Former Dairy Industry Duo Launch New Brand Yoi Inspired by Japanese Fermentaton

Yoi, a new plant-based food and beverage company, has launched in Bay Area independent grocers this month with a range of probiotic nut and seed milks. Co-founders Ellie Wells and Tosh Nakagawa were inspired by the ancient art of Japanese fermentation and previously worked together in the dairy industry for over a decade. Yoi’s flavored beverages are created from simple organic ingredients including almonds, coconut, and pumpkin seeds. “We’re thrilled with the beverage that we created,” said Ellie Wells “It was a non-negotiable for us that Yoi be organic and with a great nutritional profile — a high count of probiotics plus prebiotic fiber and plant protein, without added sugar — while also tasting good. So we went through quite a few different ideas and …


Aqua Cultured Foods

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AquaCultured Foods is Making Waves as it Unveils “World’s First” Whole Muscle Seafood from Fermentation

As fermentation continues to emerge as the third pillar in the alt protein sphere, one Chicago-based startup has created what it claims to be the first whole muscle seafood alternative through microbial fermentation. AquaCultured Foods has developed novel tech which allows the creation of fungi-based alternative seafood options, from calamari and shrimp to whitefish and tuna. “As the first to create whole cut seafood alternatives via fermentation, the opportunity is almost limitless in the future food landscape” – Anne Palermo, CEO & Co-Founder, AquaCultured Foods Utilizing its own proprietary strain of fungi, AquaCultured Foods creates a bioavailable complete protein, which replicates the texture, appearance, and nutritional profile of fish. The fungi naturally grows in fibrous threads, thus replicating the texture of meat, and crucially without …


Better Meat Co

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Better Meat Co. Announces Mycoprotein Fermentation Facility in Sacramento

The Better Meat Co., a producer of plant protein ingredients, announced the opening of a new fermentation plant that will produce Rhiza, the company’s new mycoprotein superfood ingredient. The first brand in agreement to use the ingredient is The Plant-Based Seafood Co. The business-to-business ingredients company will initially employ 16 people in West Sacramento. While the plant’s primary purpose is to serve as an R&D corporate headquarters, it will produce and supply thousands of pounds of Rhiza to select food companies for use as an ingredient in both plant-based and hybrid animal-based meat products. “If we’re serious about lessening humanity’s footprint on the planet, we need to get serious about our food-print, and that means reducing our reliance on animals for food,” said Better Meat …



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Dutch Fermentation Specialist ‘The Protein Brewery’ Raises €22M to Feed the World With Fungi

The Protein Brewery, a developer of sustainable, fermented proteins, announces a €22M Series A investment round led by Novo Growth. Referring to themselves as “masters in brewing proteins”, the Dutch scientists focus on integrating animal-free proteins to feed a growing world population while caring for the health of our future planet.