GOOD PLANeT Foods Expands Cheese Portfolio with Plant-Based Snack Packs

Dairy-free cheese brand GOOD PLANeT Foods announces it is launching innovative new Snack Packs with plant-based cheese, fruit and nuts. Featuring two flavors, the Snack Packs will debut online and in grocery stores in October.  Made with clean ingredients such as coconut oil and plant starches, the product’s flavors include Smoked Gouda with Dried Cranberries and Almonds, and Cheddar with Dried Cranberries and Cashews. As with all GOOD PLANeT offerings, the Snack Packs are non-GMO and allergen-friendly, with no gluten, soy, or lactose. Each pack retails for a suggested price of $1.99 each. According to GOOD PLANeT, the packs are part of the brand’s drive to increase growth in the plant-based cheese segment. Snack innovations In addition to Snack Packs, GOOD PLANeT sells a wide …


Vegan bacon breakfast sandwich

Vegan Bacon Sandwich ©Gregory's Coffee

5 US Coffee Chains Embracing 100% Plant-Based Breakfast Sandwiches

While coffee giants like Dunkin’, Starbucks and Tim Hortons have gradually adopted more vegan-friendly options in recent years, such items have largely been limited to dairy-free milks and the occasional plant-based sausage. Now, a growing number of smaller US chains are taking the initiative to offer consumers fully vegan versions of breakfast favorites, including bacon, sausage, eggs and cheese. Here we present some of the most notable names leading this trend: 1. Peet’s Coffee  Peet’s, which operates over 200 locations in 11 states, first introduced the Everything Plant-Based Sandwich as a limited-time offering in early 2021. But the item, which features a Beyond Sausage with folded JUST Egg and melted vegan cheddar, was so phenomenally successful the chain added it back permanently one year later. …


PLNT Violife Juicy Cheeseburger

©PLNT Burger

Violife Cheese Partners With Copper Branch and PLNT Burger for Exclusive New Burgers

Violife, a leading brand of plant-based cheeses, announces it is expanding its foodservice offerings through new partnerships with Canada’s Copper Branch and American vegan burger chain PLNT Burger.  Copper Branch, one of the world’s largest plant-based restaurant chains, is launching the new Benevolent Burger (also called “The Bennie”) on Oct. 3rd. The Bennie will feature a bean-based patty from British-Columbian brand The Very Good Butchers paired with melted non-dairy cheddar from Violife. “This burger hits all the marks for great flavour and texture, and maintains a focus on clean ingredients, which isn’t always the case in the alternative meat and dairy-free categories, “ said Trish Patterson, CEO of Copper Branch. “Violife was the perfect partner to join what started as a duo with Very Good …


Pure brand plant-based cheese

© Kerry/Pure

Kerry Launches Plant-Based Cheese Range Under Pure Brand

Kerry has introduced a new line of plant-based cheese products under its UK-based Pure brand, which has previously only offered dairy-free spreads since it was founded in 1994. Described as “creamy and versatile”, the cheese is made from coconut oil and comes in three varieties — Block, Grated, and Slices. On Instagram, Pure said the cheese is “An excellent addition for every meal time and especially good when melted over a Mac ‘n’ Cheese”. The new products are now available at Sainsbury’s and will soon roll out at other major retailers. Dairy alternatives by Kerry Though Kerry sold its meats and meals business last year, it retained Dairy Consumer Foods, a category that includes dairy alternatives such as Pure products. The company recently launched vegan …


Rawesome Canadian Lawsuit


Canada’s Rawesome Vegan Cheese Wins Legal Right to Label Dairy-Free Products “Cheese”

Canadian vegan cheese producer Rawesome has won a four-year-long court battle against the City of Montreal over its right to the use the word “cheese” on its product labels, reports CTV News. On Monday, Superior Court Justice Gregory Moore overturned a prior court ruling that found Rawesome guilty of violating federal food regulations and had required the business to pay up to $2,000 in fines.  According Rawsome’s lawyers, the case could be a legal turning point for Canada, and they are currently seeking a broader constitutional argument that exempts vegan cheese producers from some federal food and drug regulations.  Legal battle The legal case began in 2018 when the City of Montreal sued Rawesome, which sells a line of cashew-based cream cheeses, for allegedly violating an …


