Balenciaga partners with Bananatex for sneakers made from banana fibers

© Balenciaga

Bananatex and Balenciaga Develop Sneakers Made From Banana Fibers

Swiss fashion company QWSTION, producer of the sustainable banana fiber fabric Bananatex®, has announced a partnership with fashion house Balenciaga to launch sneakers made from the material. The shoes are an eco-friendly version of Balenciaga’s much-loved Triple S sneakers, which have a characteristic chunky shape. They are now available at the fashion house’s physical and online stores in two colors — black and beige. “This is big news! Balenciaga and Bananatex!” said Hannes Schoenegger, co-founder of QWSTION and Bananatex, on LinkedIn. “The iconic Triple S made with our 100% plant-based, next-gen fabric, available in two colors. Bravo to everyone involved in this project, we are looking forward to many more in the future!” “Really exciting development” Bananatex is a durable canvas fabric made from naturally …


Sokito drops kangaroo leather

© Sokito

Football Boot Brand Sokito Drops Kangaroo Leather in Favour of Vegan Materials

UK-based football boot brand Sokito has announced that it will stop using kangaroo leather due to increasing ethical concerns about the material. In a statement, Sokito explains that the material was once thought to be a sustainable byproduct of kangaroos killed to keep the population in check, but figures now show that the kangaroo population is declining rapidly. This indicates that they are being killed for profit rather than just population control. Furthermore, the killing of kangaroos is not monitored and is often done unethically, with joeys sometimes killed alongside their mothers or left to starve when their mothers are killed. It is also believed that the number of kangaroos in the wild has been inflated, meaning the population is much lower than official figures …


Grounded People winter boots

© Grounded People

Grounded People Apparel launches Vegan, Ethical Winter Boot Collection

Grounded People Apparel Inc (CSE: SHOE), a Canadian ethical footwear company, presents the new All SZN Boot Collection. Grounded states this strategic move is also expected to strengthen customer loyalty and brand reputation, as it plans to make a name for itself in the multi-billion dollar winter footwear market and fill a niche for fashionable and sustainable winter footwear alternatives. With the goal of minimizing the fashion industry’s environmental footprint, Grounded’s 100% PETA APPROVED “All SZN Boot Collection” uses natural rubber and a vegan microfibre called OnMirco, an eco-friendly vegan leather microfiber. The launch comes after two notable, sustainable vegan footwear releases this year, following Grounded’s $2.5M raise this January. In March, the brand released a line of shoes crafted from recycled materials such as …


Calvin Klein pineapple leaf sneakers

© Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein to Launch Pineapple Leaf Shoes

In a bid to address the ecological impact of fashion, Calvin Klein has partnered with Ananas Anam and TENCEL™ to launch “The Sustainable Knit Trainer.” This product marks Calvin Klein’s debut into sustainable footwear, with the shoe’s knitted upper composed of a blend of PIÑAYARN® and TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers. As the fashion industry comes to terms with the environmental repercussions of synthetic fabrics, brands are turning to plant-based alternatives like PIÑAYARN®. Derived from discarded pineapple leaves, this material employs an environmentally friendly spinning process that conserves water. Blending this material with TENCEL™ Lyocell, sourced from responsibly managed forests, further elevates the sustainability of the trainer. TENCEL™ Lyocell is produced using a solvent spinning method that recycles over 99% of the solvent and water, ensuring complete …


Grounded People Shoes

©Grounded People

Canada’s Grounded People Launches Vegan Suede and Leather Shoes, Produced in “World’s Only” 100% Vegan Factory

Grounded People Apparel Inc. of Vancouver, Canada (CSE: SHOE), today announces the launch of its first-ever cruelty-free leather and suede shoes, which are produced in what the brand claims is the world’s only 100% vegan factory, located in Brazil. The Oli is a grey cruelty-free suede shoe while the Mika features vegan white leather and an outsole made from all-natural gum. Grounded People says that its iconic Lee shoe, made from 100% recycled cotton and rubber from rubber trees, is now available again due to popular demand. Also noteworthy is its collection launched in the US and Canada this March, composed of footwear crafted from recycled materials such as used car tires and volcanized natural rubber. Grounded People’s products are 100% PeTA-approved vegan and are manufactured …


