Kraft Heinz Not Co Joint Venture

©Kraft Heinz/ Not Co

Kraft Heinz and NotCo Reveal First Joint Products: Animal-Free Cheese and Mayo

Kraft Heinz Co. and food tech startup NotCo reveal the first products of their innovative partnership will be animal-free cheese slices and mayonnaise. Beginning in November, Not Cheese will be tested in 30 Cleveland, OH stores, with a national rollout planned for later next year. The two companies’ new mayo is also expected to launch in early 2023, reports Bloomberg.  Kraft Heinz and NotCo joined forces to create The Kraft Heinz Not Company in February to accelerate the development of affordable plant-based foods. Combining Kraft’s iconic brands with NotCo’s AI-driven technology, Kraft stated the venture would develop premium, co-branded products with an “unprecedented” focus on speed, quality and scale.  Cheese singles The newly unveiled products include dairy-free Not Cheese, which recreates Kraft’s classic Singles slices in …



GOOD PLANeT Launches White Cheddar and Cranberry Vegan Cheeses for Holiday Season

Allergen-free cheese specialist GOOD PLANeT Foods today announces the release of a new limited edition holiday flavor –White Cheddar and Cranberry — which debuts in both Snackable Wedges and Smoked Wheel formats.  The new product launch closely follows the brand’s most recent SKU, Snack Pack, a Snackables-style product suitable for vegan families consisting of individually wrapped nuts, dried cranberries, and cheeses available in two flavors. GOOD PLANeT Foods reports that its products, which are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, lactose-free, allergen-free, Non-GMO project verified, and keto-certified, are now available in over 1200+ retail locations across the USA. The brand’s portfolio encompasses Slices, Shreds, Smoked Wheels, Snacking Wedges and Snack Packs. Co-CEO Bart Adlam comments: “Consumers are looking for new ways to enjoy plant-based foods, and these festive, …


spanish quevana's cashew vegan aged cheeses

© Quevana

Quevana: Spanish Producer of Fermented Cashew Cheese Enjoys Dutch Retail Success

Quevana, previously Vegetaleso, is a young food startup based in Segovia, Spain, founded by Alejandro de Quevana in 2020. At 18, driven by his vegan diet and with no previous experience in the food sector, Quevana started making vegan cheese.  Only after a few years in business, Quevana’s vegan cashew cheese retails in 150 of the 600 Dutch Jumbo supermarket chain shops and at specialised shops in countries such as Qatar and Bahrain. Inspiration from Thailand In an interview, the young entrepreneur told EFE:agro that his inspiration came after visiting Thailand, where he tasted a dish that used nuts to replace cheese. He also noticed that most of the vegan cheeses in Thailand were for sale in other markets, including the Netherlands. Quevana started making …


Babybel Dairy-Free Canada

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Bel Canada Launches Babybel Plant-Based in Canada as it Aims for 50% Dairy-Free Portfolio

Bel Canada Group announces it has launched Babybel Plant-Based into Canadian retail stores this week. A dairy-free version of the company’s famous snacking cheese, the debut is part of Bel’s strategy to become a global leader in cheese alternatives and make half its offerings plant-based by 2030. Babybel Plant-Based, which rolled out in the US and UK earlier this year, is made to look and taste like the company’s popular Mini Babybel cheese wheels. Made from coconut oil, the green wax-coated cheeses offer a mozzarella flavor while being fully lactose-free. The company states Babybel Plant-Based joins its other dairy-free products, Nurishh and Boursin, that have already launched in Canadian retail. “We are always attentive to the needs and expectations of consumers,” said Marie–Ève Robert, Vice-President …


maison riviera cheddar

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Maison Riviera, Canada’s Top Selling Alt Yogurt, Introduces Oat-Based Cheeses

Maison Riviera, the number one selling brand of dairy yogurt alternatives in Canada, continues to innovate with the launch of a line of oat-based cheeses made with oats grown in Canada. The company offers three complete lines of 100% plant-based products: yogurts, fauxmages and kefirs. All are made in Canada and made with certified gluten-free oats grown in Canada (except for the coconut milk kefirs). In addition, the recipes are allergen-free and free of unnecessary additions: dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, palm oil-free, nut-free, cholesterol-free, egg-free, peanut-free, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. The new range of cheese alternatives comes in four types: cheddar style (block 220g and grated 227g), grated mozzarella style 227g, grated parmesan style 227g. The Quebec-based company describes the line as having a “rich …


change foods sneak peak

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Change Foods Reveals Plans For Animal-Free Casein Facility in Abu Dhabi

