Talia Vegan Margherita Pizza

©Talia di Napoli

Frozen Pizza Favorite Talia di Napoli Debuts First-Ever Vegan Margherita Pizza

Frozen pizza brand Talia di Napoli, which ships authentic handmade pizzas directly from Naples, announces the launch of its first-ever certified vegan pizza: The Vegan Margherita.  Handcrafted by trained master pizza-makers in Naples, the Vegan Margherita is described as a gourmet pizza experience that tastes just like classic Neopolitan pies.  Famous for shipping authentic, made-in-Italy pizzas straight to US customers’ doors, Talia says the Vegan Margherita features a handmade sourdough crust topped with a signature pomodoro sauce and fresh basil. The pizzas are then topped with plant-based mozzarella sourced from Italy, created from a blend of cashews and almonds.  According to the brand, vegans and non-vegans alike will be impressed by the Margherita’s flavor and texture, and this option allows even more people to indulge …


© New Culture

Alt-Dairy Startup New Culture Appoints ‘Hu’ Chocolate CEO Mark Ramadan to Board of Directors

Animal-free cheese startup New Culture announces it is appointing Mark Ramadan, the CEO of leading chocolate brand Hu, to its Board of Directors.  According to New Culture, Ramadan’s appointment marks the company’s next step as it prepares for its first public tastings of animal-free mozzarella, in preparation for a US launch in 2024.  Ramadan is currently the CEO of Hu (pronounced “hue”), which is said to be America’s leading better-for-you chocolate brand. Imploring consumers to “Get Back to Human”,  Hu sells a range of dairy-free chocolate bars made from a strict list of simple ingredients. Many of Hu’s chocolates are vegan as well as paleo and refined sugar-free.  Prior to Hu,  Mark was the co-founder and CEO of Sir Kensington’s, which produces a line of …


Aviko Rixona

© Aviko Rixona

Aviko Rixona Uses Potatoes to Make “Healthiest Ever” Vegan Cheese

Aviko Rixona, a Dutch producer of dried potato products, has launched a plant-based cheese alternative made from potatoes. Potato Cheezz is said to look and taste like dairy cheese, with a similar texture. However, the product is distinctive in that it is free of fat and salt, which according to Aviko makes it healthier than conventional cheese or any other plant-based alternative. Potato Cheezz is available for food service in ten-kilogram blocks, and is said to be ideal for use in finger foods, snacks, and fillings for meat substitutes. A separate version is available for pizzas. Potato-based dairy alternatives Aviko Rixona is not the only company making alt dairy products out of potatoes. Sweden’s DUG has developed a highly successful range of potato-based milk alternatives, …


Väcka cheese lifestyle

© Väcka

Väcka Unveils Market-First Cheeses Made From Olive Oil & Fermented Melon Seed Milk

Spanish Foodtech Väcka announces it has launched the only plant-based cheeses made with melon seeds and olive oil, through the application of a “disruptive world unique fermentation process” for which the brand has filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Across the brand’s Mözza and Pumpkin lines, fermented almond milk has been replaced by melon seed milk, and coconut oil with extra virgin olive oil, leading to an improvement in the taste of the products and a more sustainable production process. A “disruptive innovation” The new method will progressively be applied to the Vrie and Filä varieties, representing what Väcka states is a “disruptive innovation in the production of vegetable cheeses”, claiming that it improves water consumption by 99.1%, land use by …


©Modern Kitchen

Meet Modern Kitchen: “Uncompromising” Animal-Free Cream Cheese With Real Dairy Ingredients

While plant-based cream cheese products continue to grow in size and diversity, Modern Kitchen is bringing something entirely new to the market: a non-animal cream cheese made with real dairy ingredients.  Using Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein, Modern Kitchen says it is taking a modern food tech approach to reinvent traditional foods without compromising on taste. By utilizing Perfect Day’s revolutionary protein, made with precision fermentation, the brand says its products reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 97% when compared to conventional dairy.  First launched in 2022, Modern Kitchen sells a full lineup of lactose-free cream cheeses in several flavors, including a newly added “Plain” variety. Last year, the brand debuted in regional US grocery chains Harris Teeter and Market Basket.   Made with a …


