black vegan leather featured in huawei's mate 50 pro phone

© Huawei

Huawei Announces Global Launch of Mate 50 Pro Featuring Vegan Leather Finish

Chinese multinational technology corporation Huawei announces it is soon to launch its flagship smartphone Huawei Mate 50 Pro Carbon Black Vegan Leather, on the global market. This marks the first time Huawei places this mobile phone version out of China, where was introduced after the Huawei Mate 50 Pro orange vegan leather version. The choice of vegan leather, according to Huawei, reaffirms the company’s interest in integrating next-gen materials into its designs. The communications giant has been introducing smartphones with alternative materials, such as its HUAWEI Mate 30 and 40 flagships that offered vegan leather green and yellow options. Huawei Mate 50 Pro Carbon Black Vegan Leather comes protected with a new Kunlun Glass material that, according to the company, protects the phone’s screen from …



© Unless Collective

UNLESS Collective and NFW Drop “World’s First Regenerative Sneaker” Made of 100% Plants & Minerals

UNLESS Collective, a regenerative fashion company, has partnered with plant-based material leader Natural Fiber Welding to create The UNLESS DEGENERATE, a biodegradable shoe that it describes as the world’s first regenerative sneaker. The UNLESS DEGENERATE is 100% composed of plants and minerals and is said to “decompose at the end of its life to birth something entirely new”. The production of the shoe involves zero plastics or petrochemicals, says UNLESS. Zero plastic waste streetwear Based in the US Pacific Northwest, UNLESS makes plant-based streetwear designed to leave zero plastic waste, stating that it operates the world’s first regenerative fashion platform. The company ensures all of its products can be repaired, recycled or harmlessly decomposed at the end of their useful life. Continued success for NFW …


Tesla Plaid S in grey tune-up with vegan red leather seats

Courtesy of von Holzhausen

von Holzhausen’s Vegan Bamboo Leather Upgrades Tesla Interior

High-tech plant-based material company von Holzhausen and Unplugged Performance, a Tesla-specialist tuning shop, are partnering on a unique Tesla Plaid S tune-up that will showcase at the Petersen Automotive Museum in California.  Both companies work in Los Angeles, upgrading Tesla’s vehicles to improve their performance and features. von Holzhausen replaces the leather and plastic materials used for the car’s interiors with its negative carbon fabrics made from plants.  For this Tesla Plaid S tune-up, the seating upholstery and other interior elements will feature von Holzhausen’s Banbū Leather in “an exclusive rich red shade called Serrano, inspired by speed with a classic automotive appeal.”  Luxury without compromise  Crafted from bamboo, von Holzhausen’s animal and petroleum-free leather shifts the automotive industry’s favoritism for animal leather to guilt-free, sustainable luxury …


rc cork products, a bag and a wallet carried by a woman dressed in black

© RC Cork

Chile’s RC Cork: Eco-Sustainable Fashion Taking Care of The Planet

RC Cork is a Chilean startup producing 100% natural and ecological vegan cork leather to create fashion products such as bags, backpacks, wallets, shoes, and accessories. Carmen Gloria Rodriguez, RC Cork’s founder, looking to innovate in the fashion market with high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, found that natural cork fabric was the right choice to replace traditional leather. Cork oak tree sustainability Rodriguez explains that cork oak trees grow only in Mediterranean countries and can live up to 300 years. During their lifetime, expert cutters remove the bark without damaging the trees. Every nine years, the bark grows back, removing CO2 from the air. Portuguese cork forests – where the company’s raw material comes from – support one of the world’s highest levels of biodiversity, including …


Vegan Cactus Leather Shoes

©G.H. Bass

G.H. Bass Launches First Vegan Weejun Loafers with Desserto Cactus Leather

American footwear brand G.H. Bass, known for introducing the first penny loafers in 1936, announces it is releasing two vegan versions of its classic Weejun Loafer made from Desserto cactus leather.   “Cutting-edge” sustainability Launching for Fall/ Winter 2022, the new Cactus Leather Weejun Loafers feature alternative leather developed from nopal cactus leaves, and are available in Green, Burgundy and Black colorways. The Loafers include cactus leather soft liners and insoles, waxy threaded stitched seams and traditonal Weejuns lightweight outsoles.  The Cactus Leather Loafers are available on the G.H. Bass website and retail for $202. Attractive alt-leather Founded by Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, Desserto’s award-winning cactus leather quickly broke into sustainable fashion world as an attractive, toxin- and cruelty-free alternative to leather.  Following its …