US-Australian alt dairy company Change Foods has announced plans to open a manufacturing facility for the production of animal-free casein in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company reveals it has signed an agreement with Kezad Group to design the commercial plant with government support under the NextGen FDI initiative. David Bucca, Change Foods’ founder and CEO, commented: “We are honoured to be a part of the UAE’s NextGen FDI initiative and grateful for the strategic partnership with Kezad Group.”  “NextGen FDI is prioritizing the successful scaling of new sustainable food technologies like ours that offer significant environmental and economic development benefits. The strategic alignment behind our company’s vision to help transition the world to more sustainable food systems by scaling new food production …


Vegan Kraft Mac and Cheese Australia

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Kraft Heinz Releases 2022 “Together at the Table” Report Highlighting the Company’s Plant-Based Progress

Kraft Heinz has released its 2022 Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Report, outlining the company’s progress toward ESG priorities during the 2021 calendar year. Titled “Together at the Table,” the report highlights Kraft Heinz’s increased investments in plant-based foods, including its recent launch of dairy-free Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  Since 2021, Kraft Heinz has continued to increase its number of plant-based offerings, ranging from three varieties of Heinz Beanz Burgerz and vegan mayonnaise to plant-based Heinz Salad Cream and Kraft Mac and Cheese.  This month, the company appears to have released a dairy-free version of its famed Philadelphia Brick Cream Cheese in select markets in the US and UK, including Kroger and Tesco. Shoppers on social media have been posting sightings of the new cream cheese, which …


Vegan Chorizo Breakfast

© MingsBings

MingsBings and JUST Egg Debut New Breakfast Pockets with Plant-Based Eggs and Cheese

In celebration of World Egg Day, Asian street food brand MingBings and JUST Egg are launching four new breakfast pockets featuring plant-based eggs and cheese. Developed by Iron Chef Ming Tsai, the breakfast bings – “bings” refer to a type of savory Chinese flatbread – represent the brand’s first entry in the breakfast category,  The new items are launching Friday, Oct. 14th on and are available in four flavors:  Plant-Based Egg & Cheese: A  combination of JUST Egg, dairy-free cheddar and potato  Plant-Based Sausage, Egg & Cheese: A twist on an all-American breakfast, w/ sausage, JUST Egg, dairy-free cheddar and potato Plant-Based Chorizo, Egg & Cheese: A Southwestern breakfast w/ chorizo, JUST Egg, dairy-free cheddar, peppers, onions, black beans, corn and potato Plant-Based Veggie, …


Ilchester Vegan Melting Mature

© Ilchester

Ilchester’s “Best Melting Vegan Cheeze” Now in Slices at Sainsbury’s

Top British flavoured cheese supplier Ilchester is to launch its popular Vegan Melting Mature in a new sliced format. The launch follows the success of the Vegan Melting Mature block, which won gold in the Dairy-Free Cheese Alternative category of the International Cheese Awards 2022. The vegan cheese debuted as part of a selection box for Christmas 2020, but proved so popular that it was made permanently available — along with Ilchester Vegan Blue — in July of last year. Ilchester is part of the Norseland portfolio, which features both dairy and plant-based cheeses. Two more award-winning brands, Applewood Vegan and Mexicana Vegan, are also included in the portfolio. Conventional cheese brands go vegan Norseland is not the only dairy cheese brand to have expanded …




GOOD PLANeT Foods Expands Cheese Portfolio with Plant-Based Snack Packs

Dairy-free cheese brand GOOD PLANeT Foods announces it is launching innovative new Snack Packs with plant-based cheese, fruit and nuts. Featuring two flavors, the Snack Packs will debut online and in grocery stores in October.  Made with clean ingredients such as coconut oil and plant starches, the product’s flavors include Smoked Gouda with Dried Cranberries and Almonds, and Cheddar with Dried Cranberries and Cashews. As with all GOOD PLANeT offerings, the Snack Packs are non-GMO and allergen-friendly, with no gluten, soy, or lactose. Each pack retails for a suggested price of $1.99 each. According to GOOD PLANeT, the packs are part of the brand’s drive to increase growth in the plant-based cheese segment. Snack innovations In addition to Snack Packs, GOOD PLANeT sells a wide …