Mommus cheese


Mommus Becomes First Spanish Vegan Cheesemaker to Receive Investment

Spanish vegan cheesemaker Mommus is to launch in Spanish supermarkets after becoming the first Spanish vegan cheese company to receive investment. As reported today by Valenciano newspaper Alicante Plaza, Mommus has teamed up with the Valencian Dacsa Group to bring its vegan cheeses and spreads to Spanish supermarkets. “The entry of the Valencian group in the capital of Mommus will allow the company to increase its production capacity and expand the distribution network of its product range while becoming the first Spanish vegan cheese company to receive investment,” states the publication. We first reported on Mommus back in 2020 when this artisan cheesemaker from the small town of Elche was named one of the best cheeses in the world. The company’s extensive vegan cheese portfolio …


Image: ProVeg

The Future of Plant-Based Cheese: Four Key Strategies to Target Flexitarians

It is no big secret that people love cheese. For many non-vegans, the popular saying “I would go vegan but…” is often followed by a proclamation of love for cheese. So what is it about plant-based cheese that puts consumers off? And how can your business develop a plant-based-cheese product that overcomes this barrier? ProVeg International has just published an article exploring these very questions, providing businesses with actionable advice on how best to harness the developing plant-based cheese market. With major UK cheese brand Cathedral City having just launched their first-ever plant-based cheese range, it seems there’s no better time for your business to capitalise on the ever-increasing consumer demand for plant-based cheese. According to ProVeg’s insight, the four key strategies that your business …


Cathedral City

© Cathedral City

Cathedral City Launches Its First Vegan Cheese

The UK’s top-selling cheddar cheese brand, Cathedral City, has launched its first ever plant-based product. The vegan cheese is an alternative to mature cheddar, and like the brand’s dairy cheese, it is available in three formats — block, grated, and slices. Cathedral City says it has been working to develop the product for several years. The plant-based cheddar is made from a blend of coconut oil and potato starch. The company said it had sought feedback from consumers who eat a dairy-free diet, and found that 84% said they would purchase it. The vegan cheese market A report earlier this year found that the global vegan cheese market is now worth over $9,160 million, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.22% to …


Culcherd Vegan Cheese Spread


Canada’s Culcherd Announces Strategic Rebrand of Its Artisan Butters and Cheeses

Culcherd, a Canadian dairy-free brand owned by Above Food, announces a strategic rebranding, including a new package design that better reflects the role of artisanal ingredients in the company’s products.  Featuring a fresh and sophisticated look, the new packaging focuses on the real ingredients in Culcherd’s flavor-forward line of plant-based dairy products, which includes various cheeses and butters. Culcherd’s products are made with simple, organic ingredients using both traditional and modern artisan techniques. Its fermented, cultured foods are also rich in nutrients, with the cheeses containing 1 billion CFUS of probiotics per serving.  Culcherd notes that sustainability is a core part of the company’s mission, and the latest packaging seeks to minimize waste by using recyclable paper and plant-based inks for the outer packaging. The …


Vegan Gouda cheese

© Max&Bien

Max&Bien’s Plant-Based Gouda Cheese Launches at Jumbo

Plant-based cheese maker, Max&Bien, announces its Gouda-style vegan cheese will be available at most Jumbo supermarkets and Jumbo Online from October 3rd.  Max&Bien is known in the Netherlands for its cheese wheels made with fermented rice. In 2020, the brand won the public’s prize at the Vegan Cheese Awards with a blue vein cheese, and its vegetable butter was proclaimed ‘Tastiest product of the year’ at the Kweker Food pitch. The company claims its cheeses are the first to share the same shelf space as famous imported animal cheeses. The supermarket chain Jumbo, which owns around 670 markets in the Netherlands and Belgium, has been expanding its vegetarian and vegan offer since 2017. Operating an own-brand of plant-based products, Lekker Veggie, Jumbo is always looking …



