Alpine Bio Nobell Foods

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Alpine Bio Announces Rebrand from Nobell Foods, Secures New Patent in Dairy Alternatives

Alpine Bio, formerly known as Nobell Foods, announces a significant development in its business and technology strategy, revealing a corporate rebranding and the acquisition of a new US patent. The company, which produces animal-free dairy products through molecular farming, is now expanding its technological and market footprint. Nobell Foods has been focused on creating cheeses from plant-derived casein proteins but has shifted its corporate identity to better reflect its broader biomanufacturing ambitions. The rebranding to Alpine Bio aligns with the company’s vision to enhance its biotechnological capabilities in producing various plant-based proteins. Nobell Foods will continue to operate as a division of Alpine Bio. Alpine Bio announced the rebrand on social media today, stating, “Today marks a significant milestone in our journey as our platform …


JULIENNE BRUNO artisan vegan cheeses launch at Coop Switzerland


Artisan Vegan Cheese Brand JULIENNE BRUNO Expands to Switzerland with Updated Packaging

UK-based artisan vegan cheese brand JULIENNE BRUNO has announced an expansion to Switzerland, rolling out at hundreds of Coop stores across the country. The brand’s burrata alternative, Burrella, will be available at 375 Coop locations, while its stracciatella alternative, Superstraccia, has gained listings at 170 stores. Both products are award-winning — Burrella won the Dairy Alternative Innovation category at last year’s World Dairy Innovation Awards, while Superstraccia has received a Great Taste Award. This is JULIENNE BRUNO’s first international launch, with further market expansion planned in the coming months. The brand is also developing a new product range called Collection 02. New packaging In the meantime, JULIENNE BRUNO has relaunched its Collection 01 (featuring Burrella, Superstraccia, and the cream cheese alternative Crematta) with updated packaging. …


Pleese Cheese shreds

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Pleese Cheese Partners with Performance Food Group for Nationwide US Expansion

Article amended 12 April to reflect Webstaurant’s shipping capabilities, at the company’s request. Pleese Cheese, a NYC-based plant-based pizza cheese brand, has announced a national expansion in partnership with Performance Food Group (PFG), a leading American foodservice distributor with a network of 150 hubs and 300,000 restaurants. The company creates plant-based cheese alternatives designed specifically for pizza, offering a delicious, melty option free from dairy, nuts, and soy. Crafted with a mixture of fava bean protein, potato, and coconut oil, its formulation prioritizes meltability. This cheese substitute adopts a clean label strategy, utilizing a minimal selection of natural ingredients. Following its launch in 2022, the company originally partnered with Webstaurant Store to serve the US foodservice market through ecommerce. However, it found that one of …


Willicroft dairy alternatives

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Willicroft Dairy Alternatives Produce Up to 25X Fewer Emissions Than Conventional Dairy

Dutch dairy alternatives producer Willicroft has published a product emissions report comparing the environmental impact of its plant-based cheeses and butter to equivalent dairy products. The results take into account agricultural processes, production, packaging, transportation, and end-of-life for packaging. They show that Willicroft cheeses produce up to 25 times fewer carbon emissions than their dairy equivalents; for example, Willicroft Greek White generates just 1.26 kg of CO2 equivalent per kilogram, while traditional feta produces 34.1 kg. The brand’s butter alternative, Original Better, produces 2.48 kg CO2-eq/kg, compared to 16.9 kg for dairy butter. Furthermore, many of the products have lower emissions than dairy alternatives made by other plant-based brands. Original Better outperforms an Upfield butter alternative, and is roughly on par with Naturli’s organic spread. …


Zyrcular Foods plant-based chicken gyozas

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Zyrcular Foods Showcases Multicultural Plant-Based Solutions for Catering at Alimentaria Barcelona 

Zyrcular Foods, a Spanish firm specializing in the development, production, and distribution of alternative protein products, is showcasing its portfolio of 100% plant-based and mycoprotein (Quorn) alternatives for food service at Spain’s leading food, beverage, and gastronomy show Alimentaria, which will take place until March 21st. Zyrcular Foods’ product line includes a multicultural and diverse range of offerings, including alt meat and fish burgers from the company’s brand Amara, nuggets, chorizo, pulled meat, bacon, and meatballs, and its latest innovation, plant-based gyozas in curry chicken flavor. The company also offers alternatives to salmon and tuna made with pea protein under the plant-based seafood brand Current Foods. Zyrcular Foods states that its participation at Alimentaria demonstrates its commitment to providing a variety of high-quality plant-based options for …


