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Shiok Meats Unveils World’s First Cell-Based Crab Meat

Shiok Meats, the cell-cultured crustacean meat pioneer, showcased the world’s first cell-based crab meat at a private tasting event in Singapore on 26th August. In a collaboration with Chef José Luis Del Amo of TheTasteLab, Shiok Meats presented Crab Cake and Chilli Crab, complemented by Lobster-flavored Potato Chips and Tom Yum Shrimp Soup, all prepared with Shiok Meats’ cell-based meats. Shiok Meats states that the event was an important milestone for Shiok Meats, signifying a step closer to bringing cell-based crustacean meat to consumers by 2023. The company continues to work towards the building of the first-ever cell-based seafood manufacturing plant in Singapore. This development follows a string of previous milestones which the female-led company has achieved in the few years since launch. In May …


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Eat Just Reveals Upcoming GOOD Meat Factory in Qatar Will Be First Ever Cultured Meat Facility in Middle East

Leading food tech pioneer Eat Just has partnered with Doha Venture Capital (DVC) and Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA) to construct a new cell-cultured meat facility in Qatar. The country has indicated its intention to grant regulatory approval for cell-cultured chicken “very soon”. Qatar now follows Singapore and Israel to bring the first cultured meat to consumers, though at this stage only Singapore has granted full regulatory approval. Also, as we reported this week, UPSIDE Foods agreed a partnership with Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn to serve cell-cultured chicken in her San Francisco restaurant, Atelier Crenn.  First of its kind in Middle East & Northern Africa The new large-scale facility will provide a base for GOOD Meat – Eat Just’s cell-cultured division –  and the company …


Biftek INC.

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Canada’s CULT FOODS Continues to Fund the Future of Food With Bistek Investment

CULT FOOD SCIENCE CORP, a Canadian-based investment platform focused exclusively on investments in cultured, lab-grown meat and dairy products, has completed the closing of a strategic investment in Biftek Inc. The news follows its very recent investment into Novel Farms, producer of whole cuts of gourmet cell-cultured meat such as Iberian pork and dry-cured Iberian ham. CULT Food Science states it “is an investment company focused on supporting and advancing the technology behind the future of food. We identify and make equity investments in global cultivated meat and dairy companies that are developing and commercializing innovative food technologies that enable a kinder, more secure, and more sustainable food supply chain.” Biftek plans to use CULT’s growth capital infusion to produce and distribute recipe samples to …



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San Francisco: Three-Michelin Star Chef Dominique Crenn to Serve Cell-Cultured Chicken from Upside Foods

Cell-cultured meat company UPSIDE Foods has agreed a partnership with three-Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn to serve cell-cultured chicken in her world-renowned restaurant, Atelier Crenn. Following regulatory approval, it will be the first time Crenn will serve meat since removing it from her menus in 2018.  “When I tasted UPSIDE Chicken for the first time, I thought, this is it!  This is the future of food” – Dominique Crenn Crenn – the first female chef in the US to be awarded three Michelin stars – will also provide culinary counsel and recipe development in the new deal. It is the first time UPSIDE Foods has partnered with a chef, as the Californian company approaches commercialization for its cell-cultured chicken.  Based in Berkeley, UPSIDE Foods recently underwent …



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NovaMeat to Showcase 3D Printed Steaks at Alt Protein Conference 9th September

The Future of Meat: Hybrid is the theme of this year’s Alt Protein Conference, organised by Protein Directory and Cell Agri. Experts in the field of proteins of the future will be speaking, including Giuseppe Scionti, CEO and founder of NovaMeat, a Spanish company that develops plant-based and 3D cellular meat. The focus of the event is on companies that are transforming the future of meat through cultured and plant-based meat, referring to the future of meat as hybrid. According to the event’s official website, attendees will be able to learn “about the key business opportunities in alternative proteins as the field moves towards hybrid products and network with business leaders and scientists from both cellular agriculture and the plant-based alternative protein industry.” The event …


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How Would You Like Your Wagyu Beef? 3D-Printed, Cell-Cultured, or Plant-Based? 