Allbirds Vegan Sneaker


Allbirds Launches First 100% Vegan Sneakers Made from Upcycled Rice and Citrus Peels

Footwear brand Allbirds has announced the launch of the Plant Pacer, its first 100% vegan sneaker. While Allbirds is traditionally known for its natural line of shoes incorporating sheep’s wool, the Plant Pacer makes use of sustainable, plastic and petroleum-free plant leather.  88% less carbon The Plant Pacer offers the same signature comfort Allbirds is famous for, and is constructed from innovative materials like rubber, plant oils, upcycled rice hulls and even citrus peels.  The shoe’s eco-friendly ingredients mean it produces 88% less carbon than conventional animal leather, and 75% less than standard synthetic pleather. The Plant Pacer, which retails for about $135, also features lightweight eucalyptus-based TENCEL™Lyocell blend lining. Allbirds is offering a canvas version of the Plant Pacer constructed with organic cotton and …


mylo-mushroom-leather-Bolt Threads

©Bolt Threads

Bolt Threads and Ginkgo Bioworks Join Forces to Boost Production of Mylo Mushroom Leather

Materials solutions company Bolt Threads announces a new multi-project collaboration with biotech firm Ginkgo Bioworks to increase the efficiency and performance of Bolt’s portfolio, and to develop novel biomaterial proteins. The companies’ first project will focus on optimizing production of Bolt’s Mylo™ leather alternative. Made from mycelium, the underground root structures of mushrooms, Mylo is an animal-free and sustainable “unleather: that does not require livestock or petroleum inputs. During Bolt’s production process, the mycelium is grown in a foamy layer that can be harvested, dyed and transformed into fully customizable sheets. Mylo can then be used to make a wide range of products such as handbags, footwear, wallets, and phone cases. Mylo is already been utilized in handbags and accessories by top fashion houses such …


vegan leather cars in a porsche

© Porsche

Rising Trend Towards Vegan Friendly Cars

“There is not a completely vegan car on the market,” the Vegan Society says in its Vegan Vehicles: The Future of Cars Report 2022. However, car manufacturers have been offering non-leather interiors for a while, with many pledging to use alternative materials in their new and existing models in coming years.  Animal leather has traditionally been the standard option for premium car seats and interiors, but current luxury trends do not involve the slaughter of animals. Demand for alternative materials is making the automobile industry incorporate more vegan options for its models, adding to the rise in the global synthetic leather market which is on track to reach $67.2 billion by 2030, according to Straits Research. Growing trend towards animal-free interiors In 2020, PETA published its …


cruelty-free material black handbag

© Doshi

California: Doshi Presents New Accessories Using Luxury Vegan Leathers

Doshi, an eco-friendly, luxury vegan brand of work, leisure, and travel accessories, reveals a new line of products made with innovative cruelty-free materials. Handbags, backpacks, wallets, money clips, belts, and cardholders made with microfibre vegan leather, kraft paper, and Piñatex are among the company’s newly presented creations. Based in California and founded by Paras Doshi, the company designs and creates 100% vegan alternatives for customers with ethical, religious, or environmental concerns. “We would love to share our mission and message with the world. And let more people understand that they do not have to give up on quality or style when switching to ethical and sustainable accessories,” says Doshi. Durable, cruelty-free accessories Doshi is constantly researching new durable, cruelty-free materials with a luxurious appeal that …


vegan leather interior porsche and colourful design by sean wotherspoon

© Porsche

Streetwear Artist Sean Wotherspoon Designs Vegan Porsche

Porsche and streetwear designer Sean Wotherspoon recently collaborated on a unique design for Porsche’s Taycan 4 Cross Turismo featuring vegan leather for the seats and doors and carpets made with repurposed fishing nets. The result is an attention-grabbing multicolour Taycan that displays Wotherspoon‘s characteristic vibrant, colour palette and also reveals the designer’s preference for sustainable materials and alternative leathers. Wotherspoon, known for his vibrant rainbow designs and collectable vegan trainers, the most famous being his Nike Air Max 97/1, was commissioned by the German automobile manufacturer to take his view on the Taycan. Porsche has tested vegan interiors before and, not long ago, announced that its Taycan model would be available in a vegan version using a textile from recycled polyester. Inspiration Wotherspoon traveled to Weissach, …


a piece of cultured leather that looks like animal leather

© VitroLabs

DiCaprio Backed VitroLabs Appoints Industry Figures to Bring World’s First Cultivated Leather to Market