OCA Low Sneakers


This World Ocean Day, Cariuma Partners with Coral Vita to Launch “Coral Saving” OCA Low Sneakers

In honor of World Ocean Day, sustainable sneaker brand Cariuma announces it is partnering with Coral Vita to launch a special collection of OCA Low shoes. Through their collaboration, Cariuma will support Coral Vita’s work to restore degraded coral reefs, and help save 10cm² of coral reef for every pair purchased. Featuring a design of churning waves, the new OCA Low sneakers are meant to evoke the energy and strength of the world’s oceans. The 100% vegan style is made with organic cotton canvas and natural rubber for comfort and fit. The show also offers a unique cap toe design and a fully-stitched lightweight outsole for a more durable shoe. Based in Brazil, Cariuma is known for its “better-for-the-earth materials” that offset carbon emissions and utilize …


Adidas vegan sandals

© Adidas

This Week in Vegan Shoes: Adidas “Plant and Grow” Sandals & Recycled Aluminum Foil Sneakers

This week sees two new interesting vegan shoe launches, both from German companies: sportswear producer Adidas and high-end sneaker brand nat-2. Adidas “Plant and Grow” sandals Adidas has launched its new EQT 93 “Plant and Grow” sandals, made from fully vegan materials including rubber and textile. Said to be inspired by “guerrilla gardening” (cultivating plants in public places that are not being cared for), the sandals have speckled soles that mimic soil. The Plant and Grow shoes are based on Adidas’ classic EQT 93 silhouette, but feature earthy colors such as Green Oxide, Brown, and Easy Yellow. They are said to “put comfort in every step”. Adidas has previously launched shoes made with mushroom leather, along with vegan football boots co-designed by Stella McCartney. In …


Trash Planet unleashes new collection of vegan and recyclable sneakers and boots

© Trash Planet

Trash Planet Launches Sustainable Vegan Footwear Made From Apple Leather & Recycled Materials

Sustainable footwear company Trash Planet has unveiled its new collection of vegan and eco-friendly sneakers and boots. Crafted from sustainable and recycled materials such as apple leather, corn, rubber, and polyester canvas, Trash Planet’s new innovative footwear collection is cruelty-free and environmentally responsible. The company describes it as “a game-changer in the industry’s quest for genuinely greener options.”  Based in the UK, Trash Planet aims to revolutionise the fashion industry and set a new standard for sustainable fashion by pioneering the use of recycled materials to create cutting-edge recyclable fashion pieces.  “We are beyond excited to introduce our newest collection of vegan, recycled, and recyclable sneakers and boots,” said Holly Boxall, head of design at Trash Planet. Guilt-free fashion The vegan leather used for the …


Reebok and Milk Makeup create a new vegan trainer collection

© Reebok

Reebok & Milk Makeup Launch 100% Cruelty-Free Footwear Collection

In a rare collaboration between brands from different industries, athletic wear company Reebok and vegan cosmetics brand Milk Makeup have partnered to launch a new cruelty-free footwear collection made with 100% vegan materials and zero animal byproducts. The designs in the new collection, dubbed Equipment Essentials, feature deconstructed elements, geometric patterns, vibrant accents, and logos. They are inspired by the equipment room at Milk Studios (Milk Makeup’s New York-based parent company), where “functional workwear is a must”.  The collection includes revamped versions of five classic Reebok sneaker designs: The Classic Vegan; Club C 85 Vegan; Classic Make It Yours Vegan; Club C Geo Mid Vegan; and BB 4000 II Vegan. Clean conscience Aside from footwear, the companies have also created a line of apparel which …


Grounded People Shoes

©Grounded People

Grounded People Launches São Paulo Shoe Collection Made From Recycled Car Tires

Canadian fashion brand Grounded People (CNSX: SHOE)  announces its new unisex São Paulo collection is launching to customers throughout the US and Canada.  Named in recognition of São Paulo, Brazil – the state in which the shoes are manufactured – the collection is crafted from recycled materials and features high-top and low-cut styles in black and khaki colors. As part of the brand’s dedication to sustainability, the Collection features shoes with extra-durable outsoles made from used car tires (black) or volcanized natural rubber (khaki) to provide improved comfort and traction. The shoes also offer all-metal D hooks to provide reliability when lacing up and 100% recycled cotton, Grounded People says. Prices start at US $219, and the shoes are backed by the brand’s “industry-disrupting” five-year warranty …