Scientists from Osaka University claim to have created the world’s first 3D-printed wagyu beef in Japan this week, using bovine satellite cells and adipose-derived stem cells isolated from Wagyu cows to 3D-print a realistic steak piece containing muscle, fat, and blood vessels. Wagyu can be translated literally to “Japanese cow,” and is famous around the globe for its high content of intramuscular fat. Known as marbling or Sashi, this fat provides the beef with its distinctive flavors and texture. As Wagyu beef has become an interesting and vibrant niche in the alt meat innovation landscape, vegconomist takes a look at the biggest alt Wagyu developments to date.  Alt Wagyu – 2018 to present December, 2018: Eat Just, producer of JUST Egg, was one of the …


Chris Dammann Bluu Biosciences

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Cultivated Seafood Producer Bluu Biosciences Announces BlueNalu Co-Founder Chris Dammann as Inaugural COO

Bluu Biosciences, pioneer in the development and production of cultivated fish in Europe, has appointed Chris Dammann as the company’s first COO. Chris is considered one of the world’s leading experts in cellular agriculture and cultivated fish development. Prior to joining Bluu Biosciences Chris co-founded BlueNalu, one of the first companies worldwide to specialize in cultivated seafood. He developed the technology strategy and scientific approach for the company, and as its CTO led the implementation of a technology platform for cultivated fish. He built and led the R&D team, while also managing collaborations, IP, IT and the establishment of a PMO. Before founding BlueNalu Chris was Director of Science & Technology at the Invention Development Fund of Intellectual Ventures. Other career stops include the role …


Because Animals Harmless Hunt

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Because, Animals Unveils World’s First Cookies For Cats Made With Cultured Mouse Meat

Because, Animals, the only pet food company growing cultured meat for dogs and cats, has successfully completed the world’s first cultured meat product for pets. This achievement marks the world’s first CPG product made with cultured meat as well as the first cookie for cats that includes mouse meat – the species-appropriate, ancestral diet of the cat. The company closed its oversubscribed seed round this May, led by Orkla, marking its first investment in pet food and the first move for its Orkla Alternative Proteins (OAP) unit, which was recently established with the intention of becoming one of the leading competitors in the field of alternative proteins in Europe by 2030. Harmless Hunt™ Mouse Cookies for Cats with Cultured Meat made from cultured mouse, is …



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TurtleTree and Solar Biotech Join Forces to Bring Cell Cultured Milk Closer to Market

Bio food tech startup TurtleTree has entered a new strategic partnership with industrial biomanufacturing specialist Solar Biotech. The deal is an important step in TurtleTree’s scale-up process for the manufacture of its cell-based milk ingredients. Solar Biotech, led by industrial biotech expert Alex Berlin, brings bioproducts from benchtop to industrial bioprocessing commercial scale using proprietary technology and solar energy. This is a key move for TurtleTree as one of the biggest challenges for food tech companies is developing the technologies required to scale up bio-manufacturing processes. Based in Singapore and the US, TurtleTree recognizes that a key factor in reaching price parity with traditional food production methods is the availability of technologically advanced large-scale food-grade bioprocessing facilities. Backed by Green Monday Ventures and Prince Khaled’s …


Dairy Without the Cow: The Leaders of Fermented Proteins

The all-star roster of fermented proteins: Jevan Nagarajah of Better Dairy, Jason Rosenberg of Remilk, Hille van der Kaa of Those Vegan Cowboys, Inja Radman of New Culture and Bryan Tracy of Superbrewed join me on The Plantbased Business Hour to discuss the reality of cheese and milks without the cow. We are cracking the code for cruelty-free dairy! Specifically, we discuss the following with respected to fermented proteins 1) When will ‘animal free’ dairy products be in market? How will the products be differentiated between competitors? 2) What are the reasons for the delay in getting to market? 3) How hard is it to scale when fermentation is already widely used? 4) How can we communicate this to the public? 5) What kind of support do you have from private equity and government? …


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Global Fermented Plant-Based Alternatives Market to 2026 – Investment in Fermented Plant-Based Yogurt Presents Opportunities –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Fermented Plant-Based Alternatives Market – A Global and Regional Analysis: Focus on Applications, Products, Patent Analysis, and Country Analysis – Analysis and Forecast, 2019-2026” report has been added to’s offering. The global fermented plant-based alternatives market is expected to reach $422.26 million by 2026, with a CAGR of 5.0% from 2021 to 2026. The major factors uplifting the growth of the market are the increasing trend of veganism across the globe coupled with escalating health issues among individuals. Food allergies have also been rising among consumers due to the intake of dairy-based products caused by the reaction of protein present in milk and other dairy products with the body’s immune system. As fermentation can make the body immune to any negative reaction …