Beyond Leather Materials partners with Veshin

© Beyond Leather Materials/Veshin

Beyond Leather Materials & Veshin Factory Collaborate to ‘Redefine the Material Landscape’ with Upcycled Apple Waste

Beyond Leather Materials, a Danish scale-up producing an alternative to animal leather, has announced a partnership with the sustainably progressive design and manufacturing facility Veshin. Using apple waste from European juice and cider production, Beyond Leather Materials produces an 89% bio-based leather alternative called Leap. Through the new partnership, the two companies will use the material to create products for various markets, including the fashion, home, and furniture sectors. The collaboration will allow brands worldwide to easily source and manufacture products made with Leap. Veshin Factory has been chosen due to its focus on next-gen alternatives to animal-derived materials, along with its commitment to ethical practices and transparency. The facility specializes in luxury bags and accessories made with materials that prioritize the well-being of animals, …


Balenciaga partners with Bananatex for sneakers made from banana fibers

© Balenciaga

Bananatex and Balenciaga Develop Sneakers Made From Banana Fibers

Swiss fashion company QWSTION, producer of the sustainable banana fiber fabric Bananatex®, has announced a partnership with fashion house Balenciaga to launch sneakers made from the material. The shoes are an eco-friendly version of Balenciaga’s much-loved Triple S sneakers, which have a characteristic chunky shape. They are now available at the fashion house’s physical and online stores in two colors — black and beige. “This is big news! Balenciaga and Bananatex!” said Hannes Schoenegger, co-founder of QWSTION and Bananatex, on LinkedIn. “The iconic Triple S made with our 100% plant-based, next-gen fabric, available in two colors. Bravo to everyone involved in this project, we are looking forward to many more in the future!” “Really exciting development” Bananatex is a durable canvas fabric made from naturally …


Otter Box iphone range

© OtterBox

OtterBox Launches Desserto Cactus Leather Cases for iPhone 15 and Apple Watches

OtterBox launches a new and luxurious mobile phone case made from Desserto, a plant-based material derived from the Nopal cactus, to the iPhone 15 series and Apple Watches. According to the company, the Symmetry Series cactus leather cases can withstand everyday drops and bumps. The case also features raised edges for added protection around the display and camera. The Symmetry Series Cactus Leather Case is MagSafe compatible, so MagSafe accessories can be connected at any time. The OtterBox Apple Watch band made from cactus leather rounds off the range of accessories and is designed to be worn all day long. The cactus leather watch bands are characterized by precise stitching and perfect integration with the Apple Watch, according to the company. Made from the same …


Apple waste for upcycled leather

© Beyond Leather Materials

Beyond Leather Materials Launches Full-Scale Production of Alt Leather from Upcycled Apple Waste

Danish startup Beyond Leather Materials, a producer and supplier of  Leap — an innovative alternative to traditional leather — announces a significant commercialization milestone: transitioning from R&D to a fully operational B2B supplier, ready to offer its innovative material to various industries. Leap, which stands for “LEftover APples,” utilizes waste from European juice and cider producers to create a biobased material of which every square meter prevents approximately 1.8kg of apple pulp from ending up in landfills. Now, Beyond Leather Materials has launched its first full-scale production line in Germany, marking a significant milestone in revolutionizing the industry through the innovative use of apple waste. Mikael Eydt, CEO and co-founder of Beyond Leather Materials, shares: “More than 6 years of product development and intensive R&D have …


Chloe Bullock Sustainable Interior Design book

Image courtesy of Chloe Bullock

PETA Award-Winning Designer Chloe Bullock Publishes Sustainable Interior Design Book

Chloe Bullock, a UK interior designer who received last year’s PETA Compassionate Designer award, has written a new book titled Sustainable Interior Design. Printed by RIBA Publishing (the publishing arm of the Royal Institute of British Architects), the book outlines sustainable practices that can reduce the impact of interior design on the planet, animals, and people. It features eleven approaches that can be used as project goals, demonstrated through a range of innovative spaces, products, materials, and supply chains. Examples from around the world are combined with best-practice guidance and information about the benefits of sustainable and regenerative design. Projects include: A circular economy building that can be dismantled and relocated many times Non-toxic alternatives to animal-derived products and materials Regenerative designs to revive culture …


