BlueNalu's whole-muscle, cell-based yellowtail medallions, image supplied

BlueNalu's whole-muscle, cell-based yellowtail medallions, image supplied

BlueNalu Announces Framework for Food Safety and Quality Assurance for Cell-Cultured Seafood

Following its recent $60 million raise, cellular aquaculture specialist BlueNalu today announced a framework designed to achieve a premier standard of food safety, quality, and traceability for its cell-cultured seafood production, stating it is committed to pursuing third-party certification recognized by the international Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), such as the Safe Quality Food (SQF). The company is set to launch its cell-cultured mahi-mahi, bluefin tuna and other species through …


Aqua Cultured Foods

©Aqua Cultured Foods

AquaCultured Foods is Making Waves as it Unveils “World’s First” Whole Muscle Seafood from Fermentation

As fermentation continues to emerge as the third pillar in the alt protein sphere, one Chicago-based startup has created what it claims to be the first whole muscle seafood alternative through microbial fermentation. AquaCultured Foods has developed novel tech which allows the creation of fungi-based alternative seafood options, from calamari and shrimp to whitefish and tuna. “As the first to create whole cut seafood alternatives via fermentation, the opportunity is …


Avant - cultivated fish maw bites - credit Avant

Courtesy of Lever VC

Cell-Cultured Fish Company Avant Named “Technology Pioneer” by World Economic Forum

Avant, a Hong Kong company developing cell-cultured fish, has been named as one of the World Economic Forum’s “Technology Pioneers”. The company was recognised for its contributions in the field of Global Public Goods. “We believe a technology-enabled food industry allows more efficient use of natural resources and lands for the growing population on this planet.” Carrie Chan In total, 100 companies from 26 countries on six continents made the …


Better Meat Co

©Better Meat Co

Better Meat Co. Announces Mycoprotein Fermentation Facility in Sacramento

The Better Meat Co., a producer of plant protein ingredients, announced the opening of a new fermentation plant that will produce Rhiza, the company’s new mycoprotein superfood ingredient. The first brand in agreement to use the ingredient is The Plant-Based Seafood Co. The business-to-business ingredients company will initially employ 16 people in West Sacramento. While the plant’s primary purpose is to serve as an R&D corporate headquarters, it will produce …


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Report: The Intricacies of Cell Cultured Meat – What’s the Hype all About? The Experts Chime In

On Saturday December 19th, 2020, in a major leap for humankind, something important took place at a Singaporean events establishment called 1880. This was the first time cell cultured meat was approved for consumers and sold to the public, thanks to Eat Just producer of the plant-based brand JUST Egg. “This historic step, the first-ever commercial sale of cultured meat, moves us closer to a world where the majority of meat …


Lobster terrine, Shiok Meats

Lobster terrine ©Shiok Meats

Singapore, Japan, or Canada? Global Pathways for Cell-Cultured Meat Revealed by GFI

Once seen as something resembling science fiction, the cell-cultured meat revolution is now gaining momentum at an unstoppable pace. $366 million was raised by cell-cultured meat companies in 2020 – 6X more than 2019, and some studies have suggested cell-cultured is likely to constitute 40% of future meat consumption. As cell-cultured meat moves ever closer to hitting global markets, many countries are actively establishing regulatory approval pathways. “The rest of …


Finless Foods tuna

©Finless Foods

California’s Finless Foods Announces Launch of “Sushi Grade” Cell-Cultured Tuna

As the plant-based seafood industry is projected to grow 28% annually over the next decade, Finless Foods of Emeryville California has announced a new cell-based tuna offering, as well as a brand refresh and new website. “The feedback received from our culinary partners has been phenomenal, likening the flavor and texture to sushi-grade tuna.” Co-founded by Michael Selden and Brian Wyrwas, the company aims to distribute the tuna product widely …


Dolly the Sheep

©Roslin Institute

Dolly the Sheep’s Lasting Legacy as UK Cell-Cultured Meat Leader Roslin Technologies Appoints New CEO

Scottish biotech firm Roslin Technologies is set to become a major player in UK cell-cultured meat with the appointment of Ernst van Orsouw as its new chief executive. Working closely with the Roslin Institute – home of Dolly the world-famous cloned sheep – Roslin Technologies will begin a commercialization drive for its animal stem cell platform for cell-cultured meat production. “Roslin Technologies is the jewel in the crown of Scottish …


Singapore/ US based TurtleTree ready to commercialize Human Lactoferrin as first major product

©TurtleTree Labs

TurtleTree Labs Prepares to Commercialise its First Human Cell-Based Milk Product

Singapore’s cell-based milk pioneers TurtleTree Labs has announced it is preparing to commercially launch its first product – lactoferrin – a protein usually derived from cow’s milk which the team has optimised for humans from the blueprint of human breast milk and is making it available to all. “We have seen tremendous interest from global partners in our portfolio of human and cow’s milk products” In addition to its protective …


Steak MeaTech


MeaTech 3D Files Patent Pending in USA For Novel Bioprinting Method to “Significantly Enhance” Manufacturing of Cultivated Meat

MeaTech 3D Ltd today announces that it has filed a provisional patent application in the United States Patent Office. The filing of this provisional patent application directly relates to MeaTech’s cellular agriculture 3D bioprinting goals to produce premium cuts of cell-based meat. If approved, MeaTech believes this patent could significantly enhance manufacturing processes for cultivated meat. “As a 20-year veteran of the printing industry, I recognize the significant potential this …


Lucy the lamb Magic Valley

Lucy the lamb © Magic Valley

Australia’s Magic Valley On How to Turn Cells From “Cell Volunteer” Lucy the Lamb Into Lamb Steaks and Chops

Founded to meet the future protein demands of an expanding global population, Australia’s Magic Valley is developing cell-cultured lamb products including mince, strips, steaks and chops. With lambs currently slaughtered at an incredibly young age using traditional farming methods, its founder tells us this particular meat became the obvious choice for the company’s first product range. “There is absolutely no need for the mass slaughter of animals for food and …


Because, Animals

©Because, Animals

Cultured Pet Food Specialist ‘Because, Animals’ Closes Heavily Oversubscribed Seed Round Led By Orkla

Because, Animals, a biotech company growing cultured meat for dogs and cats, announces today it has closed a seed stage round led by Orkla ASA. This investment marks Orkla’s first investment in pet food and the first move for its Orkla Alternative Proteins (OAP) unit, which was recently established with the intention of becoming one of the leading competitors in the field of alternative proteins in Europe by 2030. “Partnering …