VitroLabs, which raised $46 million in a Series A from high-profile investors including Kering and Leonardo DiCaprio this May, has appointed a notable Board of Directors as part of its mission to create luxurious next-gen leather from cells. The San Francisco-based startup says it has been officially manufacturing its cell-cultivated leather in its pilot plant and that its R&D team is working on advancing its proprietary tissue engineering processes to develop the next-gen leather that luxury brands seek for their products. Appointed to the Board of Directors this week are Anthony Chow, co-founder of Agronomics; and Martin Avetisyan, chief growth officer and member of the Executive Board at FARFETCH. Agronomics is a cellular agriculture investment group headed by billionaire philanthropist Jim Mellon, while FARFETCH is …


new vegan leather seat head covers made by Toray

© Toray

Japanese Airline ANA to Adopt Toray’s Ultrasuede Alt Leather

Eco-materials manufacturer Toray recently revealed that its new upgraded vegan leather Ultrasuede will be used to make the headrest covers of Japanese airline All Nippon Airways’ Green Jet seats. Toray is a general materials manufacturer focusing on developing 100% plant-derived polyesters to achieve a carbon-neutral, circular economy not dependent on fossil resources. In 2015, the company launched the first commercial production of its Ultrasuede vegan leather made using plant-based recycled resources as part of its raw materials. Starting this November, the modern version of  Ultrasuede will debut in ANA’s Green Jets interior cabins in green colour. ANA claims to be the first Japanese airline to use vegan leather for seat headrest covers as a sustainable material. ANA chose to work with Toray’s Ultrasuede because the …


Phil and Maria of Simplifyber

Image credit: Mofield_John © Simplifyber

Simplifyber: “We are Fundamentally Changing the Entire Process of Making Shoes and Clothes”

Simplifyber does not create normal apparel. The clothes and shoes made by this New York brand are not only 3d printed and “created in a lab, not in a factory”, but are also 100% biodegradable. It’s a fascinating area of innovation, bearing in mind that the fashion industry is the third most polluting industry, responsible for more CO2 emissions than the shipping and the aviation industry combined, and one which brought Simplifibyer an initial swell of interest from investors to the tune of multiple millions this summer. We were excited for the opportunity to speak with CEO Maria Intscher-Owrang, whose 20+ year career as a fashion designer and director includes periods at leading fashion houses, including Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, and Alexander McQueen. What is …


shoes made from upcycled coffee grounds


Coffee Leather: Nespresso and Zèta Create ‘Re:Ground’ Sneakers From Upcycled Grounds

Zero-waste leather manufacturer Zèta has partnered with Nespresso, an operating unit of the Nestlé Group, to create a sneaker collection made from upcycled coffee grounds. Founded in September 2020, the zero-waste fashion startup from Portugal started off as a footwear producer focused on sneakers made from recycled paper and organic grape waste. After receiving a message on LinkedIn in January 2021 from Nespresso CEO Guillaume Le Cunff, asking “What about coffee?”, Babin realised that there was no coffee leather commercially available on the market and was inspired to innovate a new coffee material that could be transformed into sneakers. Re:Ground Re:Ground, a limited-edition line of coffee sneakers by Zèta constructed from 80% recycled and repurposed materials, was inspired by the ideas of zero-waste, eco-design, and …


Mirum X Brave Gentleman

© Brave Gentleman

Brave GentleMan Launches Mirum Alt Leather Gender Neutral Shoe Collection

Brooklyn-based vegan menswear brand Brave GentleMan has teamed up with sustainable material expert Natural Fiber Welding to launch a gender-neutral shoe collection made from the company’s iconic Mirum leather alternative. Setting new sustainability standards Launched in 2019, Natural Fiber Welding’s innovative Mirum leather alternative is described as a “categorically new, plant-based material” most suitable for applications in footwear, automotive, and accessories. Backed by car manufacturer BMW, the company has proven there is a place for leather alternatives entirely made from biodegradable ingredients in fashion. Natural Fiber Welding collaborated with luxury fashion brands in the past, including Germany’s Melinda Bucher for its plant-based handbags, however, the goal of the technology company is to commercialize its sustainable material solutions on a large scale, as it is the …