Rais Case X Dole X Ananas Anam

© Rais Case

Dole Partners With Rais Case and Ananas Anam to Transform Agricultural Waste Into Sustainable Fashion

Dole Packaged Foods, one of the world’s largest producers of fruit and vegetables, has joined forces with Rais Case, a circular design brand from Southern California, and Ananas Anam, the creator of plant-based material Piñatex. This collaborative effort aims to repurpose organic waste into functional fashion accessories, beginning with a limited-edition Vida Bag crafted from Piñatex, a vegan leather alternative derived from pineapple leaf fibers sourced from Dole Philippines farms. Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Dole Packaged Foods, Americas, Orzse Hodi, spoke on the significance of waste reduction efforts, stating, “For every ton of pineapples harvested, three tons of pineapple leaves are discarded, making it our job to find ways to reduce and repurpose our waste as much as we can. In addition …


Sokito drops kangaroo leather

© Sokito

Football Boot Brand Sokito Drops Kangaroo Leather in Favour of Vegan Materials

UK-based football boot brand Sokito has announced that it will stop using kangaroo leather due to increasing ethical concerns about the material. In a statement, Sokito explains that the material was once thought to be a sustainable byproduct of kangaroos killed to keep the population in check, but figures now show that the kangaroo population is declining rapidly. This indicates that they are being killed for profit rather than just population control. Furthermore, the killing of kangaroos is not monitored and is often done unethically, with joeys sometimes killed alongside their mothers or left to starve when their mothers are killed. It is also believed that the number of kangaroos in the wild has been inflated, meaning the population is much lower than official figures …


mylo Bolt Threads

©Bolt Threads

Report: Could Mycelium Leather Transform the Leather Market?

IDTechEx analyses the potential of mycelium as an innovative leather alternative in a new report. According to the report, recent developments in the industry mark the beginning of major production growth, though companies in the industry also face some technological challenges that need to be overcome in order to achieve sustainable market growth. Key players in the production of mycelium leather include MycoWorks, California, producer of materials including Reishi Bolt Threads, California, producer of materials including Mylo Ecovative, New York, operates several platforms including a specialized soft goods division called Forager which creates materials from its AirMycelium™ technology SQIM, Italy, operates MOGU, a dedicated interior design and architecture brand offering a range of wall, floor, and acoustic treatment products, and EPHEA, which targets the luxury fashion …


Trekking by Biophilica samples

Treekind © Biophilica

Biophilica and Sappi North America Unveil Treekind: A Sustainable “Leaf Leather” with Authentic Feel

The UK materials company Biophilica and Sappi North America, a producer and supplier of paper, packaging products, and pulp, have joined forces to introduce a new version of the leather alternative made from leaves, Treekind, with a 100% plastic-free coating.  Sappi North America collaborated with Biophilica for two years to successfully apply a technology called textured release paper to Treekind to replace the plastic coating widely used in vegan leather. This product provides Treekind with a high-fidelity, 3D leather grain texture with an authentic, non-plastic-like feel, explains Biophilica.  Mark Hittie, Director of Release Business Strategy at Sappi North America, commented: “Inclusion of plastic-containing coatings has dominated the vegan leather industry, limiting consumers with few fully sustainable choices and a material that often has a plastic-like touch inferior …


BMW interior made with vegan leather

© BMW Group

BMW Offers 100% Animal-Free Interior with Vegan Leather ‘Veganza’ in New 5 Series Touring

BMW is offering a completely animal-free interior option for the 5 Series Touring. According to the company, the interior design of the new vehicle sets new standards in terms of animal welfare and sustainability. The seat surfaces are made from the innovative material “Veganza” and will optionally be available with decorative perforation. Veganza is a vegan leather alternative that is said to offer an improved feel and optimized climate properties. The BMW Group announced in autumn 2023 that it would offer BMW and MINI vehicles with completely vegan interiors and would produce even more sustainable and 100% animal-free vehicles in the future. In cooperation with various startups, BMW is researching and developing innovative materials with leather-like properties that can be used, among other things, for …