Raffael Wohlgensinger and Hille van der Kaa – Image courtesy of Those Vegan Cowboys

Formo and Those Vegan Cowboys Reveal “First-of-its-Kind” Collab to Expedite Production of Cow-Free Cheese

Two precision fermentation companies — Germany’s Formo and Those Vegan Cowboys from Belgium — today announce a strategic R&D alliance to accelerate the production of animal-free casein and finally retire cows from cheese production. This “first-of-its-kind” collaboration will bring together over 60 world-leading scientists to create a “powerful and experienced” research team that will improve technological efficiency, including efforts in strain engineering, bioprocessing, and large-scale production of caseins. The companies believe that by joining forces, they can more quickly achieve price parity with milk proteins, thus making cow-free cheese more competitive and accessible to consumers. The companies explain that they plan to combine their manufacturing outputs to achieve economies of scale; nevertheless, each firm will maintain its distinct identity and market its lines of cow-free …


Honestly Tasty cheese board

Honestly Tasty, image courtesy of PBWE

Vegan Cheese Market to Be Worth $4.8Bn by 2028 as Consumer Values “Reshape the Landscape”

A report by ResearchandMarkets has anticipated that the global vegan cheese market will grow with a CAGR of 12.2% to be worth $4.8 billion by 2028 — up from $2.4 billion in 2022. Growth will largely be driven by an increasing consumer preference for plant-based diets, as awareness of the health and environmental issues associated with dairy products increases. Continued innovation, leading to improved and more diverse product ranges, is also boosting market growth, along with the increased availability of vegan cheeses at mainstream retailers and online stores. By type, mozzarella alternatives have the largest market share due to their widespread use in dishes such as pizza and pasta. By ingredient, cashew-based products take the lead. Supermarkets and hypermarkets are the leading distribution channel for …


The Kraft Heinz Not Company KD mac & cheese

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Daiya and The Kraft Heinz NotCompany Both Launch Vegan Mac & Cheese in Canada

Two major, noteworthy brands in the alternative foods space have launched vegan mac & cheese products this week in Canada, a country known for its love of the traditionally dairy-heavy dish. The Kraft Heinz Not Company, a joint venture between Kraft Heinz — the name most closely associated with packet mac and cheese — and Chile’s NotCo, has today debuted KD NotMacandCheese in Canada, marking the first plant-based addition to its Canadian product line. Concurrently, Daiya, known for its dairy-free cheese alternatives, announced the introduction of a new line of Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese. Canada as biggest market for mac & cheese In November of last year, The Kraft Heinz Not Company debuted the plant-based Mac & Cheese in the United States. However, the …


Plant-based cheese startup Dreamfarm expands to Belgium

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Almond-Based Cheese Startup Dreamfarm Expands to Belgium Following “Incredibly Successful” Italian Launch

Italian plant-based cheese startup Dreamfarm has announced it is expanding to Belgium, rolling out at Delhaize stores from March 14. The expansion follows the company’s “incredibly successful” launch in the Italian market. Dreamfarm offers almond-based products that provide healthy alternatives to cheese. While many plant-based cheeses are made predominantly with coconut oil, which is high in saturated fat, Dreamfarm’s products have minimal saturated fat and a Nutriscore of A. The company’s flagship product is a liquid-state mozzarella alternative, which is made using a proprietary processing technique and is the first plant-based mozzarella to ever achieve certified liquid status from the Italian government. Dreamfarm has also developed a plant-based cheese spread. “After two years of testing, we are very pleased with the first products we are …


Sandwich Pull Applewood cheese


Applewood Vegan Reformulates Recipe to Closely Emulate Dairy Cheese

Applewood Vegan debuted almost five years ago and has since seen consistent success in the UK market, currently representing 20% of Applewood’s total sales. Now the brand announces a reformulated recipe for the vegan offering, aimed at enhancing its texture to more closely replicate the sensory experience of dairy cheese. “Over the past five years and since the creation of Applewood Vegan, we have witnessed significant advancements in plant-based food technologies. Through rigorous experimentation with numerous base recipes, we have successfully crafted a foundational recipe that closely emulates the richness of dairy. Our refined manufacturing process now mirrors that of our well-established Applewood dairy brand, contributing to a remarkable enhancement in texture,” explains the brand, a subsidiary of Norseland, a leading supplier of speciality blended …