General Mills Vegan Cream Cheese

©General Mills

General Mills Launches Bold Cultr Cream Cheese Made with Remilk Animal-Free Dairy

Alt-dairy startup Remilk announces global food giant General Mills is launching Bold Cultr Cream Cheese made with Remilk’s animal-free protein. Now available in the state of Minnesota, with wider distribution planned, the product marks Remilk’s first commercial collaboration.  Described as a lactose-free, next-gen cream cheese alternative, Bold Cultr features Remilk’s dairy-identical proteins produced through precision fermentation. The cream cheese, currently available in a Plain variety, also prominently displays Remilk’s logo on its packaging.  According to Remilk, this is the first of three cream cheeses the company will be launching, with new flavors such as Onion & Chive and Strawberry also in the works, reports CTech.  “We provide raw material that allows companies to produce a product with the same taste and texture, and it will …




JULIENNE BRUNO Sees 300%+ Growth After Securing Listings at Harrods and More

London-based vegan cheese producer JULIENNE BRUNO has reported a huge quarterly growth rate of over 300% as it announces new partnerships. The brand’s cheeses are now available to purchase from the Fresh Market Hall at luxury London department store Harrods, and are also featured in the vegan afternoon tea served in the Harrods Tea Rooms. The store’s pastry chef, Philip Khoury, has described the cheeses as “a rare stroke of gastronomic ingenuity”. JULIENNE BRUNO has also announced partnerships with pizza chains Pizza Pilgrims and Mamma Dough, which both began serving menu items made with the cheeses this week. Pizza Pilgrims founder James Elliot said JULIENNE’S products were “hands down the best plant-based cheese range we’ve tasted”. “A huge milestone” In November, JULIENNE BRUNO raised £5 …


The Simple Root cheese

© The Simple Root

The Simple Root Launches Potato-Based Vegan Cheese Range in the UK

As reported by The Grocer, plant-based food brand The Simple Root is set to launch a new range of dairy-free, vegetable-based cheeses in the UK. Made from potatoes, sweet potatoes, and parsnips, the cheeses provide an alternative to the coconut oil-based options that currently dominate the market. They are produced using a special technique, resulting in a product that is lower in fat and salt than its competitors. The cheeses are also said to have excellent melting properties. A cheddar alternative will launch first, available in block, sliced, and grated varieties. This will be followed by plant-based mozzarella. “A no-compromise swap” The Simple Root launched its first range of plant-based sauces, dips, and cream cheeses in the UK in 2021. Last year, the company expanded …


Armored Fresh American Cheese

©Armored Fresh

Armored Fresh Unveils New Almond Milk Slices, Plans US National Launch Early 2023

Food tech company Armored Fresh announces it will soon launch its innovative Almond Milk Cubes and American Slices nationwide in the US. In addition, the brand recently debuted its Zero Dairy Cheese product, Almond Milk American Slices, at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  A subsidiary of Korean food and beverage leader Yangyoo, Armored Fresh specializes in alternative dairy and says its “world-changing technology” can sustainably replicate the animal proteins found in dairy with plants. To create its products, Armored Fresh scientists have collaborated with a team of Michelin-rated chefs to develop a precision formulation of plant-based lactic acid and almond milk. This technology, it states, allows the brand to replicate the aroma, texture, and flavor of dairy cheese with no dairy, cholesterol, …


Cathedral City

© Cathedral City

Cathedral City Plant Based Expands to More Major Retailers as Vegan Cheese Sales Soar

In September of last year, the UK’s top-selling cheddar brand Cathedral City (owned by Saputo Dairy) launched a plant-based version of its cheese. After making its debut at Tesco, the cheese has now launched at Sainsbury’s and Asda, and is also set to roll out at Morrisons, Ocado, and Amazon Fresh by the end of the month. The cheddar alternative is available in block, grated, and sliced versions. Cathedral City has also begun a marketing campaign to promote its plant-based cheese during Veganuary. The brand says sales have been very strong since the product’s launch in September. Rapid market growth The expansion comes as a market report predicts a CAGR of 15.1% for the plant-based cheese market over the next decade. Globally, the market is …