Degenerate shoe black

© Unless Collective

Vegan Footwear Market Now Worth $40.9Bn, Significant Growth Expected

According to a new report, the market for vegan footwear is worth $40.9 billion and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 7.98% through to 2030. Increasing awareness of the ethical issues involved in producing animal-based materials — such as animal cruelty and a high carbon footprint — is believed to be the biggest driver of growth. As more money is invested into animal-free materials, production techniques are rapidly improving, which is further boosting the market. However, research indicates that consumer awareness of vegan footwear is still not high, while animal-free shoes tend to be more expensive than those made with leather or other animal-derived materials. These factors could restrain the market. Over the forecast period, North America is predicted to be the region …



PUMA to Phase Out Kangaroo Leather in Favour of Vegan Alternative

German sportswear brand PUMA has redesigned its KING football boot, replacing kangaroo leather with a vegan alternative. Called K-BETTER™, the new material consists mostly of nylon microfibre (of which at least 20% is recycled) and is said to outperform kangaroo leather in terms of touch, comfort, and durability. PUMA is so pleased with the material’s performance that it plans to phase out kangaroo leather boots altogether by the end of the year. The updated KING features a lightweight outsole with an external heel counter, a stability spine, and conical studs. Additionally, it has a lightweight removable sock liner with NanoGrip technology. A custom fit is available for women. Kangaroo-free boots PUMA launched its first vegan football boot — the King Plantinum 21 Vegan — about …


vegtus' cactus leather sneakers

© Vegtus

Spanish Vegan Sneaker Brand Vegtus Expands With New Line Inspired by City Dwellers

Vegtus, which claims to be the first Spanish brand to make cactus leather sneakers, announced it will soon launch its new Spring Summer 2023 collection inspired by city dwellers and urban fashion. “The city is a constant source of inspiration for us, from fashion to culture, and is reflected in the new SS23 models,” Vegtus told culturamas. The new collection (yet to be discovered) has been designed for spring and summer, bringing new colors and shapes, but the recycled materials and cruelty-free leathers will remain the protagonists, said Vegtus. Cactus leather vs. cowhide Born and manufactured entirely in Spain, Vegtus — ‘Veg’ for vegan and ‘tus’ for cactus — uses Nopal cacti-derived leather for its ethical and sustainable sneaker and sandal collections, combining trend with …


Vegan football boots

© Sokito

Sokito Launches First Ever Vegan Society Certified Football Boot

Eco-friendly sportswear brand Sokito has launched a vegan football boot made with recycled and sustainably sourced materials. Called the Devista Vegan, the boot features uppers made from a leather alternative containing 45% recycled nylon. The vegan suede lining is made from 85% plastic bottles, while the foam insole is 20% recycled rubber. The soleplate is made using castor beans, which are produced using 87% renewable carbon. Other shoe components such as the heel counter, thread, and laces are also made partially or entirely from recycled materials. The Devista Vegan is the first ever football boot to be certified by the Vegan Society, and only the second in the world to be certified vegan by any organisation. It is designed in the UK and ethically handmade …


Grounded People Vegan Shoes

©Grounded People

Canada’s Grounded People Raises $2.5M to Expand ‘Industry-Leading’ Ethical Footwear

Ethical fashion brand Grounded People (CNSX: SHOE) announces it has received a “significant breakthrough” investment of $2.5M in capital from Vancouver-based Right Season Investments Corp. The brand, which specializes in fair wage and sustainable vegan shoes, says the capital will strengthen its leadership position and help expand its portfolio and distribution. In addition, Grounded People is preparing to launch a redesigned website and new collection of sustainable shoes beginning Friday, January 20th.  Known for its trendy unisex shoes, Grounded People says its line features ethically sourced, eco-conscious materials, produced in fair wage conditions. The brand’s PETA-approved footwear is almost entirely handmade from recycled materials in Brazil, in one of the world’s only exclusively vegan shoe factories.  The company adds it uses Blockchain technology for complete …


primal soles' founder holding a pair of 100% recyclable shoe insoles made with cork