Engevita yeast flakes

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Lallemand Adds Garlic-Parmesan Style to Popular Engevita Range of Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Canada-based yeast specialist Lallemand Bio-Ingredients announces the latest addition to its Engevita brand: Garlic-Parmesan Style Powder. This savory powder ingredient blends two popular flavor profiles — garlic and parmesan cheese — suitable for various applications, ranging from snacks and sauces to batter systems and ready meals, just like the other well-known “nooch” (nutritional yeast) variants enjoyed worldwide. The Engevita brand, popular since the 1950s, is a market leader in nutritional yeast products, and the most prominent nutritional yeast product in markets such as the UK, offering premium, whole-food cultured inactive nutritional yeast derived from primary-grown Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Its natural composition is rich in complete protein, containing all relevant amino acids, fibers, and vitamins. The introduction of the garlic-parmesan flavored version represents a significant leap for …


Daiya Foods Fromage Forgery

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Daiya Introduces “Fromage Forgery” with Actor Lionel Boyce in a Nod to Dupe Culture

Daiya, a leading dairy-free brand, has launched “Fromage Forgery,” a marketing campaign to promote the newly launched formula, introducing its newly revamped dairy-free cheese to a wider audience in collaboration with actor Lionel Boyce, known for his work on the award-winning series “The Bear”. The initiative plays off the ‘dupe culture’ trend, which has been prevalent in other sectors such as fashion and beauty, and involves product alternatives that closely resemble original luxury items. The company marked this initiative in downtown New York City, where over 350 people gathered to experience Daiya’s cheese alternative with its proprietary Daiya Oat Cream™ blend and its ability to mimic traditional dairy cheese in both taste and texture. The product’s “cheese dupe status” was showcased through a simple yet …


Aldi plant-based smoked salmon slices

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Aldi UK Launches Plant-Based Smoked Salmon Slices & “Biggest Ever” Vegan Cheese Range

Aldi UK has expanded its Plant Menu range by launching plant-based smoked salmon slices and a new selection of vegan cheeses. The No Salmon Slices are smoked over beechwood for an authentic taste and texture. They have already attracted attention from influencers, with Lilly Assender — who has over 110,000 followers on her Instagram account @foodie_lilly — saying she was “shook at how much this tasted like smoked salmon”. Meanwhile, vegan TikToker @Jadegreenvegan taste-tested the plant-based salmon and rated it 9/10, in a video that received over 12,000 likes and comments. Cheese selection Aldi UK has also just launched its largest-ever vegan cheese range, including three varieties of cheddar alternatives — Sliced, Grated, and Block. Additionally, there is a selection of Continental Cheese alternatives on …


microbial protein Formo cheese gratin

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German Consumers Underestimate Climate Impact of Dairy But Are Willing to Try Animal-Free Cheese

A study commissioned by Germany’s LI Food — a state initiative for the food industry in Lower Saxony — has found that consumers often underestimate the climate impact of dairy products. The survey found that while most consumers are now aware of the environmental impact of meat, they believe that cheese is significantly less harmful. In reality, the opposite is sometimes true — Parmesan produces 6.3 CO2e/kg, while pork produces 4.6 CO2e/kg. Most respondents also did not associate cheese production with animal suffering. The study then asked consumers about their openness to alternatives to cheese — specifically, animal-free products made using precision fermentation. While there was a degree of scepticism about food technology, responses were generally positive, especially among consumers who were aware of the …


Rudy Yoo of Armored Fresh

Rudy Yoo © Armored Fresh

Armored Fresh: “Our Plant-Based Cheeses Are a Combination of Innovation and Culinary Art”

Armored Fresh is a South Korean food tech company focused on producing plant-based alternatives to cheese. The company has developed a range of innovative almond-based products that are said to replicate the taste and texture of dairy cheese, and are infused with nutrients to provide a comparable protein content. To cater to consumers with nut allergies, Armored Fresh launched a new range of cheese alternatives made from oat milk last year. Several varieties of both the oat and almond-based cheeses are available for retail and food service across the US, including via the company’s online store. In November, Armored Fresh significantly expanded its retail footprint in the country, gaining listings at Fresh Thyme Market, Town and Country Foods, Fred Meyer, and more. We spoke to …