Pamela Anderson joins vegan skincare brand Sonsie Skin

© Sonsie Skin

Pamela Anderson Joins Vegan Skincare Brand Sonsie Skin as Owner & Co-Founder

Actress Pamela Anderson has acquired vegan skincare brand Sonsie Skin, and will now join the company as co-founder. Anderson is a longtime vegan, known for her animal rights activism and partnerships with vegan brands. Last year, she attracted attention by attending a fashion show without makeup, and has continued to make appearances barefaced ever since. She is now taking a new approach to beauty, focusing on skin health and self-acceptance rather than perfection. The aim is to inspire consumers who feel pressured by social norms to “embrace their most vulnerable self”. “To me, true beauty is about celebrating authenticity. I want to look like myself, feel like myself, and that means taking care of myself — inside and out,” said Anderson. Minimalist skincare Sonsie Skin …


Ganni bags made with BioFluff plant-based fur alternative

© Ganni

Denmark’s Ganni Unveils Bags Made With Plant-Based Fur Alternative BioFluff

Danish fashion brand Ganni has exhibited special edition bags made with a plant-based fur alternative at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The bags are based on the design of Ganni’s popular Bou bags, while the fur is made by biomaterials startup BioFluff. Claimed to be the world’s first fully plant-based fur alternative, the material is called Savian and contains fibres from plants such as nettles, flax, and hemp. It is entirely free of plastics and can be coloured using natural dyes. BioFluff raised $2.5 million in seed funding in November, in a round led by agrifood tech investor Astanor Ventures. Ganni also unveiled bags made from two other innovative materials at Copenhagen Fashion Week. One is manufactured using Celium, a leather alternative produced by Spanish biomaterials company …


Douglas has committed to make 80% of its corporate brands vegan by 2030 to align with the growing demand for cruelty-free beauty options.

© Douglas

Douglas Commits to Ensuring 80% of Private Brands Are Vegan & 100% Packaging Recyclable by 2030

The European omnichannel, premium beauty retailer Douglas has committed to ensuring 80% of its corporate brands are vegan by 2030 to align with the growing demand for cruelty-free beauty options. In addition, Douglas aims to make 100% of the packaging recyclable, recycled, or reusable by 2030. The company will prioritize using paper-based product packaging that complies with third-party certifications. And by 2025, it aims to make 100% of the relevant packaging for new launches meet the respective external standards. According to the company’s latest environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report, it has already made significant progress towards these vegan goals. During the financial year 2022-23, 94% of its brand product launches were vegan, while 30% of the new products contained at least 90% of ingredients derived …


Tina Funder. © ALT.Leather

Australia’s ALT.Leather Closes Oversubscribed $1.1M Round for Biodegradable Leather Alternative

Female-led Australian startup ALT.Leather has raised $1.1 million in an oversubscribed seed funding round after developing a plastic-free, bio-based leather alternative. Investors in the round included Startmate, The Austin Group, Wollemi Capital Group, The Alice Anderson Fund, and various angel investors. ALT.Leather will use the funding for further research and the production of samples for interested brands; the startup is also filing for a patent. ALT.Leather’s material is made from agricultural waste and regeneratively grown plants, with no animal products or petroleum-derived plastics. It is suitable for fashion, furniture, the automotive industry, and more. The leather alternative is “designed for end-of-life”, and is being tested to ensure it can be recycled or biodegrade without harming the environment. Bio-based vegan leather ALT.Leather was founded by Tina …


Vegan streetwear brand FUTUREFEAR


South Korea’s FUTUREFEAR Wins Best Vegan Jacket at PETA Vegan Fashion Awards

The FUTUREPUFFER SIGNATURE, a puffer jacket created by South Korean fashion brand FUTUREFEAR, has been named Best Vegan Jacket at PETA Germany’s Vegan Fashion Awards. The waist-length, super-puffy jacket is made with Mipan Regen recycled nylon. It has a vegan down filling made from 3M’s 100% Recycled Featherless Thinsulate, which is produced using post-consumer recycled plastic. The jacket is available in three colors — forest green, lunar grey, and anthracite. The PETA Vegan Fashion Award judges said they were impressed by the material, quality, and fit of the jacket, along with the “100% VEGAN” logo on its left sleeve. “With its FUTUREPUFFER SIGNATURE jacket, FUTUREFEAR shows in an exemplary way that sustainable and vegan fashion creations are possible at any time,” said PETA Germany co-founder …