© PRIMAL Soles

PRIMAL Soles: World’s First 100% Recyclable Shoe Insoles Created from Cork

PRIMAL Soles, a startup based in the Netherlands, claims to be the first company in the world to create 100% recyclable shoe insoles made from natural Mediterranean cork and recyclable memory foam.  The company was founded in 2021 by David Even to create alternative shoe insoles that could be recycled and reused to reduce the amount of non-recyclable landfill waste produced by the footwear industry, specifically the insole industry. “Sustainability is at the core of our business model,” says Even. With maximum comfort and a minimal ecological footprint as the company’s goal, a team of experts designed an insole collection that offers wearers a soft, supportive base for the foot while also providing breathability, flexibility, and durability.   Responsibility for the entire product life-cycle According …



© Unless Collective

UNLESS Collective and NFW Drop “World’s First Regenerative Sneaker” Made of 100% Plants & Minerals

UNLESS Collective, a regenerative fashion company, has partnered with plant-based material leader Natural Fiber Welding to create The UNLESS DEGENERATE, a biodegradable shoe that it describes as the world’s first regenerative sneaker. The UNLESS DEGENERATE is 100% composed of plants and minerals and is said to “decompose at the end of its life to birth something entirely new”. The production of the shoe involves zero plastics or petrochemicals, says UNLESS. Zero plastic waste streetwear Based in the US Pacific Northwest, UNLESS makes plant-based streetwear designed to leave zero plastic waste, stating that it operates the world’s first regenerative fashion platform. The company ensures all of its products can be repaired, recycled or harmlessly decomposed at the end of their useful life. Continued success for NFW …


© RapidBox

Indian Vegan Leather Shoe Producer Rapidbox Raises $4.5M in Series A Funding

Rapidbox, an India-based startup producing vegan leather sneakers, has raised $4.5 million in a Series A funding round led by SIG Venture Capital. Other participants included Tanglin Venture Partners, India Quotient, and Ananya Goenka (an investment banking analyst). The startup, which also produces other fashion and sportswear items, says it will use the funding to improve customer experience, expand its product range, and further build the brand. Rapidbox sneakers feature uppers made from either high-gauge vegan leather or polyester yarns. According to the company, the soles, footbeds, and laces are all made from high-quality animal-free materials, ensuring the shoes will be long-lasting. Rapidbox products are sold via the company’s app and on marketplaces such as FlipKart and Myntra. The brand aims to provide high-quality shoes …


Vegan Cactus Leather Shoes

©G.H. Bass

G.H. Bass Launches First Vegan Weejun Loafers with Desserto Cactus Leather

American footwear brand G.H. Bass, known for introducing the first penny loafers in 1936, announces it is releasing two vegan versions of its classic Weejun Loafer made from Desserto cactus leather.   “Cutting-edge” sustainability Launching for Fall/ Winter 2022, the new Cactus Leather Weejun Loafers feature alternative leather developed from nopal cactus leaves, and are available in Green, Burgundy and Black colorways. The Loafers include cactus leather soft liners and insoles, waxy threaded stitched seams and traditonal Weejuns lightweight outsoles.  The Cactus Leather Loafers are available on the G.H. Bass website and retail for $202. Attractive alt-leather Founded by Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, Desserto’s award-winning cactus leather quickly broke into sustainable fashion world as an attractive, toxin- and cruelty-free alternative to leather.  Following its …


Allbirds Vegan Sneaker


Allbirds Launches First 100% Vegan Sneakers Made from Upcycled Rice and Citrus Peels

Footwear brand Allbirds has announced the launch of the Plant Pacer, its first 100% vegan sneaker. While Allbirds is traditionally known for its natural line of shoes incorporating sheep’s wool, the Plant Pacer makes use of sustainable, plastic and petroleum-free plant leather.  88% less carbon The Plant Pacer offers the same signature comfort Allbirds is famous for, and is constructed from innovative materials like rubber, plant oils, upcycled rice hulls and even citrus peels.  The shoe’s eco-friendly ingredients mean it produces 88% less carbon than conventional animal leather, and 75% less than standard synthetic pleather. The Plant Pacer, which retails for about $135, also features lightweight eucalyptus-based TENCEL™Lyocell blend lining. Allbirds is offering a canvas version of the Plant Pacer constructed with organic cotton and …