Tetra Pak Mycorena

Charles Brand, Tetra Pak Executive Vice President for Processing Solutions & Equipment, & Dr. Ramkumar Nair, Founder and CEO, Mycorena ©Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak Collaborates with Mycoprotein Innovator Mycorena on “Ground-Breaking” Alt Protein Plant

Tetra Pak is to collaborate with Mycorena to build a greenfield production facility for fungi fermentation. With the goal of building a more resilient and sustainable global food system, the new facility will utilize Mycorena’s innovative fungi fermentation for alt protein food applications. The new plant, located in Falkenberg, Sweden, will produce a meat replacement product from fungi. The factory’s first phase will include mince-based products that will serve as ingredients for making alt meat products, with the fast-growing Mycorena also announcing plans to expand its production capacity and extend its geographical reach by opening new factories across Europe and Asia in the near future.  Packaging giant Tetra Pak’s relationship with Mycorena dates back to 2019 and forms part of the company’s ambition to reach …


© Jendrik Hill/Mushlabs

Mushlabs Partners With Bitburger Brewery Group to Upcycle Beer Byproducts

Berlin-based biotech startup Mushlabs has announced a partnership with Bitburger Brewery Group, one of Germany’s largest private breweries. As part of the collaboration, Mushlabs will use byproducts from Bitburger’s beer production to make edible fermented mycelium. Additionally, Bitburger will provide Mushlabs with increased production capacity. Worldwide, Mushlabs is one of the first startups to use upcycled ingredients to ferment mycelium. Bitburger has previously recycled its byproducts by supplying them to the agricultural sector, but the new collaboration will improve sustainability even further by allowing Mushlabs to reduce the distance its materials are transported. Creating a circular economy This will help to lower Mushlabs’ carbon footprint, making fermentation an even more efficient way of producing protein. Through the collaboration, the two companies hope to provide an …


BAIA Honey Panna Cotta

©BAIA/ MeliBio

MeliBio Partners with San Francisco’s BAIA to Debut Exclusive Bee-Free Honey Menu

MeliBio, a startup making real honey without bees, announces its groundbreaking honey is now available at San Francisco’s BAIA restaurant for a limited time. From July to September, guests at BAIA can order the startup’s award-winning honey in two exclusive summertime dishes. The new collaboration comes ahead of MeliBio’s official launch at select US restaurants later this year.  BAIA will feature the honey, which MeliBio says is indistinguishable in taste and texture from conventional honey, in two plant-based menu items – a bruschetta appetizer with tomato, chili and basil and bee-free honeycomb panna cotta.  Filling a “critical gap” in flavor According to BAIA Executive Chef Joshua Yap, the brand’s honey helps to fill a critical gap in flavor. “Many times while developing a new plant-based …


Bel Brands USA Dairy-Free Products

©Bel Brands USA

Bel Group and Superbrewed Food Enter Partnership to Develop Cheeses with Postbiotic Cultured Protein

Multinational cheese leader Bel Group, which owns iconic snacking brands Babybel and Boursin, announces a strategic collaboration with fermentation startup Superbrewed Food to develop a line of cheeses with Superbrewed’s Postbiotic Cultured Protein. According to Bel, the company intends to develop a full range of cheeses, both dairy and plant-based, that incorporate Superbrewed’s Protein, a nutrient-rich ingredient made from microflora that convert plant fibers. The protein will be ready to ship from Superbrewed’s Delaware facility in the first half of 2023, and Bel says it plans to propose the newly formulated products to consumers “very soon”.  Based in New Castle, Delaware, Superbrewed uses traditional anaerobic fermentation processes to create a high-quality protein with all 9 essential amino acids. According to Superbrewed, this minimally processed ingredient delivers …


Paleo founders


Paleo Introduces Range of GMO-Free Heme Variations Featuring Mammoth Protein

Using precision fermentation technology, Brussels-based food technology firm Paleo has released six new non-GMO heme variations that are bioidentical to their animal equivalents. Among the new variations is mammoth protein, part of the species extinct in the wild. Back in December 2021, the food technology startup raised €2M in seed round investment to fund an R&D centre, pilot plant and experience centre for the creation of their sophisticated meat and fish proteins. As discussed in the Future Food Series hosted by ProVeg Incubator in March, precision fermentation products are ready to be a game-changer for the plant-based industry stating that they “may be more successful with consumers as they can compare with conventional animal products.” Paleo is using its groundbreaking precision fermentation technology to achieve …