Pamela Anderson wearing Giulia & Romeo

Pamela Anderson. © Giulia & Romeo

Giulia & Romeo: Luxury, Ethical Vegan Clothing Worn by Pamela Anderson

Giulia & Romeo is a German vegan clothing brand that offers high-end, ethically-produced fashion. 100% of profits from the company’s sales are donated to animal protection organizations. Giulia & Romeo is popular with celebrities such as actress and model Pamela Anderson, who is well-known for promoting a vegan lifestyle. Anderson was recently spotted wearing a hoodie by the brand in Central Park, New York; the hoodie is black and features the word VEGAN in bold white letters on the back. The garments are not mass-produced, and many are manufactured in small, limited-edition quantities — unlike fast fashion, which consumes significant resources and is responsible for a huge percentage of the world’s carbon emissions. Each collection is produced in Germany, and the brand has received support …


The Body Shop announces that it has become the world's first global beauty brand to offer a fully vegan portfolio certified by The Vegan Society.

© The Body Shop

The Body Shop Becomes First Global Beauty Brand with 100% Vegan Portfolio Certified by The Vegan Society

The Body Shop announces that it has become the world’s first global beauty brand to offer a fully vegan portfolio certified by The Vegan Society — a milestone in cruelty-free cosmetics and body care. Now, hundreds of the brand’s products, encompassing skincare, body care, hair care, makeup, and fragrance, have 100% vegan formulations and carry the Vegan Trademark (products with old and discontinued formulations will be available for sale until depleted).  To obtain the global gold standard certification on the entire portfolio, over 4000 raw materials, including their suppliers and manufacturers, had to undergo The Vegan Society’s meticulous assessment, explains the vegan beauty retailer. “We did it! Every single product formulation from The Body Shop is now certified by The Vegan Society. We know that vegan …


Stella McCartney headshot

Image credit: Stella McCartney Instagram

Stella McCartney Exposed Unfair Tax on Vegan Leather Bags at COP28

Celebrity British designer Stella McCartney launched a sustainable innovation exhibit during COP28 in Dubai to advocate for policy and regulatory change to decarbonise the fashion industry through alternative and innovative materials for leathers, furs, wool, feathers, and fills. According to Stella McCartney, the fashion industry is responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Meanwhile, its carbon footprint is expected to increase, driven by the growing population and consumption trends.  Speaking to CNN (at COP28), the fashion designer said that the current policies do not penalize environmentally and socially harmful practices, including deforestation, animal agriculture, and toxic leather tanning, which pose risks to humans and the planet. She explained that her vegan leather bags are “penalised” with a 30% tax in the USA, pointing out that adding …


Vegan Happy Clothing competition winners

© Shane Finn Photography

VEGAN Happy Clothing Announces Winners of 2023 Model Competition Judged by Heather Small

UK fashion brand VEGAN Happy Clothing has revealed the winners of its Face of VEGAN Happy modelling competition for 2023. The competition, which aims to showcase incredible everyday people within the vegan community, received over 700 entries from contestants worldwide. It was judged by soul singer Heather Small, along with VEGAN Happy founder Lorri Delahunty, vegan presenter and entrepreneur Karin Ridgers, Viva! founder Juliet Gellatley, and Vegan Food and Living editor Holly Johnson. There are three categories in the competition, based on age. The winners are: 18-30 — Antonia Jane Whillans from Berkshire and Jack Light from Hertfordshire. 31-50 — Chantelle Leach from Essex and Craig Hooper from Wiltshire. 50+ — Annette Wardell and Prash K, both from London. They will collaborate with VEGAN Happy …


BioFluff plant-based fur

Supplied by BioFluff

BioFluff Secures $2.5M in Seed Funding for Plant-Based Fur Alternatives

BioFluff, a biomaterials startup describing itself as the first fully plant-based fur alternative, has successfully closed its seed funding round, securing $2.5 million from leading venture capital firms, spearheaded by agrifood tech investor Astanor Ventures. Astanor Ventures has invested in over 45 agrifood companies globally, including plant-based businesses MicroHarvest, Wicked Kitchen, and Umiami. This funding marks a significant milestone for BioFluff, following a pre-seed round of $0.5 million in 2022, led by SOSV, PDS Limited & Joyance Partners. “We were impressed by the passion and determination of the founding team. Biofluff has a unique offering for the luxury industry, fashion, and textiles, which is in full alignment with the Astanor mission of a more regenerative economy,” stated Christina Ulardic, a partner at Astanor Ventures. BioFluff, …