Eat-just cultured

GOOD chicken ©Eat Just

Eat Just’s Cultivated Chicken Approved: “A New Space Race for the Future of Food is Underway”

The GFI has said that today a ‘new space race for the future of food’ has begun as Singapore becomes the first country in the world to approve cultivated meat for sale. Eat Just, famous for JUST Egg, has been granted permission  for the sale of cultivated chicken ‘bites’ to the public. As we predicted last week, cultured meat is here.



©The Protein Brewery

Dutch Fermentation Specialist ‘The Protein Brewery’ Raises €22M to Feed the World With Fungi

The Protein Brewery, a developer of sustainable, fermented proteins, announces a €22M Series A investment round led by Novo Growth. Referring to themselves as “masters in brewing proteins”, the Dutch scientists focus on integrating animal-free proteins to feed a growing world population while caring for the health of our future planet.