Mushroom MycoTechnology

© MycoTechnology

Scientists Confirm MycoTechnology’s Potential to Nutritionally Outperform Animal Products

According to a new study published by the Journal of Food Science and Technology, MycoTechnology’s groundbreaking FermentIQ™ PTP protein powder unlocks competitive advantages for plant proteins and might help to overcome pressing issues faced by the industry today. As the world’s leading explorer of mycelia, Myco Technology continues to make a dent in the food industry. Back in May, the Colorado-based foodtech company announced a joint venture with Oman Investment Authority (OIA) to use locally-grown dates in the production of mushroom-based protein. With plans to turn the novel protein into a commercially-available product by 2025, the company has now received scientific confirmation that it has the potential to outperform animal products. Next-generation plant proteins by MycoTechnology Due to MycoTechnology’s proprietary mushroom mycelia fermentation platform, next-generation …


cultivated pork belly

© Joes Future Food

China’s Interest in Fermented and Cultivated Proteins Soars as Country Faces Meat Deficit

According to GFI Consultancy, interest in fermented and cultivated proteins is rising considerably in China as the country seeks to improve its sustainability and become more self-sufficient. The country’s investors are increasingly targeting the alt-protein sector, and Chinese fermentation companies have raised a total of 80 million yuan ($11.9 million) since 2020. Lever China recently reported six new alt-protein investments, taking its portfolio in this sector to 12 companies. Meat deficit A transition to alternative proteins will be vital for China, as demand for meat is skyrocketing and the country looks set to experience a meat deficit of over 53 million tonnes between 2021 and 2030. The environmental impact of animal agriculture is also increasingly becoming a concern, as China works towards becoming carbon neutral …


Umaro Foods Bacon in Pan

©Umaro Foods

New Report Says Alt Protein is On Track to Shape Multi-Trillion Dollar Food Market

A new report by consultancy firm Bain & Company and capital fund ZINTINUS says the “transformation of the world’s food market towards a more sustainable model is now at a tipping point, within an annual global food market of US $8 trillion.” Sustainability will define the future food supply, and the report identifies alternative proteins as a key trend to help the sector improve consumers’ health while reducing food waste and its overall carbon footprint.  According to the report, 40% of Millenials and Gen Z say they have been eating more healthily since the start of the pandemic, with 75% saying they spend more on buying sustainable food products. While plant-based foods still only make up about 1% of the total food market, they are …


service Alchemist courtesy GFI

Image: Søren Gammelmark / @gammelmarkphoto

Scientists to Develop New Seafood by Fusing Fungi and Seaweed With Alchemist Michelin Chefs

The Good Food Institute (GFI) is funding a team of scientists to work with chefs at Copenhagen’s two Michelin-starred restaurant Alchemist to create a new seafood by growing fungi on seaweed. The project, headed by Dr Leonie Jahn from the Technical University of Denmark and Diego Prado, head of research at Alchemist, will see the chefs experiment with fungi to eventually create whole-cut seafood by using the fungi to ferment seaweed. If successful, the product may be sold at the restaurant and could go on to be widely available for purchase. Dr Leonie Johanna Jahn commented: “I think there’s huge potential here – there aren’t a lot of seafood alternatives on the market but there’s certainly a need for them. This is also an area …


Margaret Coons, Nuts For Cheese

Margaret Coons ©Nuts for Cheese

Nuts For Cheese Raises $5.35M for Expansion of Cashew-Based Artisan Cheese

Canada’s Nuts For Cheese, manufacturer of fermented cashew-based cheeses and butters, today announces it has closed a $5.35 million funding round led by Forage Capital Partners The investment will go towards equipment and facility enhancements, key hires, innovation and marketing initiatives. The company will also be implementing a board of directors led by Mike Fata as Chairman of the Board. Says Jim Taylor, Partner at Forage: “Forage is really excited to invest in a leading vegan cheese company that provides consumers with a real food alternative to traditional cheeses.”  Founded in 2015 by vegan chef Margaret Coons, who initially sold the cheeses in farmers’ markets, the brand expanded into more than 1,900 retail outlets in Canada and entered the US with vendors including Whole Foods …