New Culture_lifestyle

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Survey by New Culture Reveals Growing Interest in Animal-Free Mozzarella Among Omnivores

A recent survey conducted by AMC Global and alt-dairy startup New Culture has uncovered a significant interest in animal-free mozzarella cheese among a diverse group of consumers, including omnivores, flexitarians, and vegans. The study highlights a growing openness to animal-free dairy products, even among those who consume animal-based products. New Culture creates dairy-free cheese that has the same stretch and melt qualities as traditional cheese but without using any animal byproducts. This is achieved by replacing casein, the key dairy protein in cheese, with a non-animal alternative produced through precision fermentation. The company has recently scaled up its precision fermentation platform, achieving an 80% reduction in product cost, after debuting its animal-free mozzarella in Los Angeles last June. Shira Horn, Executive Vice President at AMC …


Oat Pepper Jack Armored Fresh

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Armored Fresh Reveals Latest Zero-Dairy Innovation: Oat Milk Pepper Jack Slices

Armored Fresh, a foodtech company based in South Korea and the USA which specializes in veganized American cheese slices for the US market, recently added Oat Milk Pepper Jack Slices to its portfolio of zero-dairy cheese products. The new slices leverage the brand’s patented technologies and contain jalapeños and oat milk for a “perfectly melty” and savory cheese that is said to offer an identical taste and texture to animal-based pepper jack cheeses on the market. Established in 2001, the company has developed a range of innovative almond-based products using patented fermentation processes designed to overcome common challenges in the alternative dairy industry, such as taste and meltability, making their products more appealing to consumers who are accustomed to the characteristics of dairy cheese. ​​In recent years, Armored Fresh has been …


Seeductive Foods

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Seeductive Foods: Redefining Dairy Alternatives with Regenerative Hemp and Upcycled Seeds

Seeductive Foods, an alternative cheese company based in Jacksonville, Florida, is redefining dairy alternatives with its sustainable and clean-label vegan cheeses made from regenerative hemp and upcycled pumpkin seeds. Founded in 2019 by former food industry professional Meghan Barbera, Seeductive Foods has grown from its humble beginnings at a local farmers’ market to shipping thousands of orders across the United States. Barbera’s journey began after a transformative trip to India, which led her to embrace veganism. Her craving for a dairy-free cheese alternative inspired the creation of Seeductive Foods, leveraging her Culinary Science degree and corporate food production experience, including her time working at Campbell’s Soup Company. Seeductive Foods was created with a mission to reimagine the alternative dairy space with a plant-based option that …


Daiya new formulation

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Daiya to “Revitalize the Category’s Market Potential” with Natural Fermentation Recipe Switch

Daiya, a global leader in plant-based dairy, has announced the relaunch of popular plant-based cheese products with new and improved recipe formulations. This introduction follows the company’s significant multi-million dollar investment in a groundbreaking natural fermentation technology earlier this year, which CEO Michael Watt said was “one of the largest investments in next-generation plant-based cheese since we started the company 15 years ago.” The reformulated cheese line, now available across North America, incorporates the Daiya Oat Cream blend, a propriety cultured ingredient that will now be central to Daiya’s offerings. The new formula is being used in products including dairy-free shreds, slices, blocks, and sticks, aiming to replicate the melt and flavor of traditional dairy cheese, meeting consumer expectations for taste and texture. Traditional fermentation …


Climax Food cheeses

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Vegan Cheese Market to Surpass $8 Billion by 2032

According to a report by, the vegan cheese market will increase in value from $4.2 billion to $8 billion by 2032, growing with a CAGR of 6.2%. The predicted growth — described as “unprecedented” — is attributed to increasing consumer awareness of animal welfare, health, and sustainability. New technologies — such as the recent development of high-protein cheese alternatives made from fermented legumes in Denmark — will also boost the market by improving taste, texture, and nutritional value. Furthermore, the growing availability of vegan cheeses in supermarkets and restaurants will increase sales and consumer awareness. Growth for vegan mozzarella Soy-based vegan cheese is expected to account for two-fifths of the market, with almond-based products also seeing significant growth. In terms of variety, mozzarella and …