© DMK Group

Germany’s Largest Dairy Group DMK Launches “Velander” Vegan Cheese

Deutsche Milchkontor (DMK), the leading dairy group in Germany, generating a global turnover of around 5.47 billion euros in 2021, announces the launch of a new plant-based cheese line called Velander, aimed at food service professionals. The new line was “developed by DMK experts on the basis of decades of cheese expertise” according to DMK, and is produced at the group’s largest cheese production location where more than 3 million litres of milk are processed into cheese every day, stating that a new production area has been created at the Lower Saxony location.  Following an announcement last October, DMK introduced a line of oat-based desserts under its MILRAM brand in March of this year, entailing chocolate pudding, chocolate milk, and rice pudding. The dairy group’s …


©Cale & Daughters

Cale & Daughters and Israel’s Vgarden in Joint Venture for Local Aussie Manufacturing

A newly announced joint venture between Australia’s Cale & Daughters and Israel’s Vgarden, called Vgarden Australia Pty Ltd, will begin manufacturing plant-based cheese and meat products in a facility based in Brisbane, Australia.   Cale & Daughters is the parent company of Made with Plants, PlantAsia, and Get Plant’d, “much-loved” vegan FMCG brands sold through retailers in Australia. Israel’s Vgarden, part of Gan-Shmuel Health Industries and the Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd, develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of plant-based cheeses, meat and fish alternatives, and pastries. Bringing together innovative capabilities “The joint venture between Cale & Daughters and Vgarden will bring together the innovative capabilities of our two companies by enabling the rapid exchange of resources and IP. This partnership will enable us to minimise …


Rawesome Canadian Lawsuit


Canada: Animal Justice Will Intervene in Gov’t Labelling Lawsuit Targeting Rawesome Vegan Cheese

Canadian animal law advocacy group Animal Justice announces it has been granted intervener status in a court case concerning the ability of plant–based food brand Rawesome to use the term “cheese” on its product labels.  In 2021, the city of Montreal filed charges against the brand, which produces a popular line of cashew-based cream cheeses, alleging its use of the term “cheese” could mislead consumers and should only describe foods made with cow dairy milk. However, Rawesome and Animal Justice counter that the brand’s packaging is not confusing, as it cleary states the products contain no dairy. Rawesome is now suing the federal and provincial governments to challenge the constitutionality of the Food and Drugs Act’s decades-old regulations that limit the terms “milk” and “cheese” …


Belgium's Bolder Foods

© Bolder Foods

Belgium’s Bolder Foods Launches Cauliflower-Based Cheese at Delhaize

Belgium’s Bolder Foods has announced that its plant-based cheese alternative, Chizou, is launching at 140 Delhaize stores across the country. Made from locally-sourced cauliflower and chickpea protein, the “deliciously creamy” cheese is sold grated in three varieties — Pasta, Pizza, and Tex Mex. Bolder Foods said it chose cauliflower as a key ingredient because it is “naturally nutritious, a melting masterpiece, and the perfect plant for absorbing our delicious natural flavours”. Founders Ilana Taub and Michael Minch-Dixon launched their first venture nine years ago, a snack brand designed to fight food waste. Now, they have shifted their focus to alt-dairy. Though Bolder Foods is starting out with plant-based cheese alternatives, the company says it is also working on non-dairy cheeses made using biomass fermentation. “We’re …


What’s Trending in the Plant Based World?

Claire Roper, Industry Expert and Plant Based World Expo Advisor, explores the latest trends that will be on display at the show and looks ahead at the future of the plant-based sector.   The Current Landscape With more than a quarter of Brits aiming to reduce their meat intake, the plant-based food market has grown rapidly over the last five years. In fact, sales of meat and dairy-free alternatives have doubled, making plant-based one of the fastest growing categories in retail. Whilst this trend isn’t new, the pandemic undoubtedly accelerated the move towards plant-based eating. COVID-19 prompted people to re-evaluate their priorities, with many taking steps to improve their health and live more sustainably. Reducing the intake of animal products offered a simple way to …