Brave Robot/ Coolhaus Ice Cream

©Brave Robot/ Coolhaus

Brave Robot and Coolhaus Release First Joint Product: Animal-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

Brave Robot, the animal-free ice cream brand created by The Urgent Company, and cult favorite ice cream brand Coolhaus announce the debut of Animal-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches, the two companies’ first collaborative product.  “Creamy and decadent” Made with Perfect Day’s cow-free milk protein, the Brave Robot x Coolhaus Animal-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches are launching at US Krogers stores nationwide this month. The launch marks the first time Coolhaus, a women-owned brand that was acquired by The Urgent Company last year, is leveraging animal-free dairy ingredients in its product line.  The ice cream sandwiches will be available in two varieties: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Mint Chocolate Chip. Each flavor retails for $7.99 per pack of three sandwiches. Each sandwich contains 290 calories and is completely …


Abolis Biotechnologies

© Abolis Biotechnologies

Bon Vivant and Abolis Biotechnologies Sign Strategic Partnership to Bring Animal-Free Dairy to France

French alt dairy startup Bon Vivant has announced a major new deal with European biotech leader Abolis. The companies have formed a strategic partnership to produce precision fermentation-based animal-free dairy products on an industrial scale.  With the aim of becoming European leaders in the production of animal-free dairy products, Bon Vivant and Abolis Biotechnologies have signed the agreement to pool their expertise to mass-produce milk proteins created with precision fermentation and offer them to the dairy industry. Together, they aim to revolutionize production methods to offer animal-free dairy products on a mass scale.  Lyon-based Bon Vivant has teamed up with fellow French company Abolis as it uses synthetic biology to support manufacturers in their transition to more sustainable molecules and production processes. The major milestone …


Remilk Dairy Products


Remilk Receives Green Light Allowing Sale of Non-Animal, Real Dairy Protein in USA

Remilk, an Israeli company developing animal-free dairy, has obtained self-affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status, in accordance with FDA requirements, signalling the entrance of its non-animal, real-dairy products in the USA. GRAS status indicates that Remilk’s products have been considered safe for consumption in food and beverages and as such can be used to produce non-animal varieties of common dairy items such as ice cream, yogurt, and cream cheese. The company can now begin selling to CPGs, with sales projected to begin “in the coming quarters”. Founded by CEO Aviv Wolff and CTO Ori Cohavi, Remilk produces dairy-identical milk proteins through precision fermentation and has developed a unique and patented approach to scalable manufacturing. The company raised $120 million in an oversubscribed Series B …


©Strive Nutrition

Strive Nutrition Partners With Perfect Day For FREEMILK Alt Dairy With Animal-Free Whey Protein

Strive Nutrition Corp. is partnering with alt-dairy leader Perfect Day to release a new line of milk alternatives enriched with animal-free whey protein. Launching online in July, the lineup will feature the flagship product FREEMILK Whole as well as Oat+Protein and Almond+Protein, which promise to deliver the rich taste of dairy milk with more protein and nutritional benefits.  Strive’s lead product is FREEMILK Whole, which foams, whips, blends, and cooks like traditional dairy. Made with Perfect Day’s precision-fermented whey protein, FREEMILK provides 25% more protein, 75% less sugar and less saturated fat than regular whole cow’s milk. The product is also free from lactose, cholesterol, hormones and antibiotics, and will be available in a nutritious Chocolate variety. 10x the protein Strive’s other offerings, Oat+Protein and …


Mooless Whey Protein


Natreve’s MOOLESS Animal-Free Whey Protein Enters Retail at 600+ Vitamin Shoppe Stores

Natreve, a nutrition and wellness brand, announces its highly anticipated MOOLESS animal-free whey protein is now available in over 690 Vitamin Shoppe stores across the US. The news marks the official retail launch for MOOLESS, a protein powder made with Perfect Day’s precision fermented whey. The product is also available through Natreve’s website and will expand to more retailers in the coming months.  Containing 20 grams of protein, 4.6 grams of BCAAs and a full range of digestive enzymes, MOOLESS is molecularly identical to conventional, cow-derived whey and provides the same nutritional benefits, Natreve states. Unlike animal-based whey, MOOLESS does not contain any lactose and hormones.  A first mover Available in four flavors – Vanilla Bean Cupcake, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cookies and Cream and Strawberry …