cultivated chicken breast

GOOD Meat: Cultivated Chicken on Greens © Eat Just

Eat Just Receives Regulatory Approval to Sell Cultivated Chicken Breast in Singapore

GOOD Meat, the cultivated meat division of alt-protein company Eat Just, has achieved a new milestone with the regulatory approval of its cultivated chicken breast in Singapore. It has now been a year since GOOD Meat received regulatory approval for its chicken nuggets in the country, becoming the first company worldwide to sell cultivated meat commercially. Singapore is taking a progressive stance towards cultivated products as part of its 30×30 …


CellMeat South Korea


South Korea’s CellMEAT Produces Cell Culture Medium Without Fetal Bovine Serum

South Korean company CellMEAT‘s new product, a cell culture medium without foetal bovine serum, will help reduce the production costs of cultured meat and circumvent ethical concerns within the cultured meat industry. CellMEAT recently announced a pre-series A funding round of $4.5 million.  CellMEAT was selected as a participant in the Tech Incubator programme for startups in 2019. Recognised for its technical developments that could lead to more sustainable cultured …


finnish dairy company valio investigates cellular agriculture

© Valio

Finnish Dairy Company Valio to Explore Potential of Cellular Agriculture With New Research

Finnish dairy company Valio has partnered with the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland for a project that will investigate what kinds of food industry raw materials could be produced with cellular agriculture. The project will aim to develop biotechnologically produced proteins, where an organism such as a fungus is instructed to produce the protein. After being fed with nutrients and sugar, the fungus secretes protein into the growth medium. …


Cult Foods Invests in Umami Meats Cultivated Seafood

©Vinicius Benedit on Unsplash

CULT Food Science Invests in Umami Meat, Will Produce Cultivated Japanese Eel, Yellowfin Tuna & Red Snapper

CULT Food Science Corp., a Canadian investment platform, announces it has completed a strategic investment into Singapore cultivated seafood startup Umami Meats.  Umami Meats, which was named a semi-finalist in the XPRIZE “Feed the Next Billion” competition, plans to leverage proprietary technology the startup has developed that is capable of lowering the costs of producing cellular growth serum. Cell growth serum is a critically important ingredient for cultivating cells into …


founders of cultivated salmon company Wildtype

© Wildtype

Cultivated Salmon Producer Wildtype Announces Retail & Restaurant Partnerships Across USA

In what may be a first for the industry, US cultivated salmon producer Wildtype has announced distribution partnerships with SNOWFOX and Pokéworks. SNOWFOX operates sushi bars at 1,230 grocery locations across the US, while Pokéworks is a rapidly-growing fast-casual restaurant chain that currently has 65 locations. These partnerships will ultimately allow customers to sample Wildtype’s cultivated sushi-grade salmon for the first time. “We believe that people should have the option …


future meat leaders

©Future Meat Technologies

Future Meat Raises a Huge $320M, Plans Cultivated Meat Facility in the US

Israeli company Future Meat Technologies is in the process of raising $320 million in a funding round that will bring the company’s total worth to $600 million. Some of the funding will be used to build a cultivated meat facility in the US. Meat processor Tyson Foods and food processing corporation ADM are expected to be among the participants in the round. Both companies have previously invested in Future Meat. …




UPSIDE Develops ACF Cell Feed, Bringing “Tremendous Benefits” for Animals, Planet, and Consumers

UPSIDE, formerly Memphis Meats, announces a major milestone towards making real meat without animals. The company has developed ACF Cell Feed – a cell media that is 100% animal component free. Upside states this “breakthrough brings tremendous benefits for animals, the planet, and consumer”. Last year, operating as Memphis Meats, the company received investments in excess of $180 million, including a Series B round of $161 million — the largest …


Heck breakfast sausage


Heck in Early Stage Talks With Ivy Farm to Bring Cultivated Sausages to UK Supermarkets

