Canada Goose is Reportedly Developing Faux Fur

Vegconomist has received news from a vegan activist in Canada, that Canada Goose is developing a fake fur for its outerwear. Canadian activist Jenny McQueen has been a prolific campaigner in Canada and has worked with Direct Action Everywhere and Toronto Pig Save. Whilst at a recent protest in the west end of Toronto on Queen Street, Jenny was approached by a man wearing a CG coat without the fur. After a conversation about the garment, it transpired that the man is in fact employed by the company, and he revealed that they are in the development stage of faux fur products.


bearpaw logo

© Romeo & Juliette, Inc. / Bearpaw

BEARPAW Presents New Vegan Collection

BEARPAW is an international manufacturer of women’s, men’s and children’s shoes. The company has recently announced the launch of a new vegan and PETA-approved product line. In future, the brand will offer vegan versions of its classic shoe and slipper styles. The new products consist of 100% vegan micro-suede uppers, an inner lining made of a polyester blend, and a lightweight rubber outer sole. “We are pleased to introduce vegan versions of the BEARPAW classics for our environmentally conscious consumers. Our team has worked closely with PETA to ensure that we meet vegan industry standards, and we are very proud of the result. We hope to continue working with PETA in the future to expand our vegan range,” said John Pierce, BEARPAW President. “Today’s consumers …




Luxury Beauty Brand Hourglass Pushes Veganism

Luxury cosmetics brand Hourglass Cosmetics, owned by Unilever, announced in November 2017 its intention for all of its products to be vegan by the end of 2020. This week Hourglass has launched one of its biggest marketing campaigns to date, “Eye to Eye”, which pushes veganism and cruelty-free as a priority for the brand.


H&M Conscious Exclusive collection

Irina Shayk at H & M, copyright H&M

H&M Launches Sustainable Collection Including Pineapple Leather Line

Last week high street fashion brand H&M celebrated its new Conscious Exclusive collection with a launch party in LA.The new spring 2019 H&M Conscious Exclusive collection introduces three new sustainable materials: Piñatex, a natural leather alternative made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves; BLOOM Foam, a plant-based flexible foam using algae biomass; and Orange Fiber, sustainable silk-like fabrics made from citrus by-products.



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How AlgiKnit Plans to Transform the Fashion Ecosystem with Seaweed Fibers

AlgiKnit is a New York-based biotech start-up producing durable seaweed yarns. The company aims to conserve the maritime ecosystem whilst creating a sustainable and ethical fiber which can be processed into textiles for the fashion industry. To produce the yarn, the research team extracts a substance called alginate from seaweed or algae. The alginate is combined with other renewable biopolymers for further processing. The biodegradable fibre is strong and elastic enough to be knitted into a textile. It is also suitable for use in 3D printing processes. The yarn gets its colour from natural pigments. Compared to conventional industrial dyeing, less water is required, and the use of toxic dyeing chemicals is completely unnecessary. The entire production process also has a very low carbon footprint. …