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Bliss: Animal-Free Cosmetics in Collaboration with PETA

The American company Blissworld is redesigning its beauty products. Bliss’ new vegan collection, developed in partnership with PETA, is set to meet the demands of Millennials. To confirm that Bliss products are manufactured without animal testing, the company has received certification in the form of the rabbit packaging logo from animal welfare organisation PETA.



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Koneko Studio: Starting a Movement with Vegan Tattoos

“We hope to start a movement.” These are the words of Linda Bishop, the founder of “Koneko Studio”, a vegan tattoo studio in Dallas. By not using animal products, she wants to inspire other tattoo artists, with a focus on the ink used for the tattoos. Whilst some inks are vegan-friendly, there are ink brands that use animal products and test on animals. Ointments and other objects used in tattooing are not always animal-free. Bishop’s studio, which also includes microblading and piercing specialists, ensures that only vegan and animal-free products are used in order to simplify the process for interested parties.


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Luxury Vegan Shoe Collection in UK

NO-ONE’S SKIN is a luxury vegan shoe collection which was founded by German designer Ivana Basilotta, in order to bring awareness and create change. The aim of the brand is to alter the misconception held by the general population that leather is a superior natural product: “NO ONE’S SKIN emphatically states that this is a myth pedalled by the leather industry.”


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Tarte Cosmetics Launches Cruelty-free Line Awake

Tarte Cosmetics, the successful brand based in New York City and founded by Maureen Kelly in 1999, have introduced a sister brand named Awake. Tarte are dedicated to providing cruelty-free products suitable for the vegan market, which has given them a leading edge in the sector and attracted a loyal following.


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Vegan Fashion Label Uses Upcycling for Designer Collection

The innovative vegan fashion label “Livin’ The MAD Life” from Miami has set itself the goal of improving the image of upcycling, and to this end is producing vegan designer fashion from garments which have already been upcycled. The concept of sustainability is very important to the label, and defines the philosophy behind it.


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Vegan Hair Care Brand Expands into Southeast Asia

According to a Star.com report, the US hair care brand IGK will soon expand into Asia. In cooperation with the retail group Sephora, all the manufacturer’s products will soon be offered and distributed both in stores in the Southeast Asia region and in the Sephora online shop.