Heck Foods, specialist in gourmet sausages including a pea-based range and a veg-based line, widely available in mainstream UK retail, is in talks with cultured fat producer Ivy Farm for a partnership that could see cultivated Heck sausages in UK supermarkets at some stage in the near future, as first reported by The Grocer. As we revealed this May, Ivy Farm declared its intention to become the first commercial producer …


vegan casein using fermentation

© Fooditive Group

Fooditive Develops Food Industry’s “First Ever” Vegan Casein Using Fermentation

Dutch plant-based ingredients company Fooditive Group has developed vegan casein using fermentation. Previously, the protein could only be obtained from milk. Casein is responsible for much of the texture and functionality of dairy products, such as the stretchiness of cheese, and this is one reason why vegan alternatives sometimes struggle to hit the mark. An animal-free source of casein could potentially lead to huge improvements in alt-dairy. According to Fooditive, …


©Aleph Farms

Aleph Farms Partners With WACKER to Make Affordable Cell Growth Media Widely Available

Aleph Farms has announced a partnership with protein production technologies supplier WACKER to develop affordable cell growth media for cultivated meat production. The partnership will streamline the production processes for growth medium proteins in order to bring down costs. The proteins produced will be animal-free, acting as a substitute for the fetal bovine serum (FBS) currently most commonly used in the sector. FBS is extremely expensive, accounting for the majority …


cells grown without serum

© University of Nottingham

New Stem Cell Lines That Can Be Grown Without Serum Could Slash the Cost of Cultivated Meat

Scientists obtain animal stem cells that can be grown without serum, with the potential to dramatically reduce the production costs of cultivated meat. Researchers from the University of Nottingham‘s School of Biosciences, in collaboration with the Universities of Cambridge, Exeter, Tokyo, and Meiji, have developed stem cell lines that can be grown under chemically defined conditions. This breakthrough could make it possible to produce cultivated meat without serum, feeder cells, …


MeaTech-cultivated steak


MeaTech 3D Reveals it Has Bioprinted a 3.67 Oz Steak – Largest Cultured Steak Produced to Date

MeaTech 3D Ltd. announces it has successfully bioprinted what it believes to be the largest cultured steak produced so far – 3.67 oz (104-grams) of cultivated real fat and muscle cells. “We have… placed ourselves at the forefront of the race to develop high-end, real cell-based cultivated premium meat products” MeaTech states its goal is to develop a “true replacement for conventional steak that maximizes cell-based content rather than non-meat …


cultivated seabass fillet

© GFI/University of Lisbon

Scientists Use Algae to Develop Cultivated Seabass Fillet Without Bones

Scientists from the University of Lisbon have begun a project called Algae2Fish, with the aim of developing a boneless cultivated seabass fillet. The project has been made possible with funding from The Good Food Institute. Associate Professor Frederico Ferreira from the university’s Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences will lead a team of scientists working on the project. They will use fish cells to grow a cultivated seabass fillet free of …


David Parry/PA, image courtesy of Mosa Meat

Cellular Agriculture Europe Launches to Become the “Voice of the Cultivated Industry”

A new association called Cellular Agriculture Europe has been formed to represent the interests of the cultivated products industry. The association has just held its first General Assembly meeting, where a Board of Directors was elected. 13 member companies took part in the meeting, and the following Board was chosen: Chris Dammann, Chief Operating Officer of Bluu Biosciences. Etienne Duthoit, CEO and Co-Founder of Vital Meat. Robert E. Jones, Head …




Agronomics Plans Additional £25M Raise For Its Impressive Cellular Agriculture & Cultivated Meat Portfolio

Agronomics plans additional £25M raise for its fast-expanding portfolio of cell ag and cultivated meat companies, is in “advanced discussions” to make investments of up to US$52 million in six new and existing companies  Agronomics, the leading British VC firm focused on cellular agriculture and cultivated meat, announces it is proposing a £25m raise through the placing of shares, to further invest in its portfolio companies in the sector. The …