Vegan bacon breakfast sandwich

Vegan Bacon Sandwich ©Gregory's Coffee

5 US Coffee Chains Embracing 100% Plant-Based Breakfast Sandwiches

While coffee giants like Dunkin’, Starbucks and Tim Hortons have gradually adopted more vegan-friendly options in recent years, such items have largely been limited to dairy-free milks and the occasional plant-based sausage. Now, a growing number of smaller US chains are taking the initiative to offer consumers fully vegan versions of breakfast favorites, including bacon, sausage, eggs and cheese. Here we present some of the most notable names leading this trend: 1. Peet’s Coffee  Peet’s, which operates over 200 locations in 11 states, first introduced the Everything Plant-Based Sandwich as a limited-time offering in early 2021. But the item, which features a Beyond Sausage with folded JUST Egg and melted vegan cheddar, was so phenomenally successful the chain added it back permanently one year later. …


PLNT Violife Juicy Cheeseburger

©PLNT Burger

Violife Cheese Partners With Copper Branch and PLNT Burger for Exclusive New Burgers

Violife, a leading brand of plant-based cheeses, announces it is expanding its foodservice offerings through new partnerships with Canada’s Copper Branch and American vegan burger chain PLNT Burger.  Copper Branch, one of the world’s largest plant-based restaurant chains, is launching the new Benevolent Burger (also called “The Bennie”) on Oct. 3rd. The Bennie will feature a specialty AAA bean patty from British-Columbian brand The Very Good Butchers paired with melted non-dairy cheddar from Violife. “This burger hits all the marks for great flavour and texture, and maintains a focus on clean ingredients, which isn’t always the case in the alternative meat and dairy-free categories, “ said Trish Patterson, Brand Vice President of Copper Branch. “Violife was the perfect partner to join what started as a …


Pure brand plant-based cheese

© Kerry/Pure

Kerry Launches Plant-Based Cheese Range Under Pure Brand

Kerry has introduced a new line of plant-based cheese products under its UK-based Pure brand, which has previously only offered dairy-free spreads since it was founded in 1994. Described as “creamy and versatile”, the cheese is made from coconut oil and comes in three varieties — Block, Grated, and Slices. On Instagram, Pure said the cheese is “An excellent addition for every meal time and especially good when melted over a Mac ‘n’ Cheese”. The new products are now available at Sainsbury’s and will soon roll out at other major retailers. Dairy alternatives by Kerry Though Kerry sold its meats and meals business last year, it retained Dairy Consumer Foods, a category that includes dairy alternatives such as Pure products. The company recently launched vegan …


Rawesome Canadian Lawsuit


Canada’s Rawesome Vegan Cheese Wins Legal Right to Label Dairy-Free Products “Cheese”

Canadian vegan cheese producer Rawesome has won a four-year-long court battle against the City of Montreal over its right to the use the word “cheese” on its product labels, reports CTV News. On Monday, Superior Court Justice Gregory Moore overturned a prior court ruling that found Rawesome guilty of violating federal food regulations and had required the business to pay up to $2,000 in fines.  According Rawsome’s lawyers, the case could be a legal turning point for Canada, and they are currently seeking a broader constitutional argument that exempts vegan cheese producers from some federal food and drug regulations.  Legal battle The legal case began in 2018 when the City of Montreal sued Rawesome, which sells a line of cashew-based cream cheeses, for allegedly violating an …


Mommus cheese


Mommus Becomes First Spanish Vegan Cheesemaker to Receive Investment

Spanish vegan cheesemaker Mommus is to launch in Spanish supermarkets after becoming the first Spanish vegan cheese company to receive investment. As reported today by Valenciano newspaper Alicante Plaza, Mommus has teamed up with the Valencian Dacsa Group to bring its vegan cheeses and spreads to Spanish supermarkets. “The entry of the Valencian group in the capital of Mommus will allow the company to increase its production capacity and expand the distribution network of its product range while becoming the first Spanish vegan cheese company to receive investment,” states the publication. We first reported on Mommus back in 2020 when this artisan cheesemaker from the small town of Elche was named one of the best cheeses in the world. The company’s extensive vegan cheese portfolio …