Agronomics Plans Additional £25M Raise For Its Impressive Cellular Agriculture & Cultivated Meat Portfolio

Agronomics plans additional £25M raise for its fast-expanding portfolio of cell ag and cultivated meat companies, is in “advanced discussions” to make investments of up to US$52 million in six new and existing companies  Agronomics, the leading British VC firm focused on cellular agriculture and cultivated meat, announces it is proposing a £25m raise through the placing of shares, to further invest in its portfolio companies in the sector. The …


turtletree hires cellular bioprocessing expert

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TurtleTree Hires Cellular Bioprocessing Expert Dr. Aletta Schnitzler as Chief Scientific Officer

TurtleTree hires cellular bioprocessing expert as Chief Scientific Officer to help strategically execute the company’s innovation plans. Biotech company TurtleTree Labs has hired Dr. Aletta Schnitzler, formerly the R&D Director of Merck KGaA’s Cultured Meat division, as its Chief Scientific Officer. She is described as a “world-class expert in cellular bioprocessing”. Dr. Schnitzler has a PhD in Immunology and Neuroscience from the Boston University School of Medicine. After receiving her …


Paleo founders


Paleo Raises €2M in Seed Round, Prepares €40M Series A For Precision Fermented Alt Meat & Fish Proteins

Paleo raises €2M in seed round for meat and fish proteins created through precision fermentation, the investment will fund an R&D centre, pilot plant and experience centre. Belgium based foodtech startup Paleo, a company working on the development of proteins created through precision fermentation to be used as in meat and fish alternatives, has raised two million euros in a seed round. The company says its mission is to “change …


Biftek INC.

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CULT Food Science Portfolio Company Biftek to Commercialise Animal-Free Growth Medium

CULT Food Science has announced that one of its portfolio companies, Biftek, has made significant progress towards commercialising its animal-free growth medium. Biftek says it will soon transport its first sample to a Singapore-based cultivated meat company. Called “Lyophilized Biftek Growth Medium Supplement”, the medium has been developed to be suitable for global shipping without cold chain logistics. Unlike with animal-derived growth mediums, there is no variation between batches, meaning …




JBS Enters Cultivated Meat With Acquisition of BioTech Foods and $100M R&D Center in Brazil

Brazil’s JBS – the largest meat processing company in the world – announced it is to purchase Biotech Foods, a cultivated meat producer based in Spain. JBS will also establish a cultivated meat R&D centre in Brazil as part of a $100 million drive, with JBS stating that the “acquisition marks the company’s entry into the cultivated protein market,” according to Reuters. The deal reportedly includes $41 million for the building …


Sea bass sashimi plated Aqua Cultured

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Aqua Cultured Foods Partners With Switzerland’s Largest Retailer Migros For Ultra-Realistic Alternative Seafood

Following its oversubscribed pre-seed round last month – the largest ever pre-seed in alt-seafood and one of the largest ever in fermented proteins – Chicago startup Aqua Cultured Foods announces the signing of a Proof of Concept (PoC) with Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer, to expedite development of its fungus-based alt seafood products created through microbial fermentation. “The Swiss market welcomes food tech, and we are ready to introduce the region …


3D Bio-Tissues Ltd

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Canada’s CULT Food Science Corp Makes Strategic Investment into UK’s 3D Bio-Tissues Ltd

Canadian investment platform CULT Food Science Corp announces that it has made a strategic investment into UK firm 3D Bio-Tissues Limited (3DBT). The move comes as the platform – with an exclusive focus on clean, lab-grown food – increases its stakes across the field.  Based in the UK, 3DBT produces biological tissue material that can be used for cultivated meat, synthetic leather, and collagen production. A spin-off from Newcastle University,  …


Dolly Roslin

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Dolly the Sheep Scientists Backed by UK Government to Develop Cultivated Meat Future

Scottish biotech firm Roslin Technologies has received a £1 million grant from the UK government to develop its cultivated meat facilities. Connected to Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute – home of Dolly the world-famous cloned sheep – the startup’s funding comes amid discussions on conventional animal agriculture at the COP26 meeting in Glasgow. “We are engaging with cultivated meat producers globally to drive adoption” In order to produce cultivated meat and improve …


Mogale Meat

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South Africa’s Mogale Meat on Track to Make Cultivated Meat “Accessible to All” in Africa

South-African cellular food-tech company Mogale Meat is working on solutions to face Africa’s food security issues and aims to make a significant contribution to feeding the next billion people with meat created from the cells of free-roaming antelope and cattle. Launched in 2020, Mogale Meat has two US-based global venture capitalists on board with Sustainable Food Ventures, founded by Ryan Bethencourt, and CULT Food Science. Mogale Meat joins the South …


Entryway - UPSIDE Foods


UPSIDE Foods Unveils EPIC – a $50M Cultivated Meat Engineering, Production & Innovation Center

Upside Foods, previously Memphis Meats prior to its rebrand this May, today announces a new centre called EPIC, containing custom-made, patented cultivators to produce over 50,000 pounds of cultivated meat, with a future capacity of over 400,000 pounds per year, and offering the public the opportunity to see how cultivated meat is produced. The San Francisco company released the world’s first cultivated meatball in February 2016 and the world’s first …