ProVeg NFH

Image courtesy ProVeg International

Key Statistics for Plant-Based Businesses

Whether you’re new to plant-based business or not, it’s essential that you A) understand the market and B) understand consumers. This involves getting to know the latest innovations, whitespaces, growth predictions, opportunities, and challenges of the plant-based marketplace and becoming acquainted with ever-evolving consumer behaviours, preferences, and drivers. ProVeg International has recently published an infographic that brings together some of the most important statistics related to the plant-based market and its consumers. With these insights, you’ll be well-positioned to enter a new year of plant-powered business. One statistic from the infographic uncovers that only 38% of flexitarian consumers are very likely to eat plant-based cheese instead of conventional products, compared to 53% of flexitarians likely to eat vegan meat products. While research shows a high …


The Laughing Cow Plant Based

©Bel Brands USA

Update: Bel Brands USA Unveils First Animal-Free Dairy with Nurishh Incredible Dairy and Laughing Cow Plant-Based

Update Jan 4th: Comment from Bel USA as follows. Due to unforeseen production challenges of The Laughing Cow Plant-Based, rollout in the US has been delayed. We remain excited and eager for The Laughing Cow fans to try it when it’s available on shelves. Following the successful launches of Babybel Plant Based and Boursin Dairy-Free, Bel Brands USA announces the launch of The Laughing Cow Plant Based and Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free Cream Cheese – its first animal-free product created in partnership with Perfect Day.  Debuting at select retailers, including Kroger and Whole Foods, the new offerings include:  The Laughing Cow Plant Based – Certified plant-based and vegan, The Laughing Cow Plant Based delivers the same taste and creamy spreadability people know and love. …


Climax Artisanal Plant-Based Cheese

©Climax Foods

Climax Foods Launching “Moonshot” Plant-Based Brie, Feta, Chèvre and More in Select US Cities

Biotech startup Climax Foods announces it will soon introduce its first “moonshot” products – artisanal plant-based cheeses – to select audiences in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. The company also reveals it is building its first production facilities for an early 2023 launch with soon-to-be-announced distribution partners. Described as “zero compromise” plant-based products, Climax’s first offerings include cultured and aged Blue, Brie, Feta and Chèvre cheeses. According to the company, these products match the taste, nutrition, and price of dairy cheese. To create the products, Climax says it relies on non-allergenic ingredients such as seeds, legumes and plant oils, and that its offerings are free from nuts, cholesterol, and GMO ingredients. “We started from a profound appreciation for the complex flavors and textures …


Angelo Vegan Cheese

© One Good/Angelo

One Good Acquires Fellow Bengaluru-Based Brand Angelo Vegan Cheese

Indian alt dairy brand One Good has announced the acquisition of vegan cheese producer Angelo, which is based in the former’s home city of Bengaluru. Described by One Good as “the most delicious vegan cheese in India”, Angelo’s products are made with fresh, natural ingredients such as cashews, peanuts, and coconut oil. There are currently four cheeses in the range — Classic Vegan Mozzarella, Melty Vegan Mozzarella, Truffle Vegan Mozzarella, and Vegan Parmesan. Angelo’s products will now be manufactured and delivered by One Good, and will be listed on the latter’s website. Previously, the cheeses were only sold in Bengaluru, as founder Adi Fer made each batch at home. Despite demand from other cities, Fer lacked distribution and warehousing and was unable to get his …


Violife Vegan Cheese Caribbean

©The Price Club Supermarket

Upfield and Vemco Launch Violife Dairy-Free Products in Trinidad and Tobago

Dairy-free giant Upfield announces it has partnered with Vemco, the leading distributor of consumer packaged goods in the Caribbean, to bring Violife plant-based products to the Trinidad and Tobago market.  According to Shelly Ann Simon, divisional manager of Vemco, Violife’s range of cheeses and spreads launched in the country’s supermarkets in July, including Price Club Supermarket, and the company highly “underestimated” the demand.  “The reason why we had the launch this month is because we sold out our products quickly,” Simon told the Trinidad Express.  “We underestimated the response from retailers and consumers. Therefore, we had to wait for more products to come in. The feedback has been fantastic from vegans and non-vegans, who have tried it.” Simon adds the partnership came about when Unilever …