new offerings include:  The Laughing Cow Plant Based – Certified plant-based and vegan, The Laughing Cow Plant Based delivers the same taste and creamy spreadability people know and love. …


Israel Innovation Authority

Dror Bin. © Israel Innovation Authority

Israel Innovation Authority to Establish New Precision Fermentation Infrastructure

The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) has announced a RFP (request for proposal) with the aim of establishing new infrastructure for precision fermentation. Specifically, the organisation is looking to construct facilities that use fermentation to produce alternative proteins. This is part of a national operational plan by the IIA to “maintain and expand the strength of its developmental ecosystem in the field of alternative proteins”. Israel’s food tech industry is an R&D priority The hope is that improved fermentation infrastructure could allow for increased production volumes, along with technical-economic viability experiments that are not currently possible in Israel. With the production of larger batches, companies will be able to conduct R&D and carry out consumer testing. Eventually, this could pave the